Monday, March 30, 2009


Ok I have no idea what ive managed to do but somehow all my widgets have moved themselves down under my posts :$ what the??Any tips LOL Ive tried to get them back where they should be but nothing has worked......I tried changing the template but that didnt work either aaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!!Please help :D

Sneaky peeky :)

The card I based my recipe scrap on at wicked princesses :D So much fun playing with super bright colours :D

A little sneaky peeky of my creations from the latest Wicked Princesses card kit .......OMG it is DEVINE!!!Had heaps of fun with this super cool kit.......and I get to teach a class of my creations in April!How super cool is that :D Dont forget to check out the WP blog for the 7 deadly sins comp which is starting me girls this is a comp not to be missed :D
Ok houston we have a problem........I cant get photobucket to let me upload piccies from my laptop :$ Ive fiddled with security,cookies and tried just about everything to get it to let me do it and I am totally bamboozled :$ please pretty please if anyone has any tips can you please leave me a comment and help??It would be much appreciated :)Like my new blog template?Havent decided if I like it yet lol but typical me have to see if it grows on me lol
Granny arrived home safely true Belfast weather I hear .....sleet,rain cold,cold,cold!!But its raining here in sunny QLD so I cant talk lol I miss her already :( Might have to ring her tomorrow and see how she is going lol
I downloaded some software last night for me to use for my digi'll probably take me a month to work out how to use it LMAO but it seems pretty cool :) Might have to start putting some of my sketches on here too.....dunno have to wait and see.
Okely dokely im off to do the dishes LOL
Have a good one lovelies
Krissy xx

Saturday, March 28, 2009


These 2 pages went in Grannys album :) She really loved it :D

My LO using this weeks sketch designed by me at CIS :)

My LO for this weeks P4F2 at scrapboutique!Miss Morgan looking gorgeous as ever :)

I had my class on Wednesday night at A PASSION FOR CRAFT and it went really well :D thanks so much to the girls who where there!Dont forget its free!It will be available for you on the forum for a couple of weeks so make sure you sign up on the forum and have a go if you have any OTP's floating around that you havent done :)

Im really sad today........we all went over and said "see ya later" to Granny last night.I think I hugged her about 20 times before we left and I cried the whole way home :( Its always so hard.......but Al and I had a chat in the car on the way home and a plan could be brewing so fingers crossed we can make it happen.Im off to find some tissues :(

Have a good weekend lovelies *mwah*

Krissy xx

Monday, March 23, 2009

Family photos :)

Hiya everyone!Im back in action and figured it was time for a blog update :D I made a couple of collages with just a few of my pics (theres sooooo many more LOL) we celebrated the UK's Mothering Sunday yesterday with our gorgeous Granny :D I tell you what this lady can make me giggle like theres no tomorrow LOL We had some great laughs while we where up the coast PMSL You are the best Granny and I love you :) Im so sad that the last 3 months have gone so fast........and I am really dreading saturday when its time to say "see ya later" we dont say goodbye in our family so see ya later it is.Im trying really hard not to think about it because I'll only turn into a blubbering mess (says she who is already having a sooky lala moment)
Ok so enough sad talk.........who is coming to my class on wednesday at A PASSION FOR CRAFT?????Its free for the class and the optional kit is just $10.00 theres only 2 left so of you want one check out the store HERE!!Its going to be fab Im really looking forward to it :) Dont forget to check out the other comps and challenges Lynnie and the DT have happening too :D
Well its official I am addicted to the twilight books!!!Nic let me borrow twilight and 2 days after starting I sent Dad on a mission to get me the next one LOL Im finding myself stealing little moments to squeeze in another chapter LOL LOVE books like this!!!So very cool :D
Ok lovelies Im off to find my box of tissues and read another chapter ;)
Take care all {{hugs}} thanks for stopping by *mwah*
Krissy xx

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Challenges anyone???


The very first big competition art A Passion For Craft.It is called The Passionate Scrappers CompetitionThe competition will run for 8 weeks.Here is what it is all about.Each Thursday starting on 2nd April a challenge will be posted and you will have until the following Wednesday at midnight to complete and email your layout to Email address here All layouts must be original layouts completed that week.On Thursdays your layouts will be judged by our Passionate DT Team & uploaded to the passion for craft gallery.The layouts will be judged on how well the contestant has fulfilled the criteria set out in the challenges. The layouts will be judged on a points system.Each Passionate DT Team member will choose their 3 favorites giving 6 points to the 1st, 4 points to the 2nd and 2 point to the 3rd choice. The forum members will also have their chance to vote, the system is the same, but the points are 3 points for 1st choice, 2 points for 2nd choice and 1 point to the 3rd choice. Over the 8 weeks your points will accumulate (it is not a process of elimination) and the person with the most points will be our lucky winner.The Entries are sent to the email, and put into the gallery anonymously, as not to sway the voting.You can claim your layout, after the voting for that week is finished and the tally is put up. There is a pack available for purchase in the Passion for Craft store that has a selection of goodies that will be needed to complete the challenges.The kit is very reasonably priced, at $20.00 plus postage and although not a necessity, it will help you to be prepared for all the challenges. All layouts created for this competition, must be completed during the time period of the challenge, and must not be put on any other sites, or blogs, or be submitted until after the competition is closed. Each week there will be a draw for one spot prize.All names of the people that complete the task that week will go into a hat and one lucky winner will get a 10% discount of their next order.Hope to see you all enter! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask

