Friday, November 27, 2009

A couple of cards and.........................................

a massive massive thanks to all who left me comments on my last post!! *mwah* thanks so much for your best wishes :D I really appreciate it and was feelin the love peoples!!Im starting to learn the ropes this week yippeee!!So so excited :D Hope you can all come over and share my excitement lol

These are my cards for this weeks challenges at Scrapbook Establishments 12 cards to christmas challenge :)

Tanya inspired us to make a simple card using grid patterns :)

Mary inspired us to use an animal on this weeks card :D I did a Kanga ;-) this one is for overseas :) Like my holly holding kanga?
Ive been a bit quiet this week havent I! Between looking after the injured fur brat and me being under the weather I just havent had the energy :( Kloe is recovering well :) She had the drain removed wednesday (it wasnt pretty after eeeew) and apparently I did a good job as vet nurse :) she is still on anti biotics (and im running out of cheese as a result lol have to hide them or she wont take it ) Ive got some sort of gastro type bug that makes me queasy all the time,no appetite and tired!All I wanna do is sleep....must be the heat .....great and its not even summer yet *insert rolling eyes here* lol

Oh yay yay yay guess what? Im going to meet my gorgeous and fandabbydosey friend Jules!Im off to her retreat in March next year and I cant wait!!Woohoo!

I got thoroughly spoilt this week!I got a gorgeous covered notebook as a secret santa gift from some lovely at The scrapbook establishment and a fabbo RAK in the post :D I love happy mail and after my crap week it was a lovely surprise so *mwah* to my SS and my Rakker :D

I christened my new oven properly today :D Al requested a lamb roast jokingly and I took it as a dare ( I dont eat lamb at all ever and the thought of it is eeeeewwww to me :P) so off to the shops I wandered today (it was so hot!) and bought him a roast,came home and cooked it for him for dinner :) He said it was yummy.....I had a plate of vegies lol My BIL was happy to help eat the roast too lol Al was so impressed with his special roast he did the dishes :O Yes mum you read right he did the dishes for me!LOL Al and I have an agreement that he does outside jobs and I do inside ones so this is very odd in our house and Im a bit of a weirdo when it comes to people doing the dishes in my kitchen :$ it makes me annoyed for some odd reason LOL He accidentally broke a glass in the process.......hhmmmm maybe thats why I dont let him do it all the time PMSL

Okies better go and shuffle some papers :)

Only a few days left to enter my flowers giveaway!

Flowery hugs!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My new venture.......

Ive got some super exciting and very cool scrappy news to share :D

As of January 1st next year little ole me will be the new owner of

yes you read that right!!The fabulous and gorgeous Karen and Tam offered me this fantabulous opportunity and I couldnt say no lol so hey presto Im going to be running my own shop!Im absolutely thrilled to say that the ultra talented and lovely Kirsty and Kayla will be staying on working on the DT with me :D Massive thanks to Karen and Tam for the opportunity *mwah* you rock chickies :)

Hope you can all pop over and say hi :)

Flowery hugs!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One for the boy :)

This is a "just because"LO not challenge/DT/sketch inspired just because I love this piccie of me and my nephew Josh and felt like doing a boyish LO :) Little spunk is getting an award at school tomorrow :D Clever peep!

Denim poppie to match the papers :)

After my craptacular couple of days I needed to scrap but the mojo was all over the place so I am SUPER glad that it is back in full force phew thank goodness for that!!

Ive been scanning lots of negatives using my new toy so look out for some "vintage"piccies of me lol

Ive got a spot of mega exciting scrappy news to share very soon too so watch this space lovelies!!

Flowery hugs :)


Monday, November 23, 2009

Scoobies blog candy and a furkid update

The lovely and talented Scoobie aka Hilde is having a fandabbydosey advent calendar style blog candy giveaway!Check out the goodies oh my yummo!!Pop on over and check out Hildes fab blog and join in the fun :) Such a fab idea Hilde!

