Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thanks so much.........

For all those loveyly comments on my shabby LO *mwah* to you all!It was so lovely to read all those comments :D I have never had that many before!!I was feeling the love gorgeous people :) Thanks for making my day!

I think this shabby stuff has got me hooked!This weeks challenge for christmas in july was to make a christmas card with no christmas products so I raided the stash and found some oldies but goodies and made this card :D I like it!

I got the new phone today....not the one I wanted but a phone none the less YAY!Dont even talk to me about Optus today Im likely to rant like theres no tomorrow LOL I downloaded ïts not fair"by Lily Allen LOL Love that song.....I wanted "funhouse"by Pink but it wouldnt let me downoad it :( awwww poo maybe next month LOL

Im off for some much needed peeps time :) Al is dropping me down tomorrow (in the wee hours......and I mean wee hours as in 5am :O not after 8am like my normal wakeup time LOL) then Lyns and Morgan are picking me up so I can go and spend a few days with my gorgeous sis and the two kids that make my world go round :) Josh has sports day on thursday so I bought batteries for the SLR so im hoping for a few good action shots to scrap :D Morgan has requested a trip to the strawberry farm to pick "strawbs"so that'll be happening at some point too and of course I'll have the camera lol

Okies Im off to pack my bag now so I'll have an extra few minutes in bed in the morning LOL

*mwah* take care and thanks for visiting :)

Oh and if you are related to me please.....pretty please leave me a comment.......you dont have to join up just do it anonymously and tell me which gorgeous Irish relly you are in the comment :D xoxoxoxo


Monday, July 27, 2009

Isnt she lovely.......

Is my first EVER attempt at shabby scrapping!I was doing a spot of blogging yesterday and came across the blog "Lets get shabby"and thought I might have a go at their challenge.......Ive always loved the look of shabby but couldnt get my head around it all til I decided what they hay just go for it LOL I made another of those homemade vines (thanks again Kerryn :D) and this time I think it turned out better than my last one........they are sooooo much fun to make!I recycled some old silk flower stems for this one so my paper roses have a nice leafy bottom :)Here are a couple of closeups
Thats one of the clip on earrings I scored from Vinnies the other day :D
Okies better dash and get myself organised Im off for a walk to coles to do some shopping.......have a fab day everyone!


just a test lol

Just testing to see if my new siggy is working LOL testing testing 1 2......LOL yes everytime I see a microphone I am compelled to say that LOL


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ummmm......I think I need a new phone :-$

Look what the screen is doing :O This was after it reversed all the things on the screen PMSL I was half way through recieving a text from Nic and it went haywire!I knew it was on its last legs but gee's it couldve waited til I read the text!!So RIP my moby......onwards and upwards LOL Ive already picked out my new baby so hopefully I can go pick it up tomorrow :D Fingers crossed :)
My fandabbydosey friend Manon is holding a class at scrapboutique today and the theme of the album is me!Well if you do it it'll be you but you get the picture LOL So anyhoo we needed different piccies of ourselves for the album so I gave my camera a workout......I woke up this morning feeling very bleh and wasnt liking what I saw in the mirror so I did my hair and a spot of makeup and snapped a few shots of myself for the album........PMSL you can tell how nice my hair looks by the above piccie LOL Jokes I took some that are me but not my face iykwim?Anyway you'll get to see all the piccies when I do the class so I wont make ya look at them now :)
The fabulous Kerryn shared with me a tutorial on homemade vines the other night and I couldnt wait to have a go!!!Soooooo much fun!Im a wee bit proud of my flowers made with a $2 punch =) Cant show you the full LO yet you'll have to wait til August 1st ;)Thanks heaps for sharing Kerryn you rock! *mwah*
Last night I joined in the speed scrap at scrapboutique this is the result .......Love these popsicle papers from Bo Bunny!And of course love this piccie of my beautiful niece Miss Morgan being her crazy gorgeous self :DMy pic from last night was sooooooo dodgy so this is a vast improvement LOL

OMG yay I FINALLY got my Picasa to work again!!Yippeeee!!Seriously people it was really annoying me not being able to use it!I contacted the dude that fixed the lappy and he couldnt work it out.....I asked on the forum at Picasa and they tried but still couldnt explain why it wouldnt download then this morning (when I was washing my hair LOL) I had a revelation......what was missing since I got the lappy fixed??Mozilla.....maybe if I try that it might work and if not I'll give up (yeah right as if Im too stubborn to give up lol) and woohoo happy dance it worked!!!Haha not so computer challenged anymore hey! PMSL!

