Friday, October 2, 2009

Its big.........

the post and this Ostrich I came face to face with today lol I was a bit freaked out by him at first then a bit mesmorised......poor thing had been plucking out his own feathers :(

Nic and her gorgeous boys allowed me to tag along for a trip to Alma park zoo :D I got to play photographer and got some fab shots of the spunky boys Jakob and Sammy :D I'll check with her first before putting the boys pics on here though so instead we have some of my animal photos :) I took 238 photos today .....oops lolI love any excuse to use my SLR though so its not surprisng lol.

This furry cutie makes me feel like watching madagascar again lol
The life of a red panda lol check out the way they sleep!PMSL its like me after a few drinkies LOL
LMAO this cheeky monkey was trying to do something with the other animal I couldnt work out what LOLI had such a fab day thanks Nic!!It was fab to see Kim and the girls too and to meet Nics friend Leonie :)
Now for some scrapping business lol just a couple of peeks first up ;-) Jules sent me some omg fandabbydosey sass lass monstrosity papers to play with for this month and far out its been fun scrapping these pics of Josh when he was little lol I had to strategically place some monsters in this one to cover up his bits LMAO he was always a rudey nudey when he was little lol

This was one I did for the scrapping whispers at CIS :) I love these piccies of me and my gorgeous man on our day out at the Ekka :)

This weeks sketch I created for the sketchblog was a bit of an open book ......I cna hear you saying "huh?" I did it like a double,or maybe a 8.5 x 11, or a 12 x 12 squished or maybe a 6 x 12 like I did :) Its up to just keeping it interesting lol This is my example :D The gorgeous princess Morgan and her beloved little one awwww she loves her so much it is so cute :) I used some of my flowers and one of my branches........have you signed up for the giveaway yet??If not then pop over to the flowers blog and enter lovely!!
I used some of the Websters pages that Lana sent me and oh my I think Im in lurve with them ......they are so pretty!!Lana has some instore at CIS now but you better be quick before I go shopping when I get some $$'s lol

Okies im off to scrap......without photos :( my printer decided to run out of ink aaarrrggghhh I hate when that happens!!oh well it means ill be back to using the other printer that prints better lol

thanks for stopping by and for leaving comments I always appreciate it *mwah*

Happy scrapping!!



kate said...

gorgeous as always krissy!! looks like a great day at the zoo you lucky girl getting to spend time with friends and use your camera!!

jules said...

woohoo looks like you had a great day honey....gorgeous pics!!

love your pages honey and take it from me girls you'll love krissy's sass lass pages when you get to see them all...i have and they are fUNastic!!!

jules xxx

Felicity said...

looks like you enjoy your day out! Thanks for sharing some awesome piccies!
Your LOS are so INSPIRING!!! you rock my scrapping world!!! :)
Have a top weekend.

Kerryn said...

Sounds like a fun day! Any visit to the zoo is always a good day :).
Gorgeous work!!!

Ali said...

LOL at you and the red pandas - hic!! Fabbo work as usual Krissy - can't wait for the full reveal :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous LOs Krissy! Lol at the strategic placing of the monsters! Love those red pandas too :-)