Sunday, May 17, 2009

My new little friend :)

He is a bit camera shy LOL

LOL he likes my venetian blinds :)

Had a fab day today :) Al and I had a much deserved sleep in then went for a drive up the sunny coast to quote a job :) That may not sound nice but for a couple who never get any time together it was nice LOL We got to the job site and Al went off to meaure up and do whatever it is he does to work out quotes (LOL) then he came and said asked me to come with him for a minute......all I could think was if its something gross or scarey im going to slap him we get around the corner and there sitting on the ground was this little grey and white cockatiel picking away at the grass.....I walked up to him and he didnt fly away or even panic :O I asked Al if anyone was living in the house he is quoting and he said the place is going to be torn down and the tennants had been evicted.It was then that I noticed all the rubbish and household bits and bobs everywhere all over the yard.....including a mangled bird cage.Turns out the tennants had just left the poor little birdy there :( so............he (could be a girl who knows LOL) is part of my little brood now Ive called him Olly :) I couldnt leave him there a wild bird wouldve killed him :( plus his wings are clipped so he wouldnt have been able to get away if a cat came along.He is sleeping on top if the venetian blinds right now lol so cute all tucked up snoozin :)Mum and dad have a big cage they have offered me so that'll be good. He is so cute hey :) My little Olly bird :)

Krissy xx


A Passion For Craft said...

krissy hes beautiful!
We have 2 smooch and lilly.
They are such lovely birds so glad you rescued him I know he will be one spoilt little birdy.

Kat said...

He is just adorable Krissy!

Kirsty said...

Thats kind of you to rescue him! My mum has two cockateils, and she adores them :)

kate said...

hehe what a cutie!!

p.s. sad that someone left the birdie there though :S xox


Awww how cute...just like out Oscar!! Jo has one called Olly too!!!

Tanya said...

aww Olly is so cute!