Monday, June 29, 2009

Come to our first cybercrop at a passion for craft!!

Lynnie and I have put together a few challenges and of course the blind scrap for our first cybercrop!!!Its going to be lots of fun I hope you can join us :D All the fun kicks off on the 1st of July :D

Wednesday night 7:30pm (QLD time) with my blind scrap

Thursday 7:30pm (QLD time) sketch challenge with extra criteria announced ;D

Friday 7:30pm (QLD time) bingo with the lovely Lynnie

All challenge entries are due by the midnight on the 8th of July :D

The winner of the blind scrap will be chosen at random and will get a RAK from me :D

I hope you can join us at A PASSION FOR CRAFT for some happy scrapping fun!!

Wicked Princesses cards

Princess Tanya and I did a challenge where the girls joining in had to choose one element from each of our cards and create their own :) Far out I loved this kit soooooo pink and pretty and glittery and gorgeous!!!Cant wait to see all the cards everyone created!
Krissy xx

Saturday, June 27, 2009


OMG OMG OMG........okay deeep breath look what I won!!!Woohoo yay!!!I was just announced the winner of the LCA comp at the fandabbydosey CIS wowsers I have never won a big comp before so this is super exciting!!Cant wait for this little baby to arrive in the post :D Oh double yay its pink and will match my tote LOL!!!Massive congrats to the fabulous Kerryn who came 2nd ( it was only 3 votes between Kerryn and I how close is that!!!) So excited for you Kerryn your work was awesome!!Chantal won 3rd place massive congrats for you too Chantal!!Well done to all the fandabbydosey CISters who joined in it was sooooo hard to vote every week!!!Loved this comp and had so much fun joining in!!Thanks so much to Lana,Karen,Manon and Laura for all your hard work putting the comp together and inspiring us all you chickies rock!!Ok I need to go and get a drink or something Im so excited its ridiculous!!!Plus Ive totally OD'd on raspberry bullets LOL

Have a fab night lovelies!!

Thanks for stopping by! *mwah*
Krissy xx

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cybercrop at Wicked Princesses!

Wicked Princesses are having a cybercrop this weekend and we would love if you could join in the fun with us Princesses!!Princess Tanya and I have put together a fab challenge for all you cardmakers out there and Princess Tam and Princess Karen have set up a fabulous card kit especially for the cybercrop it has the MOST gorgeous bits and bobs in it and its a bargain at only $7.95 girls you could get about 4 cards out of it...maybe more!!So if your feeling a bit royal head on over and register we'd love it if you could join us!

Krissy xx

Monday, June 22, 2009

LCA week 6 entry :)

This is my entry for the last challenge for the Lights Camera Action comp over at CIS :D This weeks poster for inspiration was pirates of the carribean......once I had finished drooling all over Johnny Depp (LOL) I went full throttle on the inks,paints and distressing and am sooooo pleased with how the LO turned out!Ive had this pic of Josh with his pet Lizards Rocky and Betty for ages and this seemed like the perfect excuse to scrap it.......the quote I chose to use for the LO was "Not all treasure is silver and gold" which is perfect for Josh and his beloved little mates who are now gone :( He will always remember these too..... I think Josh will love the LO :)

My lappy is off to visit the repair guy AGAIN *insert rolling eyes here* because it now wont let me watch DVD's or download picasa......its got me stumped and the repair guy cant work out why just by me expaining it so he needs to have it.....hopefully only for the afternoon.

Oh and before I forget I went in search of my photoshop software last night and its gone :( ......dont even ask how it makes me so off I went in search of some free software I could use for my sketches,photo editing and to have a little play with and came across the free software GIMP it is alot like photoshop and Ive been having some fun fooling around with it last night and woohoo can use brushes with it too :D

Okies better go......I was considering wandering down to the shops to get some bits and bobs but its raining so Im going to make some PJ bottoms for Lyns and Morgan instead :D

Have a nice Monday lovelies!

