Friday, October 30, 2009

A layout and some pretties :D

This is my LO for this weeks sketch at CIS ......its not finished though oopsies lol It needs something but I havent decided what yet.....

Ive been having a play with some new flowers!!!Which is always fun :D I made this one in the green for a very special lady who is having a birthday in November ;-) I think its pretty!Do you?
New branches!!!But they are limited and once they are gone they are gone.........
Variegated pink and pretty!!
See my gorgeous little shabby cushion Mum made me :D I love it thanks Ma *mwah*

Fluffies......but not the stinky kind lol When I showed these to Al he said "their fluffy"and I thought cool thats what Ill call them then lol
For more details head over to the Flowers blog and find out more :D

I got my masters entry back YAY!So nice to revisit it again :) and I had 2 cards accepted to Scrapbook creations yesterday so thats always cool!! Ive been making heaps of flowers and little embellie kits and the orders are flowing in which is fandabbydosey *mwah* you all rock!! Only one more day til the winner of the flowers giveaway is announced :D

Okies im off to pack my tote for some cardmaking at Nic's tonight :D Wonder if I'll beat my record of one card in about 5 hours LMAO We are always too busy chatting,eating and laughing to get much done :)

Thanks for visiting!!

Flowery hugs :)


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A party trick and some vintage embellies :)

LOL ho cute is Princess Morgan!?! This is her new party trick which I think is pretty clever for a 4 year old lol she cracks me up this little chickie :) I used to do this when I was little too but dont think I could do it at 4 lol She has her 1st dancing concert coming up soon and they are all dressed as cinderella......oh man I am hanging out to get piccies of her dressed as cinderella!!!

Do you like vintage embellies? Follow the link HERE to find out more ;-)

We had some crazy weather last night and some humdinger thunder and lightning.....hope it doesnt come back again tonight Kloe goes burko in storms.......Jack isnt phased at all but she will do one of 2 things 1: escape and run around barking at the sky or 2: sit in the laundry and bark at the ceiling LOL both of which are most frustrating and sometimes a wee bit annoying.....oh well thats good old QLD weather hey! Olly loves it because he is brought inside and has a fly around .....he was following me all over the house last night lol

Ive been busily putting together some flowers packs for the crop day :D Lots of goodies to try and sell on the day :D The gorgeous Nic is coming with me and she is making some cool books to sell too :) Its going to be fun! Dont forget to send me an email if you would like to book a seat on the day.......I havent been to a crop day in donks! Im so looking forward to it :)

Not long now til I draw the winner for the flowers pack! Dont forget all you have to do is put the photo of my flowers and a link on your blog /purchase some flowers to go into the draw for the fandabbydosey flowers pack in your choice of colours :) Cool hey!

okies im off to bring the washing in :)

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Do you live in the Brisbane area and.........

want to come to a crop?

The fandabbydosey Linda has organised a crop including a scrapbook garage sale for those interested!How cool is that!

These are the details Linda has given me :)

Venue would be at Bunya House at
1167 South Pine Road, Arana Hills (about 12 km from CBD, North west direction).

Date: Sunday 15 November 2009 from 10am to 5pm.

PLEASE bring a plate of food to share.

Includes scrapbook supplies garage sale.

I will be bringing along a selection of my flowers to sell too so if you want to see them IRL and buy some then come along to the crop and have check it all out! Also if you wanted to order some and pick them up on the day of the crop you can do that too :)

Seats are limited and booking is essential so please contact me via and I will give you Linda's mobile number so you can be booked in :)

Hope you can come along!Its going to be alot of fun :)


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New poppies!!!

Hiya everyone :D Oooooh new poppies.......all new and improved!!Do you like the top piccie? If it interests you head on over to the flowers blog and check it out :D Its a bargain!!!

In other exciting news I have opened an Etsy store!!I know exciting hey!I finally got up the guts to do it after weeks of gentle persuasion from the lovely Wicked Princess Karen *mwah* and the lovely Manon *mwah* So if you are interested in buying my flowers and use paypal etc this is the option for you :D

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Its all very girly........