Okies im off to print some piccies :D

Hope you are all having a great saturday!

*mwah* and thanks for the fabbo comments on my previous post! LMAO Kerryn hehehe

Krissy xx

Friday, July 24, 2009

sketch day and look what I made :)

Miss Morgan turns 4 in September and Auntie loves giving a handmade pressie as well as shop bought ones so yesterday I felt inspired to design and sew :O I know the machine was probably shocked too LOL I dont have any little dollys to use as models so "Bruno"bear will have to do lol good job he is jst a toy and cant whinge about wearing this LOL Yes I am mad LOL Hopefully it'll fit "Little one"who is Morgans most loved baby :) She is never far from Morgan day and night so I couldnt even "dollnap"her for a couple of weeks pmsl :D This one was the trial run so if it fits then Im going to do a pink fairy princess one :D Al reckons I should consider selling them on etsy......I dunno what do you think?
Ta da its sketch day again!The fandabbydosey Kerryn and Sara have created some LO's to inspire you all today so head on over to the sketch blog and check them out :D
I went for a wander down the road yesterday and did some grocery's ( soooo exciting not LOL) then visited the gorgeous Miss Jody and had a spot of retail therapy ;) then had a wandert through vinnies on the way back.......I love checking out the buttons and bits and bobs in there I can recycle onto my scrapping or sewing :D I found some teeny tiny baby socks for Morgans dolls and some ancient ....ooops I mean vintage LOL string pearls and some clip on earrings that will be perfect for some shabby/vintage looking LO's :D The old dear behind me told me ÿou'll look very smart in those" I didnt have the heart to tell her Im gonna pull it all apart in the name of scrapping LOL
Hope you are all well :D Thanks so much for visiting.....pretty please say hi and I'll come and visit your blog and return the favour :)
Have a fab weekend!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wicked Princesses kit and a card for someone special

This is a sneak of the stunning vintage kit I had the pleasure of using for my first ever scrap DT work at Wicked Princesses :D It truely is a beautiful kit and perfect for any scrapping subject I love the colours in this kit :) Mine arrived today and I have already created a LO which I will be sharing with everyone on the WP blog in August (check out the sneak peek below :D) so if you like what you see head on over to Wicked Princesses and grab a kit!I'll be doing 2 LO's using the kit but judging by the pile of gorgeousness Im looking at right now there is enough for 3 :D Cant beat that for value!
I used my friend Nics stamp set she let me borrow *mwah* thanks hun!Now Im gonna have to buy it because I LOVE it!

I made this card for my friend Nic ......Nic if you are seeing this before you get it then act surprised when the postie brings it :) *mwah* and {{hugs}} for you lovey.....Im here if you need anything :)
Hows everyones week been??Mines been pretty uneventful so far lol a bit of scrapping going on and OMG shock horror my scraproom has been staying tidy :O Maybe its something to do with the fact it took me almost 2 days to get it half decent LOL Im going to have to do it all again when I get a wardrobe and start painting but thats ok it'll be worth it for the end result hey!I'll have to get myself waaaay organised in advance if Ive gotta work from a small stash :O Im going to see if Al and I can go wardrobe and shelf shopping at the weekend......heres hoping my persuasion skills work PMSL
OMG I forgot to upload my sketch for my turn for the sketchcall at CIS oopsies!!Better go and do it lol
Thanks for visiting lovelies! *mwah*
Krissy xx

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Christmas in July week 4 :)