Krissy xx

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Quick share

This is my LO using another of Liz Webers fabulous sketches and is totally inspired by the fandabbydosey work of Stacey Young......Stace im a huge fan....but you already know that lol Its the second one with lots of paint and distressing this week.......I cant share the other one til Monday so watch this space :)
A colour combo challenge at the cc at scrapboutique......mine was red,cream and rubons.....rubons!I had to dig through my stash to find some LOL I hardly ever use them anymore, I gave most of them to the kids Josh loves them :)

Little close up :D
Thats about it for today Im feeling a wee bit bleh :( .......might blast some music and tidy my scrap room that might cheer me up......if that fails Ive got a turkish delight in the fridge ;)
Thanks for visiting lovelies :)
Krissy xx

Friday, June 19, 2009

Its sketch day!

Happy sketch day lovelies!This is my sketch for this week on the CIS sketch blog :) I should really start showing them every friday and not just the ones I do on my weeks LOL I'll make a mental note of that lol I made my digi sketch using free kits from Jessica Sprague and shabby princesses......I downloaded some new free kits so look out for some very cool sketches in July :D
If anyone wants to use any of my sketches its all good but pretty please add a link to my blog :) I love getting new visitors (especially when they leave a comment to say hi!)Plus I love seeing my sketches come to life!
I love this pic of Josh and I he is such a sweetie :) Im always getting in trouble for calling him "bubs"in front of his mates lol oops its not cool you see........norty Aunt LOL Anywhoo my journalling is about no matter how big he gets he will always be bubs to me ......I can just picture when he is a man and me calling him bubs LMAO I'll be that embarassing Aunt whos invites for parties mysteriously go missing in the mail ROFPMSL! He knows im crazy and he still loves me so its must be all good lol
Had a fabbo time doing a treasure hunt with Laura and the other gorgeous CIS chickies last night and guess what?? I won :O I know im shocked too LOL and i managed to not fall down (or up LOL) the stairs this time!!woohoo!That means I get a bonus 3 points towards my LCA tally ......cant wait to show you all the LO I did for this weeks challenge.......its very differnt from my norm but inspired by one of my fave scrappers ;D but you will have to wait til Monday to see it :( It the last week of the challenge too.....its been so much fun :)
Have you been shopping at A Passion For Craft yet?Lynnie has just stocked some of the fabulous carolees creations mini alpha stickers......Im so getting some so dont buy them all ok?!lol Check out the sale while you are there its bargain central!!
Ive been working on something a bit spec with the fabulous Princess Tanya for a special event that is coming up very soon at Wicked Princesses.......stay tuned for more info coming soon :)
Okies Im off to get organised and do some washing......have a fab day!
And an even fabber weekend!!
Thanks for visiting me :)
Krissy xx

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tanyas card sketch!

This is my card created using a sketch by the fabulous Princess Tanya!!Loved this sketch :D it was the perfect excuse to make a card for some friends who have found out they are expecting their second child :) Head on over to wicked princesses to have a go at the sketch!!

This is the extra challenge for LCA at CIS to create a card for someone you love :) Lana has got some news classes advertised by the fabulous Laura and she has a "bring a friend to class"reward going :D

Do you like blind scrapping??

Would you like to do a blind scrap with me??

If you answered yes to either of the above then please join me at A PASSION FOR CRAFT for my very first blind scrap!!It will be next week.....probably on Friday night,you will have a week to do the LO and if you join in you will go in the random draw for a RAK from little old me! :D Id love it if you could join in the fun :)

Okies best be off...Ive got a yummy card kit to play with ;-)

I'll be back tomorrow for sketch day lovelies!

Thanks for stopping by, please say "hi!"I love getting comments it puts a smile on my dial :D

Krissy xx

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grab a bargain!!!Sale,sale,sale!

Papers from as little as 70c

Get in now and grab yourself a bargain!

Papers from as little as 70c thats wholesale price!
Also while you shop earn yourself some Passionate Points!
You will earn 2 passionate points with every $30.00 spent.
Once you have collected 30 points you will get a $10.00 store voucher.
So grab a bargain and grab some points!
Dont forget our Forum come along and meet some lovely ladies and join in our challenges!
Hope you see you there.

Krissy xx

I got tagged!

