Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I was just doing a little blog hopping and came across Joyces blog and she mentioned the one little word blog and I think it is the fabbest idea! I love words and love this idea of using one little word to focus on for the whole year :)

The first word that popped into my head was Hope :) It covers alot of bases for me and I think its perfect for 2010 :)

I hope that 2010 is the year I get to become a mum

I hope that my new business is a success

I hope that I start to believe in myself more

I hope 2010 is the year all my dreams start to come true :D Oooh that sounds like a LO title lol

Are you going to choose a word? what would your word be?

Speaking of LO's I had another one accepted by Scrapbook Creations today yippee!Another Morgan LO she will be pleased :) Im still trying to get a Josh Lo published but everyone seems to like my girly LO's better :$

Ive been a busy bee today :) I wandered to the shops this morning and did the groceries (while Al had a sleep in lol) I went to Aldi first and grabbed a few bits and pieces and must have looked like a damsel in distress setting off with all my bags because a very kind man offered to carry my bags to my car lol I told him " Thanks heaps for the offer but I dont have a car" LOL I couldnt resist teasing Al when he picked me up that I had a man offer to carry my bags in his absence LOL I waited a while before I told him the man was old enough to be my grandad PMSL so after spending $300 and having the slowest checkout chick ever we headed home to unpack and I cleaned the house in true black singlet style (Mum you wouldve been proud :D) Im all set for everyone arriving tomorrow now :D It'll be fab :)

Tomorrow Im going to share some sneaky peeks of my examples using some of the kits available on the 1st at Wicked Princesses :D Oooooh Ive been having some fun!!Cant wait to share :)Oh does anyone know anything about lucky numbers? I just realised Im taking over WP on 01/01/10 how funny is that!Im not likely to forget that now am I lol

Flowery hugs lovelies

Krissy xx

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas at the McMahon house and oooooh a kit!

We had a fabbo Christmas day with my family at Mum and Dads house :) These are a few of the piccies of Christmas Day :) I got totally spoilt by everyone !!Al bought me a new laptop!Woohoo no more "m" letter jumping off lol or spacebar that sticks lol Mum and Dad bought me a stack of gorgeous pressies including some very noice ear-rings,My brother bought Al and I a boxed DVD set and a calendar that has a bad dog saying for everyday pmsl he knows me too well! Lyns bought me a gorgeouso canvas of my peeps and I love it!Big smile when In see their gorgeous smiles looking at me and they got me the new Harry Potter movie on DVD :D See totally spoilt!!It was a fabbo day and we all ate til we where ready to pop my Mum cooks the best christmas dinner ever :)

Ive been a busy little bee since I got home adding stock to the shop *does a little excited dance* omg its not long now!!!Ive done my 1st big supplier order but have to wait til the holidays are over to get it sent :( Oh well its something to look forward to :D Check out the stunning kit Kirsty designed for January!!OMG it is chocked full of gorgeousness!It will go on sale on the 1st of January and oooooh there might just be a bit of a saleabration ;-) so be sure to pop over to the shop at Wicked Princesses and snabble one on the 1st :D Ive got lots of other goodies listed too........oooooooh Im so excited!!!!
Okies better dash!
Flowery hugs
Krissy xx

Thursday, December 24, 2009

We wish you a Merry Christmas.......

Hope you all have a safe and Happy Christmas!!

Hope Santa spoils all you lovelies out there :)

Lotsa love

Krissy & Al


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Yum.......*edited to add recipes:)*

I wandered to the shops this morning and bought the supplies to make these treats :D I made rumballs,mini christmas puddings and chocolate truffles all of which are super dooper easy and kd friendly (except the rum lol) I taste tested the lot and omg devine!!Especially the mini christmas puddings they melt in your mouth mmmmmm yummy! If anyone wants me to put up the recipes let me know and i'll put them here :)

Thats one more of my "to-do's" done yay!Tomorrow im seeing Nic and the always gorgeous Jakob and Sammy to give them all their pressies :D I love giving out presents!!So much fun!Almost as fun as shopping for it all lol

Okies im off to clean up my cooking mess lol

Flowery hugs

Krissy xx

Here are the recipes :D


Rum Balls ::

9 Vita Brits or Weet Bix
½ cup coconut
1 cup chopped raisins
2 tabsp. Cocoa
1 tin condensed milk
3 tabsp. Bundaberg rum
extra coconut

Mix together well in a bowl.
Cover in the fridge for ½ hour.