HI everybody! LOL AL is watching the simpsons on tv and me typing that made me think of Dr Nick PMSL

Yay its sunday......I love sundays :) Its a day for lazing on the couch....watching tv.....scrapping.......or in my case goign out for coffee with the gorgeous and fabulous Nichole and Jody :D

Which reminds me to give a MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to Jody and Lesley for winning the small business award in our local area woooohooooo you rock girls!!!

I showed a sneak of this LO earlier in the week and now that the CISters night in has officially started I can show you my LO :) I cant share the sketch its an exclusive one for the girls night in but if you made a donation you have full access in the forum at CIS :D Lana and the girls did an awesome job putting together challenges and games and everyone managed to raise double what Lana was trying to raise towards breast cancer research and I think everyone that donated is fandabbydosey *mwah* you are fab!

I scrapped my precious photo of the girls that I'd be lost Granny,my Mum,my Sister and my gorgeous Niece :) All so precious to me and this is a photo from when Granny was over earlier this year so its a photo of 4 generations all together ....I treasure it :)
Some little close ups......I found the little poem on a site and I think its lovely and says exactly what I wanted.
The cybercrop party at Wicked Princesses kicked off on Friday night and Kayla,Kirsty and I have all come with a challenge to inspire you........there is a challenge by Karen and Tam too so make sure you check it out and join in the fun!

This is my example for Kayla's fandabbydosey challenge :D I look like a total goose in this photo on my birthday this year lol and it looks like Morgan is consoling me "its ok Auntie there is chotolate (typed how miss cute cabootie says it lol) cake!" PMSL she is so like me chocolate fixes everything lol
check out how awesome the shimmerz turn out on chippies!Oh my am I hooked on these things or what!I also sprayed the cardstock before stamping on it and it gave the most gorgeous subtle shimmer.....yummo i love them :D
Oh new poppie too!!These are limited and I'll be listing them today on the flowers blog so if you are interested they are first in best dressed lovelies :D
Sarah from Inkurable Stampers sent me these wordstrips from Darkroom Door and at first I was thinking "what'll I do with these" but gee's louise im putting them on everything!They are awesome!I added them to my shimmerz card the other day and now my versatile and fun to use on any creation :) Thanks again Sarah!

This is my example for my challenge at Wicked Princesses :) I created a sketch and my added criteria is that the colour scheme should be some sort of party food :D I picked my second favourite party food (cake is the first lol) Fairy Bread!Yum!and so perfect for these photos of Morgan blowing our the candles on her birthday last month :) Look how chuffed she is in the last one awwwww oh and how cool is the cake that mum made!I forgot to get a pic before these oops but you can see how cool it is anyway :) I used rainbow poppies and a pink one as embellies ........they match the yummy Stampin Up papers I used perfectly :D

Okies better go and get dressed hey!

Have a fabulous day everyone and thanks for stopping by!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Sketchday,cards and a big *mwah* to you

Hiya girls *waving* before I start my normal jabbering I want to say a massive thanks to all who left me congrats comments on my previous post *MWAH* I was astonished to see how many there where and reading them all made my heart smile :D Thankyou so very much lovelies I really appreciate it {huggles} You are fandabbydosey :)

Tadaaaaa its sketchday :D Which is almost my fave day of the week!I designed my sketch using some digi elements from Jessica Sprague and its a pretty "open to your interpretation" sketch so lots of fun to have a play with :D Check out the LO's the sketchie chickies Ali,Hilde and Kerry did using it over at the rock girls!!

This is my example using the sketch :) Im not normally one for journalling but this paper Lana sent me to play with had lines and I figured why not fill them?! lol I took these photos of my ultra cool and spunky peep Josh at the end of last month and I have to say everytime I take photos of this kid he looks bigger and more grown up......slow down a bit man!!I added one of my denim poppies which work fab with any boyish LO's and did some distressing and layering.......I love how it has come together!
Some close ups......

