Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Im flooded in :-O

Look at my backyard..........this might not seem too bad but my house is up off the road......the water is creeping its way halfway across my side patio.Al tried to go to work this morning and there where cars floating....yep you read it right floating down the road :-O Apparently the we are cut off from both sides so we are stuck :( Im so not impressed.......I was meant to be going down to Lyns house to look after the kids while she moves house but unless the rain stops IMMEDIATELY or we build a boat (LOL) I wont be going anywhere :( We have had to let the dogs in (just in case they float away lol jokes) because there is nowhere dry for them to sit outside.....even the back verandah is soaked :(

I had a go at this months challenge at Inkurable stampers last night and made covered a Basic Grey chippie album so I can write all my fave quotes in it :-D Sarahs theme for this month is ribbon and lace so its very girly and very me :-)

Oh and yay woohoo I won a $10 voucher for my LO "you are so pretty" at Enchanted Scrapbooking!!How chuffed am I :-D
Have a great day lovelies......the rain has stopped for now fingers crossed it stays that way!
Krissy xx

Monday, May 18, 2009

LOTS to share :)

Fir the first time in ages I joined in the CC at scrapboutique and did the above LO using a sketch by Liz looking very happy about my choccie mud cake for my birthday LOL

I also joined in the CC challenges at Enchanted Scrapbooking and the following 3 LO's are for their challenges :) "you are so pretty" was part of a challenge to scraplift a LO that was Jodi's,the "1 fine day" LO was inspired by a picture chosen by Tracey and the "2 cute little chickies" LO was a challenged set by Tiff :) Thanks for a fandabbydosey scrappy weekend girls:)

My LIme Rickey cards for Wicked Princesses!OMG I loved this kit sooooooo much!I have done a 4th card but just realised I havent photographed it yet oopsies my bad LOL I think there may be a couple of kits left but im not can check out my worksheets as well as some from Tanya and Chloe HERE!!

This week the sin at Wicked Princesses is greed :) So you need to scrap about what you cant get enough of,what do you have alot of etc and it needs to be black white and yellow.......I did mine on Josh and his need for speed :D This boy cant help but go fast whether it be on two wheels or 4!Im so pleased with how the LO turned out I couldnt wait to share :D

Im joining in the Lights Camera Action comp at CIS where each week we are to draw our inspiration from a different movie poster each week.Week 1 was "the sound of music" and I used the quote "a few of my favourite things" (my peeps of course!) as my title:D Its a fun comp, this week is ET!Ive already finished it :O

I can now show you my class kits for A PASSION FOR CRAFT!!The 2 LO's below are on sale as a kit for a s little as $16.00 each!Yep thats cheap hey :) I had enough from the "you are wonderful" kit to do 2 LO's and a card.....cant beat that for value hey!Hope you all like the kit and hopefully buy one ...or two LOL Im putting together a blind scrap for all the girls over there, just for fun next week or so ,so if any of you would like to join in or see what else is happening please come on over its a fab site with a lovely forum :D

Im off again this weekend......Im on Auntie duty for my beloved peeps while Lyns and Matt move house :D Mum and I have it all planned out- a few hours at the park then off to the movies :D oh with a good dose of lollies and fun stuff in between :) Cant wait!I'll have the camera madly snapping away (of course) Ive got lots of scrapping to do and more gorgeous piccies will come in handy!
Little Olly is going good :) He climbed up my arm today and sat on my shoulder!I was so excited LOL he then started chirruping in my ear and preening my hair PMSL I think he likes me :D So cute
Okies best be off sorry about the massive post.......
Thanks for stopping by!
*mwah* for all my lovely comments :D I really appreciate you taking the time to say Hi and love returning the favour :)
Krissy xx

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My new little friend :)

He is a bit camera shy LOL

LOL he likes my venetian blinds :)

Had a fab day today :) Al and I had a much deserved sleep in then went for a drive up the sunny coast to quote a job :) That may not sound nice but for a couple who never get any time together it was nice LOL We got to the job site and Al went off to meaure up and do whatever it is he does to work out quotes (LOL) then he came and said asked me to come with him for a minute......all I could think was if its something gross or scarey im going to slap him we get around the corner and there sitting on the ground was this little grey and white cockatiel picking away at the grass.....I walked up to him and he didnt fly away or even panic :O I asked Al if anyone was living in the house he is quoting and he said the place is going to be torn down and the tennants had been evicted.It was then that I noticed all the rubbish and household bits and bobs everywhere all over the yard.....including a mangled bird cage.Turns out the tennants had just left the poor little birdy there :( so............he (could be a girl who knows LOL) is part of my little brood now Ive called him Olly :) I couldnt leave him there a wild bird wouldve killed him :( plus his wings are clipped so he wouldnt have been able to get away if a cat came along.He is sleeping on top if the venetian blinds right now lol so cute all tucked up snoozin :)Mum and dad have a big cage they have offered me so that'll be good. He is so cute hey :) My little Olly bird :)

Krissy xx

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Orange Jelly Stamps!