Thanks for all your fab comments on my cards and your concern for my injured furkid Kloe *mwah* she is slowly getting better.The drain thing is a total nightmare and trying to keep the dogs seperate is like trying to eat soup with chopsticks lol Jack is totally confused about what the things sticking out of Kloes neck are and they are both fed up of all the fuss I think. We have to take her to have the drain removed on wednesday so im going to have a chat to the vet about solutions to help them live in harmony again......hopefully lol I had myself a mini meltdown this morning and just had to get out of the house and not think/see it for an hour :( Between me having gastro and Kloes injuries it hasnt been much fun for me the last couple of days and I missed out on both cybercrops I wanted to join in with :( ok whinge over lol

Better go and do my vet nurse duties again lol

Flowery hugs :)


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cards and my poor dog Kloe :(

These are my cards for week 3 of the 12 cards of christmas comp :) Ngaire's challenge was to create a non traditional christmas card.I made mine in olive green,pink and cream and used flowers and butterflies as my non traditional embellies :)

Beths challenge was to make a shaped card and I felt like fiddling so I made a house shaped card :) Ive put "from our house to yours"inside :) I like it and am pleased with my tree :D

Now to the poor Kloe bit :( Last night we where about to head out to Kirsten and Jasons housewarming party and the dogs decided to have a scuffle :( Allan and Mick managed to seperate them and we where just about to head out the door when Al went and checked Kloe again.Turned out she had 2 very deep cuts in her throat so we jumped in the car and raced to the after hours vets (why do these things never happen during normal hours?!) the only one that opens 24 hours near us is about 40 minutes drive.So into the vets we go with a very stressed Kloe who would only settle when I held her (not easy with a very sore wrist but her pain was worse than mine at the time) We thought couple of stitches then home again but noooooooo she had to have a General anaesthetic and a massive and horribly ugly drain put in her neck and lots of skin removed to hopefully prevent skin loss eeeewwwwww.So long story short we got home from picking her up at about 2am and had to try and get her settled.She wasnt coping real well after the general so we kept a close eye on her.Im now nurse Krissy for the next week or so when it comes to bathing the wound around the drain sites (OMG it makes my tummy heave it looks so so sore :( ) keep her still and away from dirt (ummm she is a jack russell they are NEVER still and kloe loves dirt) and give her antibiotics twice a day ( she is terrible with pills!) so its going to be fun,fun,fun not! lol She is being a good girl and letting me bathe the wound without too much trouble so thats good. Im not going to take photos its not pretty people and trust me you dont wanna see my poor puppy girl like this. The vet seems to think that because the dogs are both 7 now they are getting older and have shorter fuses hence the fighting recently so we have to keep them seperate as much as possible from now on.

Im so exhausted after it all :( I wanted to scrap but the couch and telly is looking pretty appealing right now lol

Im offskies!

Thanks for all your comments on my LO's and my bear *mwah* I appreciate it lovelies

Flowery hugs


Friday, November 20, 2009


This is this weeks sketch at CIS designed by me using digi elements from Jessica Sprague :D Love all her stuff :)

This is my example! I did it last weekend......shock horror Krissy was organised for a change lol I almost forgot to photograph it though LOL
Love these colours so fresh and gorgeous just like my peeps! :D
Some of my flowers (of course!) I have used a linen coloured fluffie and a poppie in yummy blue and green :) The lace was once a curtain in my kitchen .....may it be scrapped in peace LOL

Mumma bird is still sitting in her nest :) She just shifts herself around every now and again when I peek out through the curtains :) Hope the daddy bird is looking after her because the poor love hasnt left since I first noticed her :O Gee's fancy being a bird and having to just sit there all day and night.......cant wait to have a peek at her bubbas and hear their little chirps :) I warned noisy Al to stay away from that end of the verandah so she doesnt get scared lol

Whats everyone up to this weekend?

Im doing a spot of tidying and organising today because my mum is coming to stay the night!So excited!We are having #29 for dinner and ive got a bottle of wine in the fridge so all set ;-) Mum and I are off on a bus shopping trip with the fabulous and gorgeous Nic tomorrow morning YAY one more sleeps!!! Ive bought some big stripey bags to hold our purchases and have stocked my bag with bandaids and panadol to cover for any instances of headache or blisters lol both of which are totally possible after 8 hours of shopping lol Then ill be home to check out my new cooktop and oven that are being installed while Im out yippeee!! Cant wait to bake and cook 2 things at the same time in the same spot in the kitchen PMSL Ive been using the steamer,electric frypan,camping ring and mini oven for the last few months and have shorted the power more than once as a result LOL

Have a fandabbydosey day everyone and a great weekend :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! *mwah*

Flowery hugs!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Outside my bedroom window........

