Thursday, December 17, 2009

Right now I'm......

........scrapping this photo I took of the peeps on Tuesday :DI love it :)

Stay tuned to see it scrapped lovelies!

Its amazing how a photo can get the mojo crankin!

Flowery hugs



Cherie said...

What a gorgeous photo Krissy!
Can't wait to see the finished LO.

Kirsty said...

Can't wait to see it scrapped..its a gorgeous pic :D

Kate said...

wow that is a GORGEOUS piccie Krissy, can't wait to see it scrapped :)

Kerryn said...

My those two are growing up! No wonder you are inspired :). Look forward to seeing the finished layout.

Stacey Young said...

That is such a gorgeous Xmas photo Chrissy! Yes, can't wait to see it scrapped:)

I missed your last post too, looks like Josh had a fantastic birthday!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family :)