Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I got tagged!

I have been tagged!Twice!I was first tagged by Ceci and then by the fabulous Tanya :DThanks lovelies!! So here goes ......

8 things I look forward to
1. being a mum someday
2. spending time with Al
3. our wedding anniversary in August
4. Weekends at home with the family
5. Scrapbooking
6. going on holidays
7. #29 which is the BEST fried rice ever from my local noodle place lol
8. sleep ins

8 things I did yesterday
1. Washing
2. Scrapped
3. Talked for a few hours on the phone to my sister and my dad
4. answered customer calls
5. made a card
6. Cooked savoury mince for dinner
7. taught a cards class :)
8. fiddled around on the internet

8 things I wish I could do
1. visit my family overseas
2. Buy a big house near the ocean
3. not worry about anything and everything lol
4. Have a huge scrap room (fully stocked of course ;))
5. make my crazy dog behave herself lol
6. Buy a holiday house
7. learn more about photography
8. Go on a big holiday

8 things or shows I've watched lately
1. Masterchef
2. we where soldiers ( Al picked it lol)
3. sex and the city (for the first time ever :O)
4. coronation street
5. kindergarden cop (PMSL)
6. southpark
7. The sunset on broadbeach
8. The news

8 blogs I am tagging
1. Kate T
2. Jules
3. Stace
4. Liz
5. Karen
6. Manon
7. Kerryn
8. Laura

Thanks for the tag girls!

Have a fab night lovelies :)

Krissy xx


Stacey Young said...

Forgive me if I am stupid Krissy but whats a "tag" and what do I have to do with it?????? LOL!! I am just laughing at how silly and hopeless I am on the computer!

kate said...

thanks for the tag krissy!!! mwah xo

LOL @ stace hehe

Tanya said...

Thanks for playing along Krissy! Can't believe that is the first time you have watched SATC?! That is (well, was) my fave tv show of all time. Did you love it?

Liz Weber said...

Thanks Krissy!

KarenB said...

Well I finally got around to doing this one Krissy... thanks for the tag and sorry it took me so long.