Is a planter that my Dad made me and look who has made a nest inside it! She is happily brooding away in there and I get an awesome view from about a metre away through my bedroom window :) Awwwww hows that for good karma!I must give off good vibes for her to make her home out in the open on my verandah :) I think she is lovely :)

Theres a bear in there....and a chair as well.....ok no chair lol but I did make some bears this week :D First time in ages (forgot how much I love making them to be honest) This is the first of 2 that I was asked to make :) This brown bear will be given to Josh's teacher once her blackboard is finished :) Im really pleased with how she turned out :) He asked for clothes too but its got to be ready by tomorrow and ive got heaps to do sorry bubs :(
A little close up :)
Ooooh and a sneaky peek for tomorrow sketch LO :D I'll give you one guess who is is about
Thats about it for me for today :) Thanks heaps for stopping by and leaving me comments I love reading them and they always make me smile :)

Have you signed up for my flowers giveaway?

Flowery hugs to all :)


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mother nature..........

doing her thing after yesterdays heatwave :D Oh my lord it was hot people!!My fan in the lounge room has a temp reading on it and it was 43 degrees........43!I had lots more colourful words to describe it lol then the storm came and I couldnt resist trying to get e few shots of it and out of the 20 or so I took I got 2 I like lol not bad odds hey! Plus it was nice getting splattered by the rain after the yucky sweaty day lol I think these photos look eery and beautiful all at the same time :)

Shame about the rain drops on this one but oh well it was a storm afterall lol
I took these photos on my little samsung ES15 for some reason my SLR wouldnt take pics of the lightning :$ does anyone know what setting to have your SLR on for storms/fireworks?

Okies better go there is half a bear waiting to be put together lol

Have a fab day everyone!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My christmas mini album class :D

Ok so blogger is apparently having an Irish day and is uploading all my pics in the reverse order :$ Anywhoo you get the idea hey! This is my mini album I made using the kit from Wicked Princesses :D I taught the class last night and thought Id share some piccies here :) It was an awesome kit to work with and I managed to use up a few rub-ons and some chippies I had floating around in my stash :D These are all piccies from last year at mum and dads house when we where putting up the tree there :) The kids where good about Aunties "need"for christmas piccies to scrap lol I'll have to do it again this year :D

Okies better go and crank up the fan its stinking hot again!!

Flowery hugs :)


Monday, November 16, 2009

Its all very christmassy.........

*singing* Its beginning to look alot like christmas........ well it is in here today anyway LOL I had such a productive weekend yay!I made 4 cards, 2 mini OTP's and a LO :D most of which was done yesterday after my walk :) Oh boy it was hot :P

Are you coming to my 12 weeks of christmas mini album class at wicked princesses tonight? Its going to be fandabbydosey!!You wont be least I hope not!lol

Heres a couple of sneaky peekies :D

This is one of my mini OTP's I made :) I decorated it with a stamped twinchie I made for this months challenge at Inkurable stampers :D Thanks so so much to Rach from YSB for the stamp I love it! *mwah* This months challenge at Inkurable is to make a twinchie then add it to a creation :) Mine is a post it note holder for a Secret Santa ......oops probably shouldnt be posting it then hey lol if you are joining in with a secret santa that I am look away now lovey!!LOL I used one of my post it note holder kits to make it :D Ive still got a couple left if you are interested in buying one :) Great for making a christmas pressie :)
3d work ....of course! I couldnt resist it lol
This is based on one of the 12 cards of christmas challenges last week :D I didnt get home til Friday night so had to get stuck in straight away to meet the deadline :D This one is based on a sketch by Heidi :D
This one is for Mary's challenge :D A bookmark card!The little extra bit inside is perforated so it can be removed and kept as a bookmark :D Oh and I used that birdy stamp again lol

My newest DT creations for :D Christmas pets was the Ekit I was sent and oh my I LOVED using it!!Decoupage all ready to go peoples!!Im talking already coloured in and everything!!I had fun making these 2 cards they where my kinda digi stamps :D Thanks again Jo and Claire!

The dogs are still in the sin bin after their fight the other day which is a right pain in the you know what but im not able to break them up when they fight (Al has to crash tackle them and he is a big strong man so little old me wouldnt stand a chance lol)

My frangipani is almost flowering yay yay yay!!From close examination I think it will be a variegated pink and yellow......Ive been hanging out since february to see what colour it is because I found it when I was on holidays down the coast when Granny was here so its a gorgeous reminder of when she was here :) PLus Im double stoked I havent killed it lol Im a totally brown thumbed person lol I was cleaning out feathered friend Olly's cage yesterday and when I walked to the end of the verandah I noticed alot of sticks poking out of the planter dad made me and on closer inspection I have what appears to be the start of a nest!I think one of my resident wild birds has decided this would be a good spot to have some babies :D Im so chuffed I love things like that!So sweet :)

Okies best be off and have a shower and get ready for the day hey!

Have a fab day everyone!

Dont forget you are fandabbydosey!

Flowery hugs :)