Week 4 of the christmas in July comp at TSE is to use a christmas song as inspiration and this is what I created last night :) LYB rub ons are the baubles and the papers are from Imaginisce I actually like my card this week lol I havent been all that impressed by my other cards :( I think my creative head was elsewhere but it seems to be back so woohoo LOL
Im on a mission................................my mission is to revamp my scraproom :D I spend sooooo much time in here I want it to have some improvements more storage (a wardrobe,some racks and shelves :D) plus a fandabbydosey paint job Ive picked out a nice calming blue green colour so it'll be a nice place to be (not that it isnt right now lol Im surrounded by goodies ) In my head it looks gorgeous so hopefully IRL it'll be the same lol
Okies lots of piccies of creations to share but cant show them yet :P Sorry peoples!
Have a fandabbydosey day :)
Krissy xx

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Little King :)

This months challenge at inkurable stampers is to use playing cards in a project and I couldnt resist scrapping this pic of Josh that I took last weekend :D I photocopied the playing card and distressed it .....it looked way too neat to start off with lol.I added a joker card too which suits Josh right down to the ground because this boy cracks me up! Lots of distressing and some paint makes for a fun boy LO :D
I have done another dimensional LO too but you're gonna have to wait because its one for the lovely Jules to teach as a class :D Its chock full of Bo Bunny gorgeousness and definately worth checking out :D
I had a fandabbydosey day today with the fabulous Nic and the gorgeous Jakob and Sam :D I was most excited to get a hug from Jakob and a smooch from Sam lol I might start giving them pressies more often if thats what I'll get in return!LOL Jakob loved his mega sketcher and Sam loved his lawn moower (its a cow and super cute lol) lots of coffee and yummy food and a day catching up is always a great way to spend a day :) Plus Nic let me borrow some of her new stampin up stamps and OMG I can wait to get crackin tonight :D
Okies better go and finish cooking tea :)
Thanks for the awesome comments about my LO in my last post *mwah* you are all gorgeous!
Krissy xx

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sketchday! & a 123 LO :D

Yay its sketch day :DI created this sketch using digi elements from Shabby Princess (I think lol) and below is my LO using the sketch :)

I love these photos of Lyns with Morgan when she was a newborn you can feel the love cant you? So precious :) This one will be going into Morgans requested album "just for her"for her 4th birthday i September :) She will love this one :D

For the first time in aaaaaaaaaaaaages I pulled my finger out and entered the 1,2,3 challenge!I have been hanging out to scrap this pic of Morgan down the gold coast!I played with it in Picasa (last time I had it ......it still wont work now ive got the lappy fixed boohoo :( ) and these BoBunny papers are so perfect for beachy pages!!I am really coming into my own and doing my "thing"at the moment with my 3d work and my own little drawings etc........Im loving it!!
Hope you are all well!Thanks for visiting :D I love seeing the comments appear it makes me smile :)
Have a fandabbydosey weekend lovelies!
Krissy xx

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I spy with my little eye................

some sneaky peekies :D Cant show the full thing til I find out if its hunky dorey but couldnt resist sharing a peek with you all :D I am in 3D heaven right now...........*sigh* cant wait to show you all the full piccies :) They all have something in common ;)
Thats all from me for today but I'll be back for sketchday tomorrow :D
Thanks for visiting! *mwah*
Krissy xx

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday is for wandering lol

Its done......sent ,posted on its way......no backing out now my masters entry is off! Sent with lots of Irish luck :D Hopefully they like it but if not thats ok because I do :)

I went for a wander down and posted it off along with Cheries RAk for winning my blind scrap in the cybercrop at A passion for craft :D Hope you like it Cherie!

Oh yayyayay I won a prize at the mini christmas in july cybercrop at the scrapbook establishment!!Thanks so much to Mary for the prize and to Ngaire for the fab inspiration :D I thought I had stuffed it in a big way but turns out I didnt lol phew!