I was one of the lucky girls picked the join in the Orange Jelly Stamps Challenge at Inkurable Stampers!I was sent the gorgeous hearts owl stamp and my only job was to create something using it and when I spotted the stamp I straight away wanted to do something fun and different so I had a go at doing a spinner card!Inspired by one I saw on a stampin up blog :D I made a quick little video showing the spin.....fingers crossed I can figure out how to get it to work from here LOL if not it will be a link to youtube LOL Thanks heaps to Sue from Orange Jelly Stamps for the stamp and to Sarah from Inkurable Stampers for choosing me to join in *mwah* girls :)
Thanks for stopping by!!Come back later for more reveals :DKrissy xx

Friday, May 15, 2009

Ive decided.......

That every week when I update the CIS sketchblog Im going to update mine with my sketch for that week as well as my example LO :) Good idea?I think so LOL I created my sketch using a free digi kit from shabby princess I love those kits :) I did my LO about our other niece and nephew Paige and Brandan who we dont get to see as much as we'd like :( So this is one so they know we love them too :)
The lovely Lana sent me the 7 gypsies papers and flowers and I couldnt resist using them straight away :D Thanks again Lana!!
Im looking a bit like rudolph the red nosed reindeer today ........arrrrrgh it drives me mad having a cold!!!Ive had it all week so hopefully this is the end of it (fingers crossed lol)
Im off out to play paparazzi with Nic and the always spunky Jakob and Sammy today :D woohoo!Its gonna be fun :)
Have a fabdabbydosey day lovelies and thanks for visiting my blog! Dont be afraid to say "hi!" I love comments :) *mwah* to my lovelies who always leave a comment rock my blog :)
Krissy xx

Thursday, May 14, 2009

my new class kit and some sneaky peekys ;)

Cant share the rest of these until after the weekend.........but I couldnt resist giving you all a sneak peek :D

Yep another one!I will have 2 kits for sale one for girls and one for boys or girls which will be available for sale very,very soon at A PASSION FOR CRAFT so if you want one of either or both you will need to be quick :D Both the kits are done so you can do them at your own pace at home :)
Have a great day lovelies :)
Krissy xx

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A tutorial by little old me :D

I had a go at doing a tutorial on heat embossing for the DT blog at the fabulous A PASSION FOR CRAFT!!!Make sure you check it out :D I even did a quick little tutorial on this little OTP that anyone could do.....Lynnie sells all the goodies needed to try heat embossing so if you are keen to have a go check out the shop!!
Happy scrapping lovelies :)
Krissy xx

Scrapping sponsors needed please!!

As many of you know I am on the DT at A page from my sketchbook which is run by the fabulous Liz Weber.......Liz creates awesome sketches and each month she runs a competition from her blog for all the sketch lovers out there.Liz is looking for some fabulous sponsors to donate a prize or voucher for some upcoming months comps so if you are interested in becoming a sponsor please can you visit the blog HERE and let Liz know you are interested :) Thanks so much :)

Krissy xx

Monday, May 11, 2009

Im back

Hiya everyone :) I hope you all had a lovely mothers day yesterday!Dad and I played chef and made brekkie for Lyns,Mum and the rest of the family it was yummy :) I made the above little post it note thingy for Lyns because if she wasnt a mum I wouldnt have my peeps and everyone knows how much those two mean to me <3
When I was sick I did this weeks 7 sins challenge LO and duh to me forgot to scroll down and didnt see the mono blue part oops.......just as Id finished this cute LO of Josh and Morgan....oh well I still like it and I used a potato tag as my non scrapping item :D

Liz has created another awesome sketch this month at A Page From my Sketchbook!I had sooooo much fun doing this LO of Josh when he was little OMG I scrapped some pre digi pics :O Love how its turned out though :)

My card example for this week at wicked princesses!Bon Voyage.....loving the blues and I used my stampin up stamps :D

