Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday madness

Ive been doing the Jessica Sprague free class and had a great old time playing with my photos :D I dont have photoshop :( but I do have gimp which is almost as good and most of the brushes work so its ok :) I took all these piccies at the weekend before Morgan got sick poor Princess :(
Mum has the most awesome red rose in her garden at the moment and I couldnt resist asking Morgan to have a whiff so I could get this photo lol :)

The ever spunky Josh who is getting SO grown up its not funny!He is going to be my hot date to see the new Harry Potter movie when Im down next :D

Can she get anymore cuter??Seriously she should be on tv I reckon!Im totally biased Auntie of course lol

Before I went away for the weekend I did a mad dash and did 2 of the challenges for the mini cc at TSE and joined in the blind scrap with Ngaire and the notebook challenge with Beth and love the results! Thanks for the inspiration girls!

As I said above poor little Morgan wasnt very well at the weekend while I was down babysitting them.......she was a little bit under the weather on friday but still her normal self then she woke up saturday morning very sick indeed :( All the poor little love wanted where cuddles and she wasnt too well pleased about having to take medicine but she was running a fever and the amount of time she was sleeping was freaking her Auntie out!Josh was really good with her getting her drinks of water and checking on her.He also went for a bike ride with Grandad.......Dad loves his new bike horsey got him for his birthday!He said the little computer thingy bob Lyns and I got is awesome it tells him his speeds,distance etc so he is keeping track of his distances.
Anywhoo we didnt get to go to the park......poor little darlin woke up and said "can we go to the park now" but she didnt even have the energy to lift her head never mind be out and about so it is set that next time im down we are off to the park :)
I think thats about it for me for in the middle of cleaning then tonight its just me and the scraproom (LOL) while Allan partakes in his latest addiction.....a game called Evony :$ and chatting to his mates on skype lol I have to poke my head around the corner to check if he is on video chat .....I dont want people to see me in my daggys lol
Alrighty thanks for stopping by! *mwah*
Massive *mwah* for all the lovely comments on my last post :D
Krissy xx


Stacey Young said...

Geez, Christmas cards already!!LOL!
Very cute piccies and such a shame Morgan was sick, hope she gets better soon, it's so terrible all this sickness going around, we are still sick too! Hey, what's wrong with daggies?? hehe, I feel that's all I wear lately, occasionally I'll wear jeans!!! LOL!

kate said...

aw sending lots of love to little morgan. heidi is the same- she will just sleep when she is sick. it sounds like you looked after the kids well though krissy im sure your sis appreciated it. enjoy your scrapping night!!! p.s. the little pudding on the card is sooo cute! hehe

Tanya said...

Poor Morgan getting sick - hope she gets better soon. Love your photos, the effects you used on them are beautiful! Love your chrissy projects too x

Kerryn said...

Poor Morgan :(.

Loving those photos though! I'm enjoying the classes too. I think so far my fave is the mask from lesson 4.

jules said...

loving the piccies honey :)

hope morgan is feeling much better now!!..hugs for her xxx