Below is my card for this weeks christmas in july challenge.....colour inspiration!I picked the red,chocolate brown and white and used my fabbo darkroom door stamps :D Love these stamps :)

Im still doing lots of scrapping but cant share any of it :( Awwwwww.......hopefully it'll be worth the wait when I do show you all :D

Have a fab afternoon and thanks for stopping by! *mwah*

Krissy xx

Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday madness

Ive been doing the Jessica Sprague free class and had a great old time playing with my photos :D I dont have photoshop :( but I do have gimp which is almost as good and most of the brushes work so its ok :) I took all these piccies at the weekend before Morgan got sick poor Princess :(
Mum has the most awesome red rose in her garden at the moment and I couldnt resist asking Morgan to have a whiff so I could get this photo lol :)

The ever spunky Josh who is getting SO grown up its not funny!He is going to be my hot date to see the new Harry Potter movie when Im down next :D

Can she get anymore cuter??Seriously she should be on tv I reckon!Im totally biased Auntie of course lol

Before I went away for the weekend I did a mad dash and did 2 of the challenges for the mini cc at TSE and joined in the blind scrap with Ngaire and the notebook challenge with Beth and love the results! Thanks for the inspiration girls!

As I said above poor little Morgan wasnt very well at the weekend while I was down babysitting them.......she was a little bit under the weather on friday but still her normal self then she woke up saturday morning very sick indeed :( All the poor little love wanted where cuddles and she wasnt too well pleased about having to take medicine but she was running a fever and the amount of time she was sleeping was freaking her Auntie out!Josh was really good with her getting her drinks of water and checking on her.He also went for a bike ride with Grandad.......Dad loves his new bike horsey got him for his birthday!He said the little computer thingy bob Lyns and I got is awesome it tells him his speeds,distance etc so he is keeping track of his distances.
Anywhoo we didnt get to go to the park......poor little darlin woke up and said "can we go to the park now" but she didnt even have the energy to lift her head never mind be out and about so it is set that next time im down we are off to the park :)
I think thats about it for me for now........im in the middle of cleaning then tonight its just me and the scraproom (LOL) while Allan partakes in his latest addiction.....a game called Evony :$ and chatting to his mates on skype lol I have to poke my head around the corner to check if he is on video chat .....I dont want people to see me in my daggys lol
Alrighty thanks for stopping by! *mwah*
Massive *mwah* for all the lovely comments on my last post :D
Krissy xx

Thursday, July 9, 2009

blind scrap reveal and some wicked good news =)

Ta da!This is my LO for the blind scrap I ran at A passion for craft :D Thanks so much to the girls who joined in it was fab to see your gorgeous LO's :D I used one of those random name picker things to pick the winner.........it was so cool like a pokie machine and a very cool way to pick a winner!The winner was Cherie!!Congrats Cherie!I'll post off your RAK when I have your address :D
My movie inspired card for week 2 of the christmas in july comp at TSE......mmmmm starting to remember why I only made 4 cards last year LOL maybe Im just not feeling very festive lol I do like the card though I was inspired by the movie "surviving christmas" you know the one with Ben Affleck?Anyhoo the quote was "tis the season to be jolly honey"and I decided it'd be a bit nifty to make the tag and put the "to:"like a real tag :)
Ok time for some Wicked good news :D Tam and Karen have asked me to be a member of the scrap DT!!!OMG yay!So excited!!I cant wait to play with the kits and work with the other girls :D They have the wickedest kits in town you know!Oh and super cool Wicked Princesses have a ning site now too!You can check it all out HERE and if you join up and mention me you will go into the draw for a RAK from Karen and Tam!!How cool is that!! :D

Ok now ive finished all the stuff for my masters entry Im a bit lost!:O I dont know what to do now lol Ive been running on the old "gotta do this so I can do that"thing and now its all done Ive got time :O what to do what to do lol I have got a fandabbydosey job to do for Jules and some sketchie creations so I should pull my finger out and get crackin hey ;)
Tomorrow Im heading down to spend the weekend looking after the peeps while Lyns and Matt move into their new house Im hoping to take the kids to the park for some nice outdoorsy pics with the SLR while im there :)
Okies best be off and do something lol
Thanks for visiting and thanks for all your comments they are much appreciated and always make my day *mwah*
Krissy xx

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Windy Wednesday......I sound like a weather girl this week LOL

Ok here is my challenge #2 over at Jules blog for her http://shutupandscrap.blogspot.com/ birthday challenges :D Yep its round but you dont have to do yours round you could attach it to a piece of cardstock :D we hope you enjoy this challenge girls.....this one is due by midnight on wednesday the 15th.....the weekly winner for the sketch challenge will win a kaiser stamp set!! so go for it girls have some scrappy fun!!!

