Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Windy Wednesday......I sound like a weather girl this week LOL

Ok here is my challenge #2 over at Jules blog for her birthday challenges :D Yep its round but you dont have to do yours round you could attach it to a piece of cardstock :D we hope you enjoy this challenge girls.....this one is due by midnight on wednesday the 15th.....the weekly winner for the sketch challenge will win a kaiser stamp set!! so go for it girls have some scrappy fun!!!

This is my example :D The gorgeous Miss Morgan on her 3rd birthday last year she had such a lovely day and I took about a hundred pics LOL

Also its my turn to give an extra sketch and example for the sketchie call over at CIS I was telling you all about!Kerryn,Sara,Lana and I are looking for 2 extra sketchies to join our crew so if you are interested please check out the details over at CIS :D I can tell you that working with these girls is fandabbydosey *mwah* lovelies :)

And this is my example!Awwwww Morgan when she was a bubba.......I love this photo (there is a whole series so you might be seeing more of them LOL)
Anyhoo hope you like them? Have a go at the challenges!Its fun :D
Oh and before I forget I have conquered that double I was waffling on about lol 4 bloomin days to get it right aaarrgghhh!!But yay its done LOL Now Im all set to post it all off.......and probably stress about it getting lost in the post lol
Okies have a fab day lovelies!Thanks for visiting!
Krissy xx


Anonymous said...

Love your layouts Krissy! Especially 'smile' gorgous.

kate said...

love the layouts krissy you did a beautiful job :) best wishes choosing a new sketchy member- been there done that LOL :P xox

Kerryn said...

Awesome sketches and fab layouts!

Scoobie said...

Stunning sketches, Krissy, and awesome exapmples.

Hmmm, I'm seriously concidering giving you the title The Sketch Queen .-)

Kate said...

love the sketch for Jules, I will definitely be giving it a go :) gorgeous work as always xxx

Anonymous said...

OMG!! How fun is this!! Too cute!! I love your fun layouts!!