I have been tagged!Twice!I was first tagged by Ceci and then by the fabulous Tanya :DThanks lovelies!! So here goes ......

8 things I look forward to
1. being a mum someday
2. spending time with Al
3. our wedding anniversary in August
4. Weekends at home with the family
5. Scrapbooking
6. going on holidays
7. #29 which is the BEST fried rice ever from my local noodle place lol
8. sleep ins

8 things I did yesterday
1. Washing
2. Scrapped
3. Talked for a few hours on the phone to my sister and my dad
4. answered customer calls
5. made a card
6. Cooked savoury mince for dinner
7. taught a cards class :)
8. fiddled around on the internet

8 things I wish I could do
1. visit my family overseas
2. Buy a big house near the ocean
3. not worry about anything and everything lol
4. Have a huge scrap room (fully stocked of course ;))
5. make my crazy dog behave herself lol
6. Buy a holiday house
7. learn more about photography
8. Go on a big holiday

8 things or shows I've watched lately
1. Masterchef
2. we where soldiers ( Al picked it lol)
3. sex and the city (for the first time ever :O)
4. coronation street
5. kindergarden cop (PMSL)
6. southpark
7. The sunset on broadbeach
8. The news

8 blogs I am tagging
1. Kate T
2. Jules
3. Stace
4. Liz
5. Karen
6. Manon
7. Kerryn
8. Laura

Thanks for the tag girls!

Have a fab night lovelies :)

Krissy xx

Monday, June 15, 2009

Congratulations Adam and Mel :)

We went to the gorgeous wedding of Al's xbox buddy Ad's to Mel on Saturday :) It was such a beautiful day :D
I dont know why but I dont think this photo looks like me LOL maybe its because someone else took it instead of me doing the old "hold it out as far as you can and hit the button trick"PMSL

Can this view from our hotel room get any more beautiful??I think was stunning :)

Thats more like it!

We had a fandabbydosey was so nice to have some time on our own away from it all......we met some really nice people,had a few drinks,ate some awesome food and loved every minute of it :D Thanks for a fab weekend bub, love you *mwah*

This is my LO from last weeks LCA challenge at CIS :) the theme was romance so I had to do some of our wedding pics :) The rose on my LO is my pathetic attempt at trying to do the gorgeous paper flowers on Nicole Aspinalls blog.......I couldnt do it as well as she did but I'll keep trying lol Thanks for the fab tutorial Nicole!
Oh and before I forget I have been tagged twice!I'll be back tomorrow to do my tagging :D
Thanks for all your lovely messages about having a good weekend *mwah*
Have a fab night lovelies :)
Krissy xx
Oh guess what??I got the new point and shoot camera yay!!Its not pink but it is fandabbydosey :D

Friday, June 12, 2009

Im off...........................

for a weekend away with Al!!!Yay!!Its going to be fab :D we are going to a wedding saturday afternoon but the rest of the time is just for us woohoo!He still hasnt figured out what he is going to wear to the wedding which could mean a spot of shopping while we are there double yay!!!I still have my eye on that pink point and shoot camera and my poor old kodak is starting to play funny games with me so fingers crossed I can wangle it LOL

Ok better go and finish packing!

Have a fab weekend and take care lovelies :D

P.S stay warm its freezing here in so called sunny Queensland!!LOL

Krissy xx

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

sketch LO and my cards class :)

This is my LO using Liz's sketch for the month over at A Page From My Sketchbook :) As always its a fab sketch to work with :D Make sure you pop over and check out the sketch and have a go!!We all love seeing the sketchie creations using Liz's sketches :)

My card class is all set to be run on the 15th of June at 8pm (QLD time) on the blog at Wicked Princesses so if you would like to learn how to make these cards please contact Tam or Karen about buying a kit and joining me for some cardmaking fun :)
Thats about it for me for now.........take care lovelies
Krissy xx

Monday, June 8, 2009

what a weekend!!

This is Jack's love hate relationship with Olly bird LOL poor boys never give each other any peace so Olly is now living out the front instead LOL

Oh my I am happy dancing like Ive never happy danced before!!Check out all these goodies I got in my stars of scrap prize pack!!!Yay woohoo!!Thanks so much to Victoria from I love it!!

