Saturday, August 30, 2008

My cybercrop samples :)

These are my samples for the cybercrop at ALLCRAFTZ! The card was created using a sketch by Megan :) and my challenge is to use circles on your LO,use the word "world" somewhere in your journalling or title and a photo from a day out / holiday :) So head on over to ALLCRAFTZ and check it all out!Hannah has a fab challenge up too as well as some other challenges from Megan :)

Well I shopped til I dropped with Mum,Lyns and Morgan today!!We went in search of some outfits for Lyns and Morgan to wear to a wedding that is coming up in October.....Lyns got a stunning dress to wear and Miss Morgan got a pretty little pink gorgeous!!She had a fab time trying on dresses ( I took photos ....of course LOL) definately be scrapping those!!

OMG I won 2 of Jules cybercrop blog challenges!!!So excited!!I won with the "legally blonde" and "#1 cutie pie" MASSIVE THANKYOU to Jules and her Mum for the mojo boost with their kind words :) *mwah*

Im off to play with my scrappin goodies now that the mojo has returned......woohoo!!!Thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone has a happy scrappy weekend!

Krissy xx

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Get ready to cybercrop!!!

Just a quick reminder about the "Are we there yet?" cybercrop that is happening this weekend over at ALLCRAFTZ!!!Challenges and games.....scrapping and laughs......what better way to spend a weekend? It is going to be fab!!!Hannah and I have designed our own challenges again this month as well as some challenges from Megan to keep everyone inspired :) I have received some lovely feedback from ladies who purchased my kits.......Thankyou Cherie and Marnie you have put a big smile on my dial.....its so nice to know you liked the kits :D I cant wait to see how everyones turns out!Its so exciting!I am also getting very excited about my very first classes that will be coming up soon.....dates should be announced very soon......excited and nervous all at the same time true Krissy fashion LOL I have never done a class before never mind taught one so it should be interesting LOL ~E~ has got some gorgeous new stock listed in the shop too......carolees creations mini alphas (love them all) the slice machine, new stamps new papers......the list goes on and much eye candy!!Check it all out at ALLCRAFTZ!!!

Im really excited today.......I get to see my honey for a quick kiss and cuddle before he heads back out to the car show :D plus gorgeous man that he is ......he's bringing a parcel that arrived for me!Kiss,cuddle and scrapping goodies..........sounds like the perfect day to me LOL!!I seriously hope my other parcel arrives today or tomorrow.....otherwise it will be arriving here and I will have already gone home ....that would not be good :( C'mon postie.....Im tired of stalking you LOL!!!Seriously though fingers crossed for me LOL!!

Im off to have some lunch and finish my bear.......have a fandabbydosey day and thanks for stopping by!

Krissy xx

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two new additions........

to my blog!!Im getting a bit fancy LOL I have added a chat box......feel free to talk to me people!!Thanks for starting it off for me Kate and Hannah!Plus I have a new hit counter.......for some weird reason my old one turned into a link for chairs :-$ what the?Very weird and confusing LOL......might have to change a few things so nothing else gets changed!!!Well on the scrapping front my mojo is seriously lacking :-( I have no idea whats going on (its driving me mad) so needless to say I have been chatting,blogging,cleaning and cooking to distract myself LOL since saturday I have only done 1 LO :-O which is just not good for me!!LOL!!I had a sooky lala saddy day yesterday and today so I went for a wander to the bakery and bought a bee-sting naughty but so yummy.......probably shouldnt have eaten 2 bad ;-) Kloe's new bark collar is still doing the barking!!I have caught myself going out to check she is still in the yard LOL Im sure Jack finds it most entertaining considering he can still bark and she cant LOL He gave her a look of disgust when she barked the other day and he sniffed her was hilarious!!Im stalking my postie for a couple of scrapping parcels......maybe that will inspire me....hope so.....Im looking forward to a day out with Lyns and Morgan on Friday we are going out for lunch and doing a spot of shopping.Morgan needs a dress for a wedding in October.....cant wait to see my princess niece all dressed up :-) I'll be snapping away for Josh will look supercool in a dress shirt and pants....he is getting so grown up.He managed to wangle a couple of sickdays this week in true horsey style (my brother was the king of pulling a sickie when he didnt want to go to school LOL!) His glands are up and he is a bit pale but still our gorgeous cheeky Josh :-) Im surprised he hasnt worked out a few of the old tricks for getting out of going to school yet.......dont worry Lyns I wont tell him........them all LOL.I am seriously missing my honey.....big time......I just dont cope well without him soppy I know but its true.He is getting all sorted for his car show he is going to......I really hope he has a great time he has put so much hard work into it.Anyway enough of me waffling on Im off to have a cuppa and read my book for a while before I go to sleep......Stephen King Dumas Key.....just started it but its pretty cool...mind you I am a BIG stephen king fan so I love all his work :-)

Thanks for visiting and dont forget to use the chat box......pretty please?

