Monday, August 25, 2008

Yesterdays scrapping :)

These are my LO's I did yesterday after a fab day of shopping with Lyns,Morgan and Mum :) They are all for Jules blog cybercrop that is all themed around music and movies.....very cool inspiration Jules!!I have lots of bits and bobs to play with and a bear to finish but motivation would be a feeling a bit blah today :(.....hope I havent caught that cold/flu thats going around :$ I was going to have a girly day out with Lyns and Mo today but poor little man Josh isnt well either so they are going to come for a quick visit instead :) I might make the kids a door hanger with their names after I finish the bear :)

Well we have found a solution for norty dog Kloe and her continuous barking!!!We had tried one of those zapper collars a while ago but after I picked it up and it zapped me (ouch) I decided it wasnt nice and we took it back to the rental place.......anyway we bought her one of those lemon ones that squirts smell rather than hurting her and it works a treat!!Apparently dogs dont like lemon :$ !!!Anyway she smells very lemony fresh at the moment LOL but its great that she cant bark at everything that moves :) She still "talks" (her whistling etc LOL) but she cant howl or anything.....even though she only howls when the dog next door does it....the joys of living next door to a husky LOL

Who's ready for a cybercrop??We have a great one planned at ALLCRAFTZ on the 29th of August (this Friday!!) with heaps of games and some fandabbydosey challenges to keep you all inspired!!Get those travel/day out photos ready because this will be the perfect time to use them :) I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of my goodies from ALLCRAFTZ I ordered some super cool autumn leaves stamps and heaps of bling and ~E~ still has Kaisercraft papers for $1 a sheet.....yep you read it right $1 !!!!Bargain central especially for me who LOVES Kaiser!!!There is also a clearance sale going on and the jackpot bonus is now $100 so go on over to ALLCRAFTZ and check out the clue,make a purchase and pay the "how low can you go?" game for the chance to win a cuttlebug!! and all the latest happenings at AC4U!!!My first class date will be announced very,very soon too!I am soooooo excited!!In fact there will be lots of cool classes happening!Hannah and I have been busy creating some new things for our classes which will be run every Friday night :) Lots and lots happening over there at the moment :)

I think thats about all for now......Im off to have a shower and try to find some motivation LOL Thanks for stopping by and take care

Krissy xx


Manon Keir said...

wow, gorgeous LO's Krissy!!!
My fav is the cutie pie one, such a gorgeous photo and you've scrapped it so beautifully!!

Hope you feel better soon Love!!

kate said...

hope you dont get too sick krissy!!! the lemon thing for kloe sounds great ive never seen the squirting ones before only the zapper ones. as long as it is working hey!!!


WOW you have been a busy girl Krissy! Love your work.