Oooh nice uggies on the bottom of the pic LOL oops!

As many of you know I lived in Belfast Northern Ireland until I was 8 and we moved to Australia to live and we have always had a fascination with the awesome wildlife in this country :D Well last night when I was getting ready to head home we heard a bang on the back verandah and when Dad went out to investigate we discovered this beautiful brush tail possum out there having a little sticky beak lol!It was so cool I couldnt resist snapping away :)

Hand feeding this little sweetie

Look how chuffed my Dad is :D He is a major animal lover (thats where I get it from lol) He was getting ready to catch the grapes again lol

I love this one....he/she is looking straight at me like Ïm ready for my close up"PMSL!!
This is my LO for this weeks LCA at CIS the inspiration was a pinochio poster :D I couldnt resist using these pics of Josh at about 18months helping himself to a drink straight from the carton LOL and the quote ïm a real boy"was perfect LOL!!Im loving these animal stamps at the moment so they are everywhere lol

Its my turn to teach this month at Wicked Princesses!!I will be teaching you how to do these cards using the fabulous June kit with all its yummy goodies oh yay love Marrakech so much :D So if you are interested in joining in please head on over to WP and pick up your kit and meet me in the classroom on the 15th of June :D

Lyns,Morgan ,Mum and I headed into the city for the scrapbook show on saturday (im so sorry Tanya I forgot my camera :( oops) OMG it was INSANELY busy!!!I was gobsmacked!!Poor little Morgan was a tad upset by some people wearing masks for the swine flu (dont even get me started on that one ) and to be honest I was a wee bit shocked at how rude and aggressive women can be :-O We took the stroller so Morgan could be comfy and the amount of tuts and dirty looks when I asked ëxcuse me,sorry"when just trying to move forward was ridiculous......seriously people manners are free!!!I think next year I'll go in on the Friday instead of the saturday.......we checked out the lifeline bookfest too and I scored a few bargains to use as ephemera for my scrapping ;-)

I got back late last night and slept like a dog after worrying about Lucy (our family dog we got when I was 17) i woke up friday morning and she was gone :( which isnt like her at all but the builders next door have been using a nail gun and she is terrified of loud noises.....I walked the neighbourhood calling and calling her and she was no where to be found :( Lyns,Morgan and I drove around looking too but still nothing :( I cried like a baby when dinner time came around because I thought she wouldve come back and was stressing she would be hungry (even though she is a total porker and missing one dinner wouldnt hurt lol) we called the council and left our details,and then on saturday the council website said it had a terrier X,black and tan,female,no collar(she took it off the night before :-O) and found on friday so we thought yay its Lucy!!But after calling the council found out their offices where closed until tuesday.......and then yesterday we where all sitting around having cuppas in the morning and Dad went to go out the front and get the paper and guess who was on the front verandah?.....yep you guessed it Lucy lou grinning from ear to furry ear, bathed and a more tired than I have ever seen her LOL!!As for where she has been and who bathed her I have no idea!!Happy days!!

Im off to play with the goodies in my pack!

Have a fab day everyone!

Krissy xx

Friday, June 5, 2009

its sketch day :)

lol its not friday anymore its sketch day LOL This is the fisrt of my sketches for June....I got the digi kit free from Jessica Sprague for taking part in a questionaire what a score love the papers :)Im so blown away at all the fabulous entries for my sketches at CIS :D It makes me so proud to see all these gorgeous LO's that where inspired by my sketches :D Such a fab feeling!Thanks so much CISters!!*mwah*
My LO is done using papers from WRMK promenade which Lynnie at A PASSION FOR CRAFT has in her 30% off sale section right now so if you love the papers and want to have a play with some head on over to APFC and buy some!! thats the link to my youtube video on how I made my paper bag album :D I gave Josh the album yesterday and he loved it!!Yay!!So cool :D He and I are going to make another one next time he is over and he can decorate it himself :)
Im off to the papercraft convention tomorrow with Lyns and Morgan!!!Yay!!!Cant wait :) Oh and Al called last night (im away at mum and dads) to say my prize from scrapbooking top50 arrived wooohooo so he is going to drop it in while he is over this side of town tomorrow :D cant wait!!Tomorrow will be like scrapbookers christmas LOL!!
Have a fab weekend lovelies :)
Thanks for stopping by!
Krissy xx