Krissy xx

Monday, August 25, 2008

Yesterdays scrapping :)

These are my LO's I did yesterday after a fab day of shopping with Lyns,Morgan and Mum :) They are all for Jules blog cybercrop that is all themed around music and movies.....very cool inspiration Jules!!I have lots of bits and bobs to play with and a bear to finish but motivation would be a feeling a bit blah today :(.....hope I havent caught that cold/flu thats going around :$ I was going to have a girly day out with Lyns and Mo today but poor little man Josh isnt well either so they are going to come for a quick visit instead :) I might make the kids a door hanger with their names after I finish the bear :)

Well we have found a solution for norty dog Kloe and her continuous barking!!!We had tried one of those zapper collars a while ago but after I picked it up and it zapped me (ouch) I decided it wasnt nice and we took it back to the rental place.......anyway we bought her one of those lemon ones that squirts smell rather than hurting her and it works a treat!!Apparently dogs dont like lemon :$ !!!Anyway she smells very lemony fresh at the moment LOL but its great that she cant bark at everything that moves :) She still "talks" (her whistling etc LOL) but she cant howl or anything.....even though she only howls when the dog next door does it....the joys of living next door to a husky LOL

Who's ready for a cybercrop??We have a great one planned at ALLCRAFTZ on the 29th of August (this Friday!!) with heaps of games and some fandabbydosey challenges to keep you all inspired!!Get those travel/day out photos ready because this will be the perfect time to use them :) I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of my goodies from ALLCRAFTZ I ordered some super cool autumn leaves stamps and heaps of bling and ~E~ still has Kaisercraft papers for $1 a sheet.....yep you read it right $1 !!!!Bargain central especially for me who LOVES Kaiser!!!There is also a clearance sale going on and the jackpot bonus is now $100 so go on over to ALLCRAFTZ and check out the clue,make a purchase and pay the "how low can you go?" game for the chance to win a cuttlebug!! and all the latest happenings at AC4U!!!My first class date will be announced very,very soon too!I am soooooo excited!!In fact there will be lots of cool classes happening!Hannah and I have been busy creating some new things for our classes which will be run every Friday night :) Lots and lots happening over there at the moment :)

I think thats about all for now......Im off to have a shower and try to find some motivation LOL Thanks for stopping by and take care

Krissy xx

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Quick update :)

These are some new bits and bobs I have created this week :) "My little love" is this weeks sketch by Liz at CIS....very nice sketch to work with :) I think my fave is the bottom one......Lyns took this pic of Morgan and I at the beach a couple of weeks ago ......its so typical of me and Mo off in our own little world :) I am lovin blue and yellow at the moment!!!Actually I am loving yellow!!!:O!!!Ayway this is my LO for Jules blog challenge......very cool Jules :) I got a lovely surprise form the gorgeous Manon this morning!!Check out Manons blog to see :) Very cool thanks Manon!!!

I had a fandabbydosey day yesterday.....Nic and her gorgeous little family invited me along to Australia zoo for the day :) I got to feed an elephant!!Loved it!!Even though I did get Elephant boogies all over my hand PMSL!!They where such big beautiful animals.....I took heaps of pic's (of course) the Tigers where super cool too :) I'll upload some pic's tomorrow as I am frantically packing my stuff for a visit to Mum and Dads :) Im hoping to get a chance to get some pic's developed at Harveys while Im down 12c prints sounds right up my alley LOL!!

I have also been busy creating some new stuff for kits/classes over at ALLCRAFTZ and ~E~ has some fandabbydosey specials on and the bonus clue is still happening!All you need to do is check out the clue the item you think the clue leads to and you could be in the running to win a voucher!!Simple as that!The jackpot is at $80 at the moment so who could complain if they won an $80 voucher to spend at ALLCRAFTZ!!!I would be in scrapping heaven LOL!!Check it all out at ALLCRAFTZ and dont forget to pop in for the "are we there yet?" cybercrop on the 20th of August.....its going to be heaps of fun and games!!

