Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Inspiring interiors competition!!

Click on the picture to find out more :D
Krissy xx

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sneaks of my challenge for tonight :D

Yay its cybercrop night! I {heart} cybercrop time :) I finally finished my example for my challenge.....it wa sone of those LO's you think about and plan in your head and then stress it wont turn out right on the page lol BUT yay it turned out how I imagined it would :D Ive been doing lots of recycling on this LO too and will be sharing my tips and techniques on the forum at Wicked Princesses tonight when I reveal the full LO :) Dont forget if you put the cybercrop advert on your blog or facebook you will go into the draw to win a $5 voucher!!

Ooooops that could be a giveaway for part of the challenge criteria ;-) I used the "Countdown" kit....far out Ive had some fun with this kit!!Its perfect for boys of all ages, Ive scrapped LO's about my 10 year old nephew,a photo of my brother as a teenager AND some of my fabbo hubby!!See it suits all ages :D

I {heart} and MVB poppie on my boyish LO's :D PLus my brother doesnt consider them to be "flowers" so its all good LOL

Ooooh whats that round thing? You can find out tonight on the forum ;-)
Okies who has been to visit the shop in the last couple of days?
Have you seen all the goodies?? I had myself a massive shopping trip to a few suppliers and the cartons are arriving all this week lol good job no-one needs to sleep in the spare room because the bed is currently covered in boxes and boxes and boxes of scrapping stuff! Ive got albums,albums,albums and more albums lol They are the fandabbydosey printblocks albums :D Ive also added refills,gel pens,photo pencils,storage for 12 x 12 papers and cardstock and a mountain of alphas :D There should be more goodies coming today too weeeeeeee!!I listed some new My Vintage Blossom double laceys yesterday too ....very very pretty :D
Ok im off to do some more scrapping :)
Thanks heaps for visiting and commenting *mwah* it always makes my day :)
Krissy xx

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


....that I did really do 5 LO's :D A sneaky peek of each one :D

This one is using the September boys kit from Wicked ;-) Up for early bird buy this weekend ;-)

I have to say I am LOVING this one....I had paint everywhere (including on my cheek for a few hours before I noticed lol) I cant wait to share it :)

Are you coming along to the cybercrop? Id love to see you there :)
Have you checked out the new comp thats coming? Check out the forum for more details ;-) www.wickedprincesses.com.au
Okies better go and have myself some scrapping therapy I think
*mwah* for all your gorgeous comments and congrats to Al too, I really appreciate it :)
Krissy xx

Monday, August 23, 2010

My mojo has come out of hibernation :D

I scrapped 5 LO's in one day :O But guess what? I cant share any of them :( yet ;-) you might get some sneaky peekys soon...once the sun comes out and I can get some decent photos that is! Its been raining and raining and raining here which although its good for the environment its caused havoc with the renovations downstairs :( The internal stairs are sitting in the back yard under a tarp waiting for the sun to come out so we can stain them before putting them back in.The plaster downstairs is taking longer to dry than it should ...argh delays delays delays :( But its like Al keeps telling me.....it'll be finished soon so be patient lol

Have you got any scrappy plans this weekend? Wanna come and cybercrop with the fabulous Princesses? We'd love it if you could join us :) http://www.wickedprincesses.com.au

I loaded a HEAP of new stuff in the shop today :) Storage,alphas (HEAPS ) some new Prima flower centres.....Ive got some other goodies coming later this week too....Ive been shopping up a storm lol

Okies better go ...I was hoping to scrap but its not going to happen tonight :)

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it. Hope & Faith paves the paths that lead us to our goals. {Determination}

Lotsa love
Krissy xx

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Grandads little mate

This is the last LO for Jules classes I designed :D I had heaps of fun putting them all together :) I found these photos of Dad and Josh from last year and when Josh was bub and thought it'd be cool to scrap about these guys :) They are great mates these two I love it :)

The sickness appears to have left the house (fingers crossed and touching wood as I type that) I was better within a few days but poor Al has 2 asthma puffers and antibiotics from his :O The Dr gave a him a big lecture about smoking being the cause of his lungs not recovering as well as they should but he was already one step ahead and hadnt had a smoke for over a week at the time :D He is now up to his 11th day of being smoke free and im so proud of him! No crankiness,no craving one...he is awesome :D I told him he must've been ready because thats what it was like for me when I quit almost 2 years ago :) Im so glad that we have both kicked the habit now :)
Okies better go and bring the washing in and sort out what to cook for dinner :)
Thanks for visiting and for leaving a comment *mwah*
Krissy xx

Saturday, August 14, 2010

You might want to sit down.......

........due to the shock of me actually scrapping LOL and updating my blog :O The mojo returned this week with a vengeance :)

"Snugglebug hug" is a LO I did using the "Now and forever" kit this month from Wicked Princesses :) Its full of gorgeous pinks,reds and black and great for scrapping anything/anyone you love :) I think my niece Morgan will like this one its so pink lol

no need for a double take......yep its a double :O The peeps love making pasta with Nan and I managed to snap a few action shots :)

hehehe this is what you get when you say to a 10 year old who is sick of having his photo taken "smile Josh" you get this grin lol love it :)
All these Bo bunny LO's where created with some goodies sent to me by the fabulous Jules *mwah* I think my mojo was in that parcel too :D Hope you like them lovey!
Our house is still undergoing the manland reno's -so far the walls and ceilings are done and plastered next will be trims,paint then the floors......then hopefully the stairs will be ready to put back up....IM soooooooo over running down the back stairs everytime someone comes to the door lol once its all done and Ive got my furniture moved in i'll take a piccie and show you all :) Ive got heaps from along the way too :)
We've been hit by the dreaded manflu too....poor Al is so sick :O Ive never seen him this sick....he has kindly shared it with me *insert rolling eyes here* but im trying to ignore it lol
Thanks for visiting and leaving comments :) Its always nice to see who visits :) *mwah*
Krissy xx
P.S only one more spot available for the retreat!! :O

Friday, August 6, 2010

Such a slack blogger :(

Ive been so so slack lately my poor little blog has been badly neglected :( Ive been flat out with all the orders from the sale,running the cybercrop as well as living in the middle of a building site LOL Manland takeover is about halfway through....some walls are up, the fireplace has been rendered and hopefully the stairs can go back in in a few days then its onto painting and laying the floating timber floor :D I so cant wait til its all done and I can move all the stock and me into the new studio ......*sigh*............shouldnt be too much longer :) Hopefully i'll find my mojo once I move down there.....I think all the noise and commotion has been putting me off :$

I did make a card today though :) I love how it turned out :) Mum rang last night and requested a "card with cream and gold" for her besties wedding in a few weeks so today I whipped up this card.......Ivory,flowers and just a touch of gold......elegant and pretty I think...do you like it?
Today was my "me day" :) Ive been working my little toosh off all week with making flowers,designing new kits,packing orders and working very long hours so today was my day off :) I did do some posting this morning then it was off to the hairdressers for a trim and eyebrow wax ...far out it was nice to be in the presence of a bunch of women for half an hour :) Ive been in a house with 6 men for the last couple of weeks and I was feeling totally outnumbered and needed some girly time lol
Okies better go and sort out the dinner .....honey mustard chicken,new potatoes and steamed veg YUM
Thanks for visiting *mwah*
Flowery hugs
Krissy xx