Have you seen Shimmerz???Have you bought any yet?? I bought some and oh lordy I am loving them!!Mine arrived yesterday and needless to say Ive already made 2 cards featuring them lol Wicked Princesses is the only store in Australia selling them and the girls have a sale on!!How fandabbydosey is that!You get to have some fab new product and at a bargain price :D

I used angels wings shimmerz on the butterfly and on the cuttlebugged pieces and also painted some onto the flower........its hard to tell in the pics but its a gorgeous delicate glittery prettiness :D
I used tickle me turquoise shimmerz and babys breath spritz to smoosh into the background piece and then stamped my butterfly stamps on top :D
Okely dokely Id better go and start the day :) Dont forget to join in the birthday cybercrop celebrations at Wicked Princesses and I'll catch you all at the CISters night in on Saturday night too :D

Have a fabulous day everyone! *mwah* thanks for stopping by :)


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Im flabbergasted,gobsmacked and...........

doing a happy scrappy dance jig!!!Because little ole me made it onto the top 50 shortlist for the scrapbooking memories masters list!!OMG I was sitting here bed hair,bleary eyed going through my emails when I got to the one from Kristy I read it......then read it again.....and again and then it registered and I let out a little squeal of delight!!LOL Then I rang everyone I know LOL woohoo so very very excited about it !Super excited when the list came out and I could confirm it wasnt me reading the email wrong and the information is right :O there is my weird little name among all those ultra talented scrappers!!! Yippeeeee the scrapping gods have smiled upon me today :D

!!Massive congrats to all the girls and especially to the fandabbydosey Tanya Tahir,Manon Keir,Kerryn Lawson and Tiffany Sawyer you all ROCK chickies!!!

Ok im off to take a chill pill lol

happy dance happy dance


A prize and some pink sneeks........

Hiya lovelies :) Check out the fabbo happy mail I got yesterday from Sarah at Inkurable Stampers for being the winner of the WCMD challenge Sarah ran :D LOVE it all thanks so much Sarah!Im going to have some fun playing with the Darkroom Door goodies too :D How gorgeous is the card too!

Just a little sneaky peek of a LO I have been working on for the CISters night in'll have to wait til then to see the full LO :D

Jodi and Tracey from Enchanted Scrapbooking sent me a fandabbydosey double kit to play with when I won the invite comp during their brithday celebrations and I couldnt wait to start playing with it all :D Both these LO's are done using one of the kits ,Ive still got another gorgeous red kit to play with!Thanks girls!
I love this photo of Morgan the day before her birthday she looks so happy hey!

What is with this weather!?! Its windy and stormy and rubbish!!I had to think of an appropriate word to use then lol Its driving Kloe mad and she in turn is driving me mad as a result!She is barking and breaking things,she ripped my laundry basket too :( not impressed with her behaviour at the moment.....norty dog....Jack is his normal good boy self and just looks at her like "whats your problem?" I swear never again will I have a pure bred dog......its bitza's all the way from now on lol Al says no more after these 2 anyway ....we'll see lol Ive never not had a dog so it would be really weird to be dogless!

Im joining in the comp at Lime Tart to win a kit of theirs ....all you have to do is add the blinkie to the blog!How cool is that!Check it out here

Okies om off to do some housework and blast some tunes so I cant hear myself sing while I clean lol

Thanks for visiting!


Monday, October 12, 2009


My gorgeous yet brown thumbed husband decided to "help" in the garden and proceeded to demolish my hibiscus and my bird of paradise argh!!Apparently they looked messy and dead :$ what the!?! Ummm flowering and green doesnt ever mean dead bub! I stood there arms crossed totally peaved and then he flashed those massive dimples and cheeky grin and I couldnt help but laugh lol we are totally garden challenged and its sometimes astonishing that anything survives us and our lack of garden etiquette lol Oh well if they are meant to be they will come back then Al can say "told ya so...did it the world of good" lol fingers crossed anyway lol

Thanks for all your lovely well wishes about my headache *mwah* its seems to be all good now (phew) besides me feeling like I had a hangover without the fun bit first lol I think I need to get new specks to be honest......oh joy the man with the pokey thing near my eyeball again ......took me half an hour to let him just do that bit last time lol

Ok I know its monday but what have you got planned for this weekend? Want to join in with some fabulously gorgeous girls and have some fun?

