Saturday, October 10, 2009

its pink and blue......

Ok im totally running out of ideas for interesting blog titles lol Hows everyones weekend been so far? Hope its been good for you all :) Im still in the process of moving my stuff into my new room BTW thanks so much for all your comments about it!*mwah* much appreciated :) Im still keeping it tidy after each creation so I could be into a good habit for a change LOL I moved in the camphor laurel (sp?) chest today and filled it with my magazines and photos so they are safe from critters (not that I have critters but if they come to visit they wont go in there LOL) I had a humdinger horrid headache yesterday afternoon which resulted in tears and some strong painkillers......dunno what caused it I havent had a real bad headache in ages and dont want another one like that again anytime soon no thankyou very much *shaking head* So anywhoo after a nana nap on the couch while I waited for the pills to kick in I had a boost of energy and had a little play in my new room :) The fabulous and gorgeous Tanya is having her baby soon and the girls at The Scrapbook Establishment are throwing her a baby shower cybercrop to celebrate :D Cool idea hey!So far I have done the card challenge which was inspired by Jaimee and was heaps of fun to do.....I traced the elephant and made my own lovely blue one :D The LO is for Beth's challenge inspired by pink,flowers and butterflies......3 of my favourite things and of course the fabulously beautiful Miss Morgan.....yep totally biased Auntie here lol theres no denying it lol

Whats everyone else up to this weekend?

Kloe found her bounce again (thanks goodness I had visions of massive vet bills :O ) and she sends a big wet lick and a woof back to sparky thanks Ali lol Jack Russells have to stick together hey lol

Okies im off to watch telly or scrap....havent decided which yet lol

Have a fandabbydosey weekend lovelies!



Ali said...

Lol - glad Kloe is bouncy again. Your elephant is very cute as is Miss Morgan. Lovely creations Krissy :) Ax

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Khloe is ok - you must be relieved!

Love your pretty LO and gorgeous baby card! What a great idea to trace the elephant so you could change the colour :-)

Scoobie said...

I'm glad Khloe is fine, but bummer about the headace.

The baby card is too cute, and I love all the pink on the layout. Keep up the good work!

Kerryn said...

YAY about Kloe, bummer about the headache though :(.

Love the soft colours on the card and layout. Beautiful work :).

Anonymous said...

Hey sweetness, sorry to hear about your bad headache, I hate em, soo bad, hope you don't get another any time soon. Can't believe I missed your post about your new space, so gorgeous and inspiring, thanks for sharing that. I will have an order for your stunning flowers shortly, I'm hopeless, can never decide what I want (IT ALL?), maybe I'll just wire you some cash and you can surprise me? Be in touch soon with an order xx.

KarenB said...

Hey Krissy, I've been lurking but not commenting lately, sorry!! Loving your creations as always. Great to hear that Kloe has her bounce back. Hope you're feeling bouncy again soon too, it's no good about the headaches :(