Thursday, March 31, 2011

A mixed bag of creations.....

Ive dusted off my sewing machine again and did some creating :) Ive been making large bags for sale at the retreat like my posting bag :D Im taking orders if anyone would like more info or  to order one email me at :)

Its tradition for me to always make something handmade for my family when its a birthday or christmas ...sometimes its an otp,a framed LO,a handmade bear or something else I created from my stash :) Monday is my beautiful ma's birthday and she mentioned the other day that she couldnt find a bag to fit her ipad and lunch in for work so what else is a girl to do when her mum is in need but put the thinking cap and designer cape on and came up with pattern of course lol Although I did think to keep the template I drew up this time lol

Its got a little pocket inside for her phone and the front panel is one big pocket for her purse or something else and lots of room inside for her ipad :) I took a photo of her with the bag and will share it on monday she LOVED the bag :D
I couldnt resist embellishing with MVB's :D Black laceys,large rose and doileys yummmmmmm I think I need to make one for myself next!

Some scrappy sneaks.......

more sneaks...

Mums birthday card :D Created with the "Beautiful Claire" kit in the shop at Wicked Princesses now
and another sneak ;-)

okies I best be off and spend some time with my lovely parents :)

Thanks for visiting and seeing my creations :)

Krissy xx

Friday, March 25, 2011

Wanna come scrap with me tonight?

Its cybercrop time :D woohoo :D I {{heart}} WP cybercrops ....all the chatter, the challenges and the inspiration of course!

My challenge will be a recipe scrap and here is a taste of my recipe.....

So what do you think? want to come and cook up a LO with me?

Thanks for all your gorgeous comments on my previous post *mwah* lovelies xx

See you tonight at Wicked Princesses

Krissy xx

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Prepare to be shocked......

.......I scrapped :O but thats not the big shock you will see that later in this post ;-)

The fabulously talented Kate McCulloch inspired us all this month with her awesome sketch designs and this is my take on the last sketch of the month :D Love this photo was taken when Granny was over (cant believe that was 3 years ago :O) Im lucky to have such amazing female role models in my life Granny was a child in the war,was abducted as a child :O (and thankfully returned to her family) she has had 5 children,was widowed in her early 40's and has survived 3 heart attacks and a quadruple bypass....she is made of strong stuff my Granny :) My Mum is the most awesome mum ever she has sacrificed so much for our family to have a better life and I can never thank her enough for that....and then there is my fabulous sister who is my best friend and an awesomly fabulous mumma to my peeps Josh and Morgan and she lets me share them with her :) I {{heart}} these special ladies and I only hope that if I ever get to be a mum I can be half the mothers they have been :)
a quick close up and a pinkie pinkie button

and heres the shock.......a double!!! AND no flowers :O I hope Josh likes it :D
and a sneak of my challenge at tomorrows cybercrop challenge at Wicked Princesses ;-) You like?

I better go and make tummys grumbling!

Thanks for visiting.....say hi and let me know someones read my blog, I love comments!

Krissy xx

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The handwriting game

The gorgeous Kate the great taged me in the handwriting game yay! Heres mine .....the top corner was waaaaay too boring and I had some flowers on the desk so I strategically set them on lol Im sure none of my regular readers are shocked lol

You had to answer the following questions:

1. What’s your name / blogger name?

2. What’s your blogs URL?

3. Write, “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”.

4. Favorite quote?

5. Your favorite song?

6. Your favorite band / singers?

7. Anything else you want to say?

8. Tag 3 bloggers to participate.

I tag Ali,Kirsty and Tam :D
It was fun! Thanks Kate *mwah*
Krissy xx

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A quick share....

......I havent been doing as much scrapping as Id like to be of late but have a couple of new ones to share anyway :) I have loved playing with the Echo park little boy range that I had in the "my little boy" kit this month and wanted to show everyone its not just for "little boys" the reverse sides are bright and funky and perfect for scrapping big boys like my awesome nephew Josh and my Dad :) I based this LO on another of the fabulous Kate McCullochs sketches I {heart} them!
This LO is one I did at one of the scrappy days at my lovely friend Nic's house :) I used the Vintage daydream kit and used it for a blind scrap with the lovely princesses this week at Wicked Princesses :)  I think the girls all had fun :)

Hows your weekend been?

Ours was good :) We went to a friends housewarming where they announced their engagement yay!!I got to hold a brand new baby girl she was so snuggly and beautiful *sigh* babies are such a precious thing, it was lovely to have a hold for a little while :)

Our attempts will now be put on hold until after my dental surgery *sigh* general anaesthetic is required so not a good time to be trying I we will have a couple of months off, I cant say im happy about it but im sure it wont do me any harm to try not to think about it for a while.Easier said than done but we will see........

So now im thinking of all the things I CAN look forward to .......birthdays,visiting my peeps (i miss my littlest loves and need some huggles big time) and of course my retreat! It will be my 2nd retreat Ive ever attended and the 1st Ive ever run so heres hoping I do it right lol I have lots of lovely ladies coming along so im sure they will steer me in the right direction if Im looking a little lost :) My lovely friend is having a baby this year too so Im looking forward to the baby shower for the little princess and getting to meet her ....and shopping for little things for her of course ;-)

What are you looking forward to?

This week I have broken my MVB record and made over 300 :O thats alot of cutting,designing and sewing but so worth it for the end results :D You will be able to check them out in the shop very soon :)

Better go and finish pack orders....thanks for visiting :)

Krissy xx

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Something new....... add to the My Vintage Blossoms family :D

You like?

Krissy xx

Monday, March 7, 2011


.....layouts created by me so far this year :O I need to pick up the pace!I did more than that in a weekend last year :O So terribly slack of me :( I have some others I havent shared yet because either they haven been photographed or they are for comission work ;-)

Anywhoo heres what Ive been creating lately ....

SUYS challenge was to scrap something you cant live without so I scrapped my honey :) and used the fabulous "My love" kit available in the shop now :D It so so nice!! I {heart} it :)

I so love this butterfly stamp my friend Nic gave me :D
a bit about why Id be lost without him....

This month my fabulous friend and talented Princess DT member Kate the great designed all the sketches and both my LO's are created using them :D Clever pickle!Totally inspired me :D *mwah*

This LO was created using the "My little boy" kit which has sold out now :( It was a fandabbydosey kit and I LOVED creating with it fact I even did a big boy LO but cant share it yet ;-)

This is based on this weeks sketch and the photo is of my cutie pie nehpew when he was a bubba .....awww cant believe he is 11 now!Where does the time go?
I always called him my spunky chops hehehe

I {heart } fussy cutting *sigh* and twine :D

Thats it for now peeps :)

Im off to the dreaded "D" word tomorrow :( have to see a specialist for my sore mouth *sob* yucko not looking forward to it but cant put up with the discomfort anymore *shaking head* I will try and think happy scrapping thoughts while im there.....

Hope you are all happy scrapping?

Have you seen the kit challenge for March at Wicked Princesses?

Would you like to be a Guest DT member for a month and have staff discount for the month?

If you answered yes then you will love { THIS }

okies im off to scrap.....have a fandabbydosey day everyone *mwah*

Krissy xx