Dont forget about my class this wednesday!Its gonna be fun :)


How wicked are you? Do you have a desire, a need, a longing to confess your sins?? Your 7 Deadliest Sins??

Then don’t hesitate, register your name today at to join us for 7 weeks of soul cleansing.

Our “7 DEADLY SINS” Challenge will commence on April 18th, with registrations open from 14/3/09 until 10/4/09. No late entries will be accepted.

How will this work:

7 Weekly challenges. Each new challenge will be posted on the Saturday. You have until 8.00pm the following Saturday to load your entry to the gallery.
Voting will done via email to us, with your top 3 being nominated
You will have until midnight Monday to submit your votes. You CANNOT vote for yourself.
You must create a gallery account to participate

You cannot submit any LO for publication until the competition has been completed and the winner is announced. All work must be original and not seen before in any other gallery.

You cannot post your LO in another gallery until after the competition has finished. You can post onto your personal blog, so long as there is a link back to Wicked Princesses.

There will be NO ELIMINATIONS. To be eligible for the prizes you must have completed ALL 7 challenges.
The prizes

1st prize
All My Memories- Vituri Urban Shoulder Bag (Chocolate) RRP $180
Wicked Princesses Scrap Kit - Value $40.00
Store Voucher - Value $30

2nd prize
Memory Dock Tote - Valued at $100
Wicked Princesses Scrap kit - Value $40
Store voucher - Value $25

3rd prize
Crop in Style Messenger Tote - RRP $50.00
WP Embellishment kit $20.00
Store Voucher - Value $10

Good luck to everyone who enters,and get set for 7 week of deadly scrapbooking !!!!

If you are a card maker, we will be looking to co-incide a card challenge with our scrap challenge, so please email us your interest. Watch this space for further details regarding the card challenge.

It all sounds fandabbydosey and unmissable with all those groovy prizes!!Wish I could enter LOL!

Well I just got back from a lovely week with Mum,Dad and Granny :) Loved it and took heaps of pics.......I'll share them in a post tomorrow ( I havent edited them yet LOL)

Hope you are all well and thanks for stopping by :)

Krissy xx

Friday, March 13, 2009

Whats new......pussy cat

woah wooooah woaaah!!LOL me trying to sing and think up a cool title for the post LOL I should just use the date it could be easier LOL> Hiya everyone!Im back (for a little while LOL) This is my LO I did using this months sketch from "a page from my sketch book" by the talented Liz Weber!Love this pic of JT at the beach trying to catch a fish LOL

These are my cards created using the March Wicked Princesses card kit!!Loved this kit!!So much fin and great value for money and its selling out super fast!Plus dont forget my "Fit for a princess" card night is on the 16th on the WP blog :D Ive just heard what is in the April kit and oooooh la la its not to be missed wither girls!!!
Well Ive just spent a fabulous week with my gorgeous Granny :) We went on the bus to the shops and I got some pics printed, visited the peeps, and hit the shops in the city with Mum on Sunday and OMG my mum can shop!!Granny and I where flogged LOL Then we just chilled and watched some telly :) Im heading off away tomorrow again for another week......Al will forget what I look like soon LOL Oh and Ive got Dads fur kids here Lucy and Toby dobey ( who yakked on me in the car the other day....Al had his head out the window of the car saying "OMG its stinks.....I cant look!!" and im sitting there PMSL at him and thinking he is the one freaking out and its ME who is covered in it was sooooooo gross I was tempted to strip off in the carport LOL But then someone might have seen me so I didnt LOL,they are settling in well and livin it up in this puppy hotel that is my house LOL I had to get an 18+ card yesterday......Im sure alot of you are thinking "erm Krissy you are 28" yep I know but me not having a licence and no other photo ID became a problem last time I went to the pub LOL They told me I wouldnt get in next time unless I had a valid ID *insert rolling eyes here* as if I look 17 PMSL