Shape into balls and roll in coconut.

Mini Christmas puddings


1 x 800gm Dark Fruit Cake (cheap brand)
½ - 1 cup Orange Juice
1 cup Coconut
Icing Sugar
Red & Green Jelly Lo


  1. Break Fruit Cake into crumbly pieces.
  2. Pour a little Orange Juice at a time into crumbled cake - until moistened
  3. Roll mixture into balls (a little smaller than a golf ball)
  4. Chill in Fridge
  5. Mix Icing Sugar with Orange Juice
  6. Decorate top of balls with icing
  7. Cut up Lollies into pieces & decorate on top of the icing to make it look like holly.
  8. chill and serve

  9. Chocolate truffles
  10. 200g dark cooking chocolate
  11. 1/4 cup of cream
  12. 30g butter
  13. 50g chocolate cake crumbs
  14. 2 teaspoons of dark rum (optional)
  15. 1/2 cup of sprinkles or cocoa powder to roll them in
  16. Method:Place chocolate in a medium mixing bowl.Combine cream and butter in a small pan and stir over a low heat until the butter melts and the mixture is just boiling.Pour hot cream over the chocolate and stir until the chocolate melts and the mixture is smooth.2) Stir in cake crumbs and the rum:combine well.Refrigerate for 20 minutes stirring occasionally or until it is just firm enough to handle.Roll heaped teaspoons full of the mixture into balls and roll them in the sprinkles.Refrigerate for a further 30 mins or until firm and serve in small patty pans :)Enjoy!
  17. Me

Monday, December 21, 2009

More totally scrappable christmas piccies :)

Just thought I'd share a few more of the christmas piccies I took of the peeps the other day :D $4.00 worth of santa hats (I really should start saving them every year lol) and about 25 photos out of which about 7 or 8 are good isnt too bad I dont think :) My sister (aka proud peeps mumma) loves these piccies so much she turned one of them into a christmas card for her inlaws :D Cant get a better compliment than that hey :)

PMSL I already have a title idea for this one......its gotta be "Naughty or nice?"lol
The spunky man himself :) I love the light on his face and that gorgeous grin of his *mwah* Love ya babe :)
Here is the Princess in all her little miss sunshine style :D She was laughing at Josh (of course she always does at everything he does lol) Smooches for you puddin Auntie loves you :)
It was so much fun taking these piccies of the peeps im so lucky they let their crazy Auntie play papparazzi all the time :) I could take their pictures all day if they let me ....which they dont lol

I figured Id show the full canvas I made for Al now that I have a sneaking suspicion he might have spotted it in my scraproom the other day oops shouldve put it away but I wanted to be sure it was all dry and then I got distracted lol
Hows everyones christmas preparations going? Mine are all organised.....I think.......wouldnt mind getting a little something extra for my brother but what dont know what to get :$ Plus I doubt my chances of talking Al into taking me shopping lol I dont think he has done his shopping yet......either that or he has a very very good hiding place pmsl because Ive been plunderin and I found nothing peoples :O!! lol

Im off to buy some supplies for someyummy christmassy treats tomorrow :D If they work out nice i'll take piccies and share the recipes :)

OKies im offskies

Flowery hugs

Krissy xx

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Little photographer and a sneak......

Ive been working on a christmas pressie for a certain spunky man and wont show the whole thing in case he looks :-P Im really pleased with how it has turned out :) I hope he likes it .......check out the key it was a keyring I disassembled and added because it has Ï love you"engraved on it :)
This is a collage of Josh's photos he took with his new camera we bought him for his birthday :) I taught him how to edit using picasa too :)
Ive been doing some secret squirrel stuff and putting together some bits and bobs for Wicked Princesses .....its going to be fandabbydosey!!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment I really appreciate it *mwah*