This is my example :D The gorgeous Miss Morgan on her 3rd birthday last year she had such a lovely day and I took about a hundred pics LOL

Also its my turn to give an extra sketch and example for the sketchie call over at CIS I was telling you all about!Kerryn,Sara,Lana and I are looking for 2 extra sketchies to join our crew so if you are interested please check out the details over at CIS :D I can tell you that working with these girls is fandabbydosey *mwah* lovelies :)

And this is my example!Awwwww Morgan when she was a bubba.......I love this photo (there is a whole series so you might be seeing more of them LOL)
Anyhoo hope you like them? Have a go at the challenges!Its fun :D
Oh and before I forget I have conquered that double I was waffling on about lol 4 bloomin days to get it right aaarrgghhh!!But yay its done LOL Now Im all set to post it all off.......and probably stress about it getting lost in the post lol
Okies have a fab day lovelies!Thanks for visiting!
Krissy xx

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Torrential Tuesday

Wanna see more??You'll need to head on over to http://shutupandscrap.blogspot.com tomorrow to see my challenge on Jules blog!!I can tell you the details are a wee bit sketchy ;) Check out Sandys awesome challenge while you are there :D Tomorrow I also get to reveal my first sketch in the sketchie call over at CIS :D Yay!So make sure you pay a visit to CIS or the sketchblog to see it.......or just see it here of course LOL Hope some of you are going to try out?Im very excited about our sketchie family growing :D

Who is joining in the cybercrop at A Passion For Craft?You've got until Wednesday midnight to get your entries in.......blind scrap and sketch or maybe enter the photo challenge set by Lynnie.......hope you can play along :)

I gave myself the worstest (I know bad grammar LOL) headache/migraine last night and it was all for the sake of blogging lol I created a blog to store my sketches check it out!!I even made a banner all by myself!!!OMG :O so proud that I did it without major incident lol I love seeing my sketches come to life so if you are inspired by one of my sketches pretty please let me know via a link Id love to see them :)

Its raining heaps here today.....started this morning when I was trying to talk myself into getting out of bed (which made it even harder to shove off the doona and start the day lol) Al had been at work for hours by then of course he works way too hard that gorgeous man of mine :) I watched one of my fave shows on foxtel "the secret millionaire" I love this show it always makes me smile seeing people do good things for others....its a real warm fuzzy show.

Ive said it before and I'll say it again........I hate doing double LO's!!Its so hard for me......dunno why it just really bugs me.Maybe its the amount of pics it takes to fill a double LO...Im a one or 2 photos per LO kinda gal.......or trying to get the flow right or maybe Im just too critical of myself!Its definately one or all of the above lol I spose thats the whole idea of the challenge though to "challenge"yourself but this one has me in panic mode......will this be the one that ruins my chances.........oh well its worth a try hey onwards and upwards lol

Im off to try again lol

Have a fab day lovelies :)

{{hugs}} to the gorgeous Kate the great for having to go to the hospital today.....hope it goes well lovey!Not long now till that little bubs is here :)

Krissy xx

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy birthday Dad!

PMSL look at the concentration on Morgans face as she checks the "bounciness"of her jelly LOL
Dad enjoying his birthday desserts :D Lemon meringue pie,trifle and choccy cake yummo!

Our very own mini masterchef Josh.....look at the chocolate smears and the was doing cute little splotches of icing he is so cute =)

Licking the spoon is always fun lol

Morgan and Josh icing the cake........................................................................................................

Josh icing the cake and Morgan eating the icing LOL it did taste really good though so I dont blame her LOL

Our mini chocoholic LOL Just like her Auntie =D
Had a fab day with Dad ......hope you had a great day Dad!Love you xoxo
Krissy xx