Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sketchie LO :)

This is my LO for this weeks sketch at CIS created by moi!Its a day early LOL but I wanted to share.........I created the LO last night .....its amazing what I can do when I turn the computer off lol.Ive got glitter everywhere lol Glitter barbie eat ya heart out :)

Yesterday was the 9 year anniversary of my 1st date with Al ....awwwwww if my friend Miss Tracy is reading this I know you are doing the finger down the throat thing pmsl.How things have changed in the last 9 years......we have stood by each other through alot over that time,the good and the bad.To think that people said we would never last makes me laugh everytime........we are still as in love as we where in the start.....he is still my very best friend and no one comes close.Ok enough of the lovey dovey stuff.

Guess what??Kloe (fur kid #1) is finally learning (the hard way) that she is not a human!PMSL bizarre to some but not those that have met Kloe (she can say hello LOL and says it to me every morning PMSL......seriously im not crazy!) she and her fur brother Jack (top dog) have be banished to the back verandah at night time instead of inside downstairs........we are hoping to do some major renovations soonish and that will become our main living area so I wanted to get the pups used to it now rather than later iykwim.She isnt happy but is getting better about it everyday....thank heavens for her bark collar LOL

Whats everyone up to this weekend??Al and I are having a chill out weekend (hopefully) then off to an Easter celebration at Nic and Davids place :) Im going to play photograher with my SLR and get some pics of Nics gorgeous boys......the Easter bunny is coming too YAY!!Im excited like a little kid :D

Okely dokely lovelies Im offskies

Have a safe weekend everyone!

Krissy xx


Kat said...

Love this LO Krissy! Just gorgeous! I hope you & Al have a great Easter!

Kirsty said...

This Lo is DIVINE!
Congrats on the anniversary :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Krissy!! This is one gorgeous layout!! I love the colors!! I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!! TFS!

Liz Weber said...

Happy Easter Krissy - hope you and Al have a wonderful time with your family and friends.

Love your pretty sketch layout and that butterfly card in the previous post is devine!

Kate said...

What a beautiful colourful LO Krissy!! Love it!! happy anniversary xxx