Flowery hugs

Krissy xx

Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry and bright

Here it is :) I scrapped last night wooooohoooooo!This photo was waay too tempting to not scrap :)
A couple of close ups :)
Its tradition for me to do a new personalised towel for the peeps every year for christmas and now its spread to my gorgeous friend Nic's boys too :D This year Joshy has stripes for a more big boy towel,Morgan has frangipanis and Jakob and Sam have toy story :D I found a smidgen of that fabric in my stash and it was just enough to add to the towels woohoo I knew I kept it for a reason lol Hope they all like them :)
I went to the movies with Nic,Chrissy,her son Josh and saw New Moon omg I loved it!Cant wait to watch it again when it comes out on DVD :) Mind you I still havent bought twilight on DVD so I spose I should hey lol

I need to give some thanks to some super lovely girlies for sending me RAK's over the last couple of weeks :D Massive *mwah* to Felicity,Kate and Kylie for the lovely surprises in the mailbox they really brightened my days when they arrived and I appreciate you all thinking of me {{hugs}}

My first batch of stock for when I take over Wicked Princesses arrived while I was away :D Woohooo!Its really happening :) My ABN came through too so look out suppliers here I come LOL Next year is going to be awesome, I just have a feeling its going to be fandabbydoesy :)

Im off to scrap!Welcome back mojo lol

Flowery hugs

Krissy xx

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Right now I'm......

........scrapping this photo I took of the peeps on Tuesday :DI love it :)

Stay tuned to see it scrapped lovelies!

Its amazing how a photo can get the mojo crankin!

Flowery hugs


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy 10th birthday Josh!

Today is my nephew Josh's 10th birthday :D Happy birthday babe!

He loved his cake Auntie made for him :D Phew I didnt make a mess of it LOL
Guess who loved his pressie from Auntie and Uncle Allan? :D
Nanny and Grandad got him a razor spark and he has already worn out one of the attachments lol
Hope you have a fababbydosey day babe!

Ive got heaps of other piccies to share too but i'll share them later :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Flowery hugs :)


Friday, December 11, 2009

Stop looking.........

.................I think I found my mojo again :) Woooohoooooo yippee!Must have been you all looking for it that made it come home again lol *mwah* thanks lovelies :)

These two are "just because" LO's and it was a case of if I dont sit and scrap something I fear my head may explode lol

These are piccies of Josh when he was little taken with one of thise underwater cameras hehehe love the look on Josh and Matt's faces :)

This is me and my sister with a very ummmm sleepy santa? LOL maybe he had a few too many the night before lol Ive been wanting to scrap my first santa photo for ages and when I saw these papers Lana sent me as a thankyou (mwah thanks Lana!) I thought they would be perfect for this photo :) Look closely at my sister .....far out how much does Morgan look like her mumma hey!I looked at the pic and thought hooley dooley they are like twins! Hehehe I was a chubba bubba lol
Just a quick close up :)
Whats on for you this weekend?

Im off to the shops tomorrow to get the bits and pieces for Josh's cake :D I requested the honour of doing his 10th birthday cake and hopefully it turns out nice .....fingers crossed people lol Cant believe he is turning 10 next week!He is most excited :D I cant wait to give him his pressie!!

Okies im off to try and scrap a bit more :)

Flowery hugs lovelies :)


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Has anyone seen......... mojo? It seems to have gone missing and I cant find it anywhere :( *sobs* is it the heat? Is it christmas excitement? Come back mojo I need you to keep my sanity!! lol If found please return to me asap lol

So seeing as there is no mojo there is no scrapping to share so i'll share a few piccies instead :) When my fandabbydosey gorgeous Granny was here early this year I was lucky to go on holidays with her (twice lol totally spoilt i know lol) anywhoo on the Gold coast holiday mum and I would walk to the shop and get the paper for Dad (mum and I love a good dander and the hill was an awesome workout :D) we where walking back and spotted this little branch on the ground (its only about 30cm long) brought it home and I prayed it would survive my severe lack of green thumbs lol and yay yippee it lived! This is its very first flower awwww it was a surprise what colour it would be and I am loving it! The flowers are only about the size of a 20cent piece so heaps smaller than my others :) I will always think of that fab holiday with Granny when I look at that little frangipani :)

