Saturday, November 27, 2010

A sketch LO and some sneaks ;-)

As promised I have a scrappy share :) and some sneaks of special LO's ;-)
First up is my sketch challenge example for the cybercrop @ Wicked Princesses :) Its on now, are you joining in? Id love it if you did! Kate has designed a fabulous challenge and Kerry will be inspiring you all today with hers :) Also everyone that finishes all 3 challenges will go in a random draw to win a $10 voucher :D
I so love this photo of my peeps :) $5.00 on a couple of hats and a nice spot at the right time of day meant some fab christmassy shots last year :) I still have to do this years, will have to try and do it soon :)
my challenge criteria is to use the sketch and add at least 3 "decorations" aka embellies :) I used some MVB's,bling and buttons :)
Ooooooh I was super lucky to be sent some FANDABBYDOSEY buttons from my gorgeous friend Kate the great creator of Pinkiepink buttons :D They are so so fab and easy to use I {heart} them! I'll show the full reveal when the buttons are available for sale on the 1st of December :)
This LO was created using the December "Girly girl" kit from the shop :D Oooooh lala I do so love pink and lilac together *swoon* My alphas are different because I ran out for my kit
Have you been to visit Show us your stuff yet? I am thrilled to be on the Design team with all those super talented people!! If you love handmade items on your work then its the challenge blog for you :D Heres a sneak of my first challenge example ;-)
How SUPER mega excited was I to see I got an honourable mention from Get Picky for my "Pickin daisies" LO!!I had a grin from ear to ear :D I love their challenges they encourage me to use more pic's and im starting to get hooked on using more than one :D Thanks so much girls *mwah*

Okies I better go and get myself crackalackin we've got lots to do today :)

*mwah* thanks for visiting I really love reading your comments :)

Krissy xx

Monday, November 22, 2010

Decembers kits @ Wicked Princesses.....

are listed now! Check out these sneaks of whats in them :D Kool boy is named by my fabulous and super cool nephew Josh :D Girly girl lives up to its name with all the fab pinks and lilacs and Vintage Brocade is shabby,gorgeous and totally vintage inspired :D Click on the pic to go to the shop and grab yours today and check out the new little goodies I added today too :)

Have a fab day!

Hopefully i'll have something scrappy to share in my next post :)

Krissy xx

Monday, November 8, 2010

The diet......

Tanya asked in my previous post about the diet im on and ive been taking photos (to scrap of course lol) of my daily routine on the Candida diet its essentially a strict diet im on for the next 8 days (its for 2 weeks im nearly half done woot woot) Im not allowed alot of things no mushrooms,no dairy,no caffiene,no breads,no pasta,no processed meats and no chocolate or sugar (I seriously nearly cried at the last one lol those that know me know I LOVE sweet stuff!) along with a heap of other things the list is as long as my arm lol The naturopath has given me a meal plan,some herb drink (ugh its like a mixture of potpourri,cough medicine and manky water all mixed into a little brown bottle lol) So anywhoo heres the diet
Before breakfast: Zinc drink-looks harmless enough but oh boy did it knock me off my feet for a couple of days not a fan lol The herb drink-note the delicious brown colouration mmmm tasty lol

Breakfast: An omelette made with leek,onion,eschallots and 2 organic eggs ....holey dooley those bad boys are exy!The inner stinge in me argued with myself at the egg department in woolies ......."But Tony said you have to......but they are soooooo dear...I could buy 3 of the cheap cartons for that!" lol I quickly took a deep breath and deposited them in the most expensive basket of groceries Ive ever bought and raced to the checkout lol
Snack: 1 piece of fruit-apple.banana or pear

Before lunch: More delicious herb drink

Lunch: 1 palm of meat (can be organic chicken,grain fed beef,turkey,fish,lamb-I think NOT!lol) Day 1 I went for the organic chook and my 2 palms worth of steamed vegies

Snack: 12 nuts I picked macadamias

Before dinner: More herb drink.....usually holding my nose to drink it at this stage of the day lol

Dinner: Im allowed to have roasts,stews,same as lunch or stirfrys with my "Allowed vegies" This is my super yummy stirfry (The pan is a mini one lol im not eating a massive fry pans worth lol) made with organic beef oh my this stuff is delicious!!

Im also keeping a dream diary....hehehe if anything its worth a giggle ....last nights dream involved me being bitten by 2 small monkeys :O yep im weird lol and I usually have 2 dreams a night so he is going to get double the read lol

So thats my life for the past 6 and coming 8 days :) I feel "better" not sluggish or bleh like I had been so it must be newly aquired double chin from the last few months is gone again :D My clothes are falling off me so im guessing ive lost about 2kgs...thats not the idea of the diet but obviously my body had lots of toxins to dispose of or perhaps its the no carbs and no sugar thing :$ Im having Bowen therapy when I go back for my next visit,so we'll see how that goes too :) It'll all be worth it in the end ...hopefully :) Cross your fingers for me pretty please :)

If you survived reading this long thanks for sticking with it lol and sorry if I bored you lol

Krissy xx

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pickin daisies

This is my LO I created for the Get Picky inspiration challenge this month :) I based it on one of my sketches and used the "Life is good" kit from the shop :) I added some of my MVB creations to the kit-a butterfly critter,a couple of covered buttons and some cloud buttons :) I was inspired by the stripes in the inspiration photo,the bunting and the yummy colour scheme :)

Anywhoo enough waffling from me here's the LO

MVB critter :) The fliers set is Morgans favourite :)

some fussy cutting and bits and bobs from the MVB range :)

Ive bought all of the furniture for my princess studio now :D Once the floor has been levelled we can lay the floating floor and I can start constructing all the flat pack goodies and move all the shop stock in woooooohoooooooo!!So excited!
Today is day one of my new diet set by the naturopath...wish me luck!

Thanks for all your lovely comments lately *mwah*

Krissy xx

Monday, November 1, 2010

All I ever wanted....

I was inspired by Kerrys challenge during the cybercrop this weekend at Wicked Princesses and couldnt resist scrapping one of my favourite photos from Al and I's wedding :) *sigh* I loved my wedding day :) It wasnt fancy or huge it was our closest friends and family coming together to share our special day and it was perfect, theres nothing Id change :)

I used the new vintage kit this month at Wicked Princesses "Lost and found" is a devine kit perfect for scrapping any theme with a hint of vintageness :D I added a 2crafty cherry blossom (because since I ordered them in its been "looking" at me begging me to use one lol) Im really pleased with how its come together :) Okies enough of my waffliing ...

Im loving paint at the moment....can you tell? lol

Today Al and I spent the afternoon shopping for furniture for the "Princess studio" :D OMG it was fun! My bank balance is reeling but hey I need somewhere nice to put all my shop stock hey! Ive gone for all white furniture with clean lines everywhere yummo its going to be so so nice :D Im super excited about downstairs almost being finished .....will have to organise a crop to christen it I think! If you live in the Brisbane area and would like to come along leave me a comment with your email :D

Thanks so much for visiting :) It means alot to read your comments and it always makes me smile :)

Krissy xx