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We're not gossiping we are networking LOL

PMSL!I bought all 3 of us a magnet that said that for christmas LOL! These 2 gorgeous chickies are Nic and Jody .....anytime I say im off out with "the girls"or off to coffee with "the girls"these are "the girls"!!We caught up for coffee (and potato wedges in my case LOL) on saturday morning and then again that night for some crafting....not that we ended up doing any LOL we where too busy chatting and me fussing all over Nic gorgeous boys Jakob and Sam :D I had my camera and thought it was about time the 3 of us had a piccie together :D Jody and Nic have known each other for .......over 10 years I think and I was added to the bunch about 2 years ago.Anywhoo just wanted to share these pics........*mwah* chickies!!!Id be lost without ya!
Oh and how much of a tool am I .......I forgot to tell you all I have been published again!!!Im in the current Scrapbooking Memories Vol 11 #4 and Im on page number 47!!!Woohoo yay!!Check it out .....its my first published LO with the gorgeous Miss Morgan on it :D I so cant wait to show her herself!woohoo yay!
Who is going to have a go at the SM masters comp???Im going to jump in and have a go....Ive already started my mystery item :D
Im off to finish printing pics :)
Thanks for stopping by!
Krissy xx

Monday, June 1, 2009


Im back!Havent been anywhere just didnt have my laptop LOL so figured no pics no upload :( but any whoo here I am back in action and have my msn back woohoo yay!!!Ive got lots to share (the following pics dont touch the sides of the pics I have but here we go anyway lol)

First and foremost some super cool news.....the gorgeous Jules has asked me to be a member of the shut up and scrap DT!!!Woohoo!!How cool is that!Im looking forward to working with Jules and Sandy :D its going to be awesome :)

What else has happened since I havent updated.......ummmmmm Olly the bird is going well (Jack isnt a fan LOL I'll put some pics in the next post and you can see for yourselves lol) I went to the circus with Mum ,Josh and Morgan it was fabbo but they didnt allow photography :( so I just got a couple of pics before the show started.......far out it was fun though Im such a big kid love it!!

The LO "stand by me"is week3's challenge at CIS.....not sure if I like it but its fun to be challenged, I did like doing the tonal background with my brayer though :)

I was going to pike out but changed my mind about the stars of scrap comp over at but then at the last minute power scrapped and created this card, double and single LO for the comp and guess what!!!!????Im going to be send $300 worth of scrapping goodies for my efforts :O :O how super dooper awesome is that!!!!!Hey the card was supposed to represent me.......pmsl Nic and Jody agree if I was a card I would look like this LMAO girlie girl princess is right on the money LOL

OMG its a double!!I had to scrap about what scrapping means to me.Sorry about the wonky photo of the LO's....I cant seem to download picasa on the lappy :( dont know why.......if anyone can help please do ...pretty please?

"huggles"was the single LO....I love these bo bunny papers so much and this is my fave peeps pic at the moment :)

This is my card using Chloes card sketch earlier in the was a fab sketch to use!

This is my card sketch which is the current one over at Wicked Princesses.....pop over and have a go!!!

This is my example....we are off to a wedding in a couple of weeks and couldnt resist making an elegant card :)

After a bargain??Want to meet some lovely friends???If you answered yes to either then head on over to A PASSION FOR CRAFT because Lynnie has 30% off the sale items and there are some fantastic bargains going!The forum is really lovely and its a great place to chat,catch up and spend some time with a gorgeous group of girls :) Ive made a video tutorial on how to make a paper bag album and am working on a second video so head on over and check it all out!!I'll be putting the video on here too once I can work out how to PMSL
Ok I think thats all........hope everyone is good???
Take care lovelies *mwah*
Krissy xx