A passion for craft update!!!!
The kits for my class have almost sold out!!!How super cool is that!!And the list of attending is looking fandabbydosey!Cant wait Im so excited!
The following is a quote from Lynnies blog :)Check all this out and more
Join the forum now and enjoy the free online classes with our Design Team!Kits are available to buy from the store.Limited stock availableDon’t forget in the forum we now have our monthly DT Team challenges you could win yourself a store voucher.Also we have our Design Team challenges to win yourself a RAK prize!
Class Kits now available in store!
Passionate Scrappers Big Competition!
We have a big competition starting in April!The competiton will run for 8 weeks with a $80.00
voucher as the prize for one lucky scrapper!There will also be other prizes along the way.Want to know more? Then sign up in our forum for more information, you got to be in it to win it!.
Ok lovelies Im off to scrap and pack my case :) Thanks for stopping by! *mwah* I love getting comments from visitors so please say hi!
TFL and take care
Krissy xx

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Its all girly :D

OK so lately ive been scrapping up some boy LO's :) and Ive gone for the old faves girly stuff!!!Bling and flowers aaaaaaahhhhhhhh so much fun! "So pretty" was done as a blind scrap with the lovely Laura Overdyk .....thanks Laura!!It was so much fun!
This is my LO for P4F2 1920's is this weeks theme......I thought this pic of me on our wedding day looked 1920's ish lol so I went with it and love the way it came me it kinda looks like the bottom of a drawer......kwim?all scattered and random?Maybe other people have tidy drawers LOL

And the devine Miss Morgan :D this is my sketch for this week at CIS :) Kerryn did a beautifuol job with her LO too so make sure you check out cisters stylish sketches :)
Oooooh whos coming to my class???A passion for craft is the place to be for my first class!!Hope to have lots of friendly support......pretty please??LOL Its going to be fab!Lynnie has put together 2 fab optional kits but there are limited stock so you've gotta be quick!!!
I got to play with my wicked princesses kit this week and OMG I had a ball!!!You can buy the kit now and have just as much fun as I had!!!I'll be sharing some pics next week :D So watch this space :)
Im off to spend some time with Granny :) I love having her here and its going to be so hard when she goes home at the end of the month :( not looking forward to that airport visit .........anyway not thinking about that til i have to.
Ok peoples have a fandabbydosey weekend and take care!!!
Krissy xx
P.S thanks to the lovelies who left comments *mwah* it seems to be ok now but thanks for caring :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

A freebie and a big comp!!!

Free!!Yep you read it right!!Free class!!You will learn how to create a fab album for someone special using either your own stash or you can go shopping at A PASSION FOR CRAFT and get the class kit for only $10.00!!!!I'll be showing how to get more from your papers and a little beginners lesson in doodling :) Hope you can all come and join the fun!!!

THE BIG ONE!!!!Are you a passionate scrapper???

Follow the link to find out more!!! A PASSION FOR CRAFT!!!!

Im sad.........

It would appear that someone has messed with my beloved blog :O :( dont know how or who but Im not a happy camper :( If anyone else is having probs please can you leave a comment so I know its not just me?pretty please :)

Krissy xx

Exciting stuff at WP!!

Wicked Princesses have LOTS of exciting bits and bobs happening this month!!!Including sketch challenges and the devine kits dribble,dribble,dribble :)

This month, purchase our CARD KIT and join us on March 27th to create FOUR amazing cards. Chloe Schmitt will be our leader, and it's sure to be great fun. Further details will be on our blog in the next few days, so keep watching.
I will be also be leading us on a "BLIND CARD SCRAP" on March 16th. All the ingredients for this card will be on the blog in the next week or so, but mark those dates in your diary now!!

Woohoo come and blind scrap with me!!Its fun girls!Only a little bit different to scrapping a LO but lots of fun :D

TFL Krissy xx

Sunday, March 1, 2009

If the crown fits..........

Oooooh a little snaeky peek at whats going to be in my first class at a passion for craft!!I hope some of you can join me :) I would love that!

Annnnnnndddddd Lookie here!My first DT piece for Wicked Princesses!!This months sketch challenge was designed by Tanya and it is fab!!Im so pleased with how my card turned out :)
Its for a very special lady so it had to be good :)Check out all the details HERE!!!!Its almost time for me to officially start as a wicked princesses card DT member and Im excited!!Yay!!

Okies im off to watch biggest loser......Im addicted!!LOL
Take care peoples :)
TFL Krissy xx

Random post

Yep Im one of those people that copies cute pics from emails LOL I just adore this panda pic :) So cute!!And perfect for this lazy sunday :)

And this one is a huggle for my friends :) Thanks for always stopping by!Its makes me happy to know you are all there :)