Al has been doing a spot of landscaping in the front yard resembles a building site but is a heap better than it looked before LMAO anywhoo he came home the other day and called me downstairs with a "Argh! Hey babe come and look at this...." I replied apprehensively"what is it?"....anyone who knows Al knows he has a warped sense of humour and sometimes he likes to trick me so I cautiously walked downstairs and in the middle of my rumpus room was this big fella!!
Al thought it was a snake at first hence the ärgh!"LOL I hastily ran and grabbed the SLR to snap a piccie for Josh our family reptile lover :D You wouldve loved it bubby! It almost got stuck between the wall and our brick bar in the rumpus room and poor fella lost the tip of his tail in the process........I sat and was entertained by the sprockles of Al and his brother trying to catch it PMSL one was trying to catch him with the laundry basket and the other was trying to scare it into the basket both of which the lizard payed no attention to LMAO Eventually he was caught and released in the lady next doors yard just in case my dogs caught him......hope he finds lots of yummy grubs or whatever it is they eat lol

Its hard to tell how big he is but the basket is one of those big ones and the lizard was about 35-40cm long so not a little one that for sure lol

Thanks for all your {{hugs}} for me sooking over the dentist visit :) I bravely went and survived......I had a young dentist called Albert who while not very reassuring was ok as far as dentists go lol They had a TV in the roof so I watched Dharma and Greg while he did his thing.......then found it hard to talk to conversed with Al via notepad on the laptop for a few hours lol I have to go back for more ........but thats not til after christmas phew!

Okies im off to attempt to scrap......wish me luck!

Flowery hugs


Monday, December 7, 2009

The little dancer ......

My gorgeous little niece Morgan had a fab time at her first dance concert at the weekend :) She is in pre-dance and awwwww all the littlies where so so gorgeous up there!Morgan only joined about a month ago and I was so proud of her going out on stage with all those people looking at her....she is way braver than I ever was ....or ever will be for that matter lol I helped out backstage for the sceond show and she was such a good girl letting me do her makeup :D I got a mega quick video of her little dance but cant work out how to put it on here :$ she burst into a fit of giggles when she saw mum,dad and I in the crowd lol It was so cute :)

Her very proud big brother :) Such cutie peeps :)

This was a LO I did for the 1st sketch for December at CIS and is also my LO for one of this months classes for Jules at shut up and scrap :) One of my fave peeps photos :)

Im off to the dreaded "D"word this afternoon......after putting up with a sore tooth for a couple of weeks I cant take it anymore so im going to put my dentist fears to one side and hopefully get it fixed today......eeewww im totally freaking out about it and wish I didnt have 50 million nervous butterflies in my tummy oh well cant be helped :(

Okies better go but before I do

Massive congrats to Tanya on the arrival of her beautiful new son Asher!!Congratulations to you and your family Tanya!


Thursday, December 3, 2009!!!

Massive sale at Wicked Princesses!!!

All kits $15.00!!

Yes you read that right bargains lovelies!!!

You'd better be quick before Karen and Tam have sold out!!

Great to add some fabulous scrapping goodies to your stash or to spoil yourself or friends with some christmas pressies :D


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A quick share.....

A very lovely girl ordered these headbands and I LOVE how they turned out! I made special jumbo poppies with loads of layers and they looked fab on the headbands :) Hope she likes them!

This weeks cards challenges at TSE for the 12 weeks to christmas comp is tags and a card with a tag on it :) These are mine.....
I think my deer looks a little suspicious it pooped the button LMAO I didnt notice til just then when I looked at it LOL

My card with a round tag :)

Ive been a busy little bee starting to learn the ropes over at Wicked Princesses and I am LOVING that some of my lovelies have come over and joined up to join in the fun :D *mwah* hope more of you can come over and say hi too!Ive been working out some ideas for all sorts of things ........stay tuned for LOTS of cool things happening at WP in January :D

Okies better run and get dinner organised....Al is doing a spot of landscaping out the front and I want to have a sticky at what he has done :) I forgot to take before piccies oops lol

Thanks for stopping by!

Flowery hugs :)


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Check out little Cinderella (AKA Morgan :D) at her dress rehearsal for her Pre-dance concert this weekend coming awwwwww she looks like a little doll! Im diggin that wiglet chickadee! I made the flowers for all the girls headbands :D Awwww Lyns just sent this piccie through to me and I cant wait to scrap it!