I think thats about it for now .....but I'll update again soon with some new pic's :)Have a fandabbydosey weekend and take care everyone! Massive thanks to all who have left a comment lately......its nice to know who has paid me a visit :)

Krissy xx

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Its our 2nd wedding anniversary today :)

Awwwww cant believe it has been 2 years already!!I love this photo from our wedding day :) Look how happy my honey is.....OMG look how big my hair is LOL!!!Anyway Happy anniversary to my gorgeous husband Allan.....I love you bub!I bought Allan some bits and bobs for when he goes to his car show in a couple of weeks and the Indiana Jones boxed set (he has them on video but our VCR is cactus LOL) and he bought me the most fandabbydosey zoom lense for my SLR!!!Clever man that he is!!I love it!!Cant wait to have a good play with it now!!I need some willing models to photograph!I took a few pic's of fur kid Jack....Kloe wouldnt sit in one spot for long enough LOL!!We will be off out for dinner tonight....hoping to get a few photos before we leave too :) Allan cant say no its our anniversary LOL!!

Oh before I you like my new blog title background????My Mum snapped this pic of me doing as I always do when we where at the beach the other week......I didnt know she was doing it but I like the pic and it is soooooo me LOL!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a fandabbydosey day :)

TFL Krissy xx

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Woohoo the mojo is back!!

This LO is for the title comp at CIS :) It Allans baby the HQ LOL I had a bit of fun editing the photo to make the background black and white and used some wrapping paper!!I couldnt resist that chequer plate....its perfect for a car page!!Allan loves the page and said he wants to frame it for his bar :O!!Very cool!!
These are for the comps at Scrapboutique......"cool baby" is for Manons stylist challenge we had to draw inspiration from a photo she showed us and use some stamping and hand 2 favourite things.....besides flowers that is LOL!!The "its cheaper than therapy" page is for the monthly comp to scrap your scrapping space/stash......I always tell everyone its cheaper than therapy so that had to be my title LOL!!

This was my LO for Karens paper piecing challenge at the CIS cybercrop.....I had never done it before and loved it!!!Heaps of fun for me who loves all the fiddly stuff!!I had a tie with Kate T for the win :) Very cool!

I had to copy and paste my own images from the CIS cybercrop.....but anyway I had a couple of wins!!Yay!!I had a tie with Laura for my little "to do" book and got some really lovely comments about it :) I LOVE that blush paper!!!I did my sketch LO with it using Liz's sketch too but it wont let me copy my own picture from the gallery :$ but if you would like to see it you can check it out in the CIS gallery :)

I have been BUSY,BUSY,BUSY working on alot of DT work for ALLCRAFTZ!!!Lots of exciting things happening very soon!!!The "Are we there yet" cybercrop is on the 29th of August and Hannah and I have designed a challenge each as well as Megan's OTP challenge and card lots of games :) Its going to be good!!!I have also found out that my very first class is coming up very,very soon!!!I will be holding a class every second Friday night alternating with Hannah's classes.....woohoo!!Cant wait!!I have so many things I am hanging out to share!!One of my classes is a sugar cube money box.....loved doing that one!!Plus a boy class and a girl one.I also have another kit coming out soon....this one is for the boys :) ~E~ has lots of goodies on sale at the moment so be sure to check out the bargains at ALLCRAFTZ!!!

I think thats about it for now.....Im off to do the grocery shopping.....ugh LOL

Thanks for stopping by! TFL Krissy xx

Friday, August 15, 2008

Slack blogger

Ive been slack!!Far out!One day is Telstras fault for cutting us off......and I've been busy working away in my scrap room LOL tell you what one day without the internet and I made 4 samples for my DT gallery at Allcraftz (check out my DT blog) cleaned my house from top to bottom and re-arranged our bedroom :O Managed to drop the chest of drawers on my big toe in the process (ouch) and I am now 1 week in front for my CIS sketches!!!Holey smokes that never happens LOL!! Im off to a crop at Nic's place tonight!Yay!!Standby for a new link when I help her to create a blog ;) Its going to be fun! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the always lovely Jules for today!Hope you had a fandabbydosey day!!I did have some new stuff to upload from the cybercrop at CIS last weekend but they seem to have disappeared from my memory card :$ Anyway I had a blast :) as always :) Dont forget top check out my Allcraftz DT blog to see my latest creations :)Im off to get organised for tonight :) TFL Krissy xx

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A chance to win some gorgeous chippies!!

Check it out here => Ann Lederhose leave a comment and you could win some of her fantastic chippie designs!!Fab ice creams and lollies....very cool!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Our Melbourne adventure!!!

Us at the war memorial.....

Yay!!We had a horse and cart ride!!It was awesome!!

Us and the view from the hotel room :) (shocking photo oopsies LOL)

The horse and was hard to pick just one LOL

Crown is HUGE!!!

This ones for Mum and Dad LOL!!

The view of Melbourne from our hotel room......very noice!!!

The caricature we had done at the queen victoria markets.....OMG I am so going to those markets again!!Its bargain central!!!