This is the LO I ended up re-doing for this weeks theme at Wicked Princesses and its all in blues as outlined (oops) and its another pre digi pic :O Dad and Lucy having a snooze on the couch when she was a pup......she didnt stay that small for very long LOL
I had a lovely time with my family and the peeps :) Morgan wanted me to stay longer but I couldnt , she had her first swimming lesson on saturday and the pics Lyns took are so cute!But she forgot to give me the copies she had made so I cant scrap them yet :( Awwwww
Josh is going to districts for his outstanding effort at the school cross country so the little man is gearing himself up for it all....he is even going to school early so he can practice with the other kids :D So cute :)
We went to the Casino on saturday night with Nic and David and their family and other friends to celebrate Davids 30th birthday it was a great night even with the revolting peach margarita :P OMG it was foul!Nic,Chrissy and I where PMSL at each other every time we had a sip because it made us scrunch our faces up they are sooooo sour :P ewwwwww never again nope LOL
Oh and before I forget OMG yay!I won 2nd place on my LO for scrap the boys!Woohoo!Im going to join in again this month I think it was heaps of fun :) Thankyou to everyone who voted for me *mwah*
Scrapbooking memories sent me an email about my LO "Joy" and it will be in Vol 11 No4 woohoo!Morgan will be excited to see herself in print :)
Okies Im off to clean the LOL
Thanks for stopping by and thanks for all the lovely messages on my last post :D Im feeling much better thanks lovelies {hugs}
Krissy xx

Monday, May 4, 2009


Well after being sooooo horribly sick with a tummy bug last night :( not fun.

I found out that my luck is in!I won a $10 voucher for my fairy name LO I created for the monthly comp at Enchanted Scrapbooking and I won 2 of the cybercrop challenges at The Scrapbook Establishment!!Yay!How excited am I right now :)

Im off to do some theraputic scrapping......Im off to visit the peeps for a few days as of tomorrow so I will be MIA as far as blog updates go.....Lyns still only has dial up which is no good for blogging unfortunately :P

Take care lovelies :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Krissy xx

Sunday, May 3, 2009

How cute is this

Im a liking what I see yep,yep,yep :) Pebbles inc is having a giveaway and this is a sneek peek of the new range coming out.How cute is it!!and yay its boy papers!!!Woohoo!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Its national scrapbook day!!

This is my sample card for this weeks challenge in the 7 deadly sins comp :D Make sure you pop over to the gallery to check out all the gorgeous DT samples :)

And celebrations are happening at Wicked Princesses!!!Make sure you go and pay the site a visit to see lots of inspiration and some cool challenges to celebrate the craft we all love :) I was enlisted to create a mini notebook and here is the tutorial pics I came up with as well as some destructions :D
Oh and I finally confessed to Al that I have a toothache LOL so stay tuned for an update after I visit the "D" word
Have an awesome weekend lovelies and thanks for stopping by!
Krissy xx

Twiddleybitz give away!Yay!

Ooooh check out the chance to win some freebies here!!


Friday, May 1, 2009

TFI Friday

My new class kit will be onsale very very soon so be sure to pop over to A PASSION FOR CRAFT and check it all out :) Dont forget to say "Hi!" on the forum while you are there......its a lovely bunch of girls and we love meeting new friends on the forum :)
Yay its friday :D And this is my new LO for this weeks sketch at CIS!Make sure you pop over to the sketch blog and have a squizz at Kerryn,Lana and Sara's creations too.......they are fandabbydosey :)
My head is still hurting :( Is it my head,my ear or my dare I say it tooth :$ :( i dont know whats going on but it isnt fun being me at the moment.......I cant look at the computer for too long before my head starts thumping and I feel like my head is going to pop :( Im going to try and make an appointment with either the doctor or the dreaded "D" word soon and hopefully be pain free........Im such a sook and have instant panic attacks at the thought of the "D" word.......the chair,the instruments.........eeeeewwwww and aaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh the last one I saw I told him that I was terrified of him and he said "but you only just met me" LOL unfortunately he doesnt practice anymore so i'd have to go through the whole rigmorol (SP?) of getting someone who understands my phobia,no,no i dont wanna go :( Gee's hope Al doesnt read this because he'll make me go now LOL ssssshhhhhh girls dont tell him k? LOL Im surprised he didnt catch on when I called and asked him to get me my famous toothache pain killer combo lolHanging out for some relief becuase this is agony :(
Im off over to Jody's place tonight with the always gorgeous Nic :D Card making is on the agenda so that'll be cool bananas 8-D
Have a fandabbydosey weekend and check out the NSD celebrations at Wicked Princesses tomorrow.......I created something a bit special to get you inspired :)
Thanks for stopping by lovely peoples *mwah*
Krissy xx