She is most excited about her concert and is being a very brave girl...not being shy like her Auntie always was lol I was chatting to her on the phone this morning and she was most concerned because she had a dream about me.......I love hearing the things 4 year olds dream about lol......she dreamt we where at Maccas for brekkie (which we never do lol) and I walked away past the servo (LOL) and then she was at my place lol then she said "but Auntie you where driving and you not 'lowed to drive Aunt" pmsl so funny :) I dont have drive and its a standing joke that Josh will have his licence before his Auntie does LOL

Have a fab day all!

Flowery hugs :)


Friday, November 27, 2009

A couple of cards and.........................................

a massive massive thanks to all who left me comments on my last post!! *mwah* thanks so much for your best wishes :D I really appreciate it and was feelin the love peoples!!Im starting to learn the ropes this week yippeee!!So so excited :D Hope you can all come over and share my excitement lol

These are my cards for this weeks challenges at Scrapbook Establishments 12 cards to christmas challenge :)

Tanya inspired us to make a simple card using grid patterns :)

Mary inspired us to use an animal on this weeks card :D I did a Kanga ;-) this one is for overseas :) Like my holly holding kanga?
Ive been a bit quiet this week havent I! Between looking after the injured fur brat and me being under the weather I just havent had the energy :( Kloe is recovering well :) She had the drain removed wednesday (it wasnt pretty after eeeew) and apparently I did a good job as vet nurse :) she is still on anti biotics (and im running out of cheese as a result lol have to hide them or she wont take it ) Ive got some sort of gastro type bug that makes me queasy all the time,no appetite and tired!All I wanna do is sleep....must be the heat .....great and its not even summer yet *insert rolling eyes here* lol

Oh yay yay yay guess what? Im going to meet my gorgeous and fandabbydosey friend Jules!Im off to her retreat in March next year and I cant wait!!Woohoo!

I got thoroughly spoilt this week!I got a gorgeous covered notebook as a secret santa gift from some lovely at The scrapbook establishment and a fabbo RAK in the post :D I love happy mail and after my crap week it was a lovely surprise so *mwah* to my SS and my Rakker :D

I christened my new oven properly today :D Al requested a lamb roast jokingly and I took it as a dare ( I dont eat lamb at all ever and the thought of it is eeeeewwww to me :P) so off to the shops I wandered today (it was so hot!) and bought him a roast,came home and cooked it for him for dinner :) He said it was yummy.....I had a plate of vegies lol My BIL was happy to help eat the roast too lol Al was so impressed with his special roast he did the dishes :O Yes mum you read right he did the dishes for me!LOL Al and I have an agreement that he does outside jobs and I do inside ones so this is very odd in our house and Im a bit of a weirdo when it comes to people doing the dishes in my kitchen :$ it makes me annoyed for some odd reason LOL He accidentally broke a glass in the process.......hhmmmm maybe thats why I dont let him do it all the time PMSL

Okies better go and shuffle some papers :)

Only a few days left to enter my flowers giveaway!

Flowery hugs!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My new venture.......

Ive got some super exciting and very cool scrappy news to share :D

As of January 1st next year little ole me will be the new owner of

yes you read that right!!The fabulous and gorgeous Karen and Tam offered me this fantabulous opportunity and I couldnt say no lol so hey presto Im going to be running my own shop!Im absolutely thrilled to say that the ultra talented and lovely Kirsty and Kayla will be staying on working on the DT with me :D Massive thanks to Karen and Tam for the opportunity *mwah* you rock chickies :)

Hope you can all pop over and say hi :)

Flowery hugs!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One for the boy :)

This is a "just because"LO not challenge/DT/sketch inspired just because I love this piccie of me and my nephew Josh and felt like doing a boyish LO :) Little spunk is getting an award at school tomorrow :D Clever peep!

Denim poppie to match the papers :)

After my craptacular couple of days I needed to scrap but the mojo was all over the place so I am SUPER glad that it is back in full force phew thank goodness for that!!

Ive been scanning lots of negatives using my new toy so look out for some "vintage"piccies of me lol

Ive got a spot of mega exciting scrappy news to share very soon too so watch this space lovelies!!

Flowery hugs :)