There are 2 awesome things going on this weekend :D

Lana from CIS has planned a CISters night in to raise money for Breast Cancer research and has an awesome prize up for grabs (some of which was donated by yours truely in the form of flowers :D) so its a fab cause and there will be an exclusive sketch by me on show to inspire you all :) Hope you can come and support a great cause with us :)

AND we have our very first cybercrop at Wicked Princesses!Its going to be fandabbydosey!Karen,Tam Kirsty,Kayla and I have all put together an awesome bunch of challenges to inspire you all so make sure you come and join in the celebrations :D Below you can see a sneak peek of my challenge ;-)

These are the LO's I created using the kit the fandabbydosey Jules sent me to play with for her classes this month :) I finally scrapped some pre-digi pics of the spunky man himself Joshy man when he was little :) Loved these papers .....they are so much fun to use!
Check out my strategically placed monsters lolIve got the original piccies for his 18th LOL
One of my fave piccies of Josh and my brother :) His Uncle Ish :D so cute :)

Okies im off to do another LO before hitting the hay......thanks so much to all who take the time to leave comments and read my ramblings lol *mwah* I appreciate it :)

Have a good one lovelies :)


Saturday, October 10, 2009

its pink and blue......

Ok im totally running out of ideas for interesting blog titles lol Hows everyones weekend been so far? Hope its been good for you all :) Im still in the process of moving my stuff into my new room BTW thanks so much for all your comments about it!*mwah* much appreciated :) Im still keeping it tidy after each creation so I could be into a good habit for a change LOL I moved in the camphor laurel (sp?) chest today and filled it with my magazines and photos so they are safe from critters (not that I have critters but if they come to visit they wont go in there LOL) I had a humdinger horrid headache yesterday afternoon which resulted in tears and some strong painkillers......dunno what caused it I havent had a real bad headache in ages and dont want another one like that again anytime soon no thankyou very much *shaking head* So anywhoo after a nana nap on the couch while I waited for the pills to kick in I had a boost of energy and had a little play in my new room :) The fabulous and gorgeous Tanya is having her baby soon and the girls at The Scrapbook Establishment are throwing her a baby shower cybercrop to celebrate :D Cool idea hey!So far I have done the card challenge which was inspired by Jaimee and was heaps of fun to do.....I traced the elephant and made my own lovely blue one :D The LO is for Beth's challenge inspired by pink,flowers and butterflies......3 of my favourite things and of course the fabulously beautiful Miss Morgan.....yep totally biased Auntie here lol theres no denying it lol

Whats everyone else up to this weekend?

Kloe found her bounce again (thanks goodness I had visions of massive vet bills :O ) and she sends a big wet lick and a woof back to sparky thanks Ali lol Jack Russells have to stick together hey lol

Okies im off to watch telly or scrap....havent decided which yet lol

Have a fandabbydosey weekend lovelies!


Friday, October 9, 2009

Lets get shabby

I couldnt resist scrapping this mega cute photo of my gorgeous Mum when she was a baby for the latest "lets get shabby"challenge :) The photo was taken on the 27th of August 1957 and mum is wearing her christening gown that she still has.....its so delicate and gorgeous.I used some of my handmade roses on it too I think they match these gorgeous websters pages Lana from CIS sent me perfectly!I have my eye on more of those websters pages they are so gorgeous!

This is my seocnd LO using the fandabbdosey Pied piper kit Karen and Tam from Wicked Princesses sent me to play with this month :D They matched this piccie of Josh from last year perfectly!Gotta love it when that happens hey :) I think this kit would suit any age and is fabulous for fun bright pages :)

I scrapped both last night so it seems the mojo is coming back woohoo!I think I was scared to mess up my room PMSL and found myself packing things away after each LO :O OMG dont tell me Im a tidy scrapper now! lolI went to Hardly Normal oops Harvey Norman with Jody the other day to get some piccies printed and woohooo I couldve kissed that machine when it went haywire and printed me out an extra 100 prints for free lol gotta love that hey!Especially when it was 12c prints anyway lolLots for me to scrap :D Plus Lyns and Mum will score some too :)

Thanks for all your nice comments on my DIYing and my new scrapspace *mwah* it put a smile on my dial :) Kloe is much better this morning too....not as bouncy as normal but a bit happier so thats good .....thanks for your comments {hugs}

Okies im off to move more stuff into my room lol

Have a fandabbydosey weekend lovelies and thanks for visiting :)