Thursday, November 19, 2009

Outside my bedroom window........

Is a planter that my Dad made me and look who has made a nest inside it! She is happily brooding away in there and I get an awesome view from about a metre away through my bedroom window :) Awwwww hows that for good karma!I must give off good vibes for her to make her home out in the open on my verandah :) I think she is lovely :)

Theres a bear in there....and a chair as well.....ok no chair lol but I did make some bears this week :D First time in ages (forgot how much I love making them to be honest) This is the first of 2 that I was asked to make :) This brown bear will be given to Josh's teacher once her blackboard is finished :) Im really pleased with how she turned out :) He asked for clothes too but its got to be ready by tomorrow and ive got heaps to do sorry bubs :(
A little close up :)
Ooooh and a sneaky peek for tomorrow sketch LO :D I'll give you one guess who is is about
Thats about it for me for today :) Thanks heaps for stopping by and leaving me comments I love reading them and they always make me smile :)

Have you signed up for my flowers giveaway?

Flowery hugs to all :)



kate said...

how fab it would be to win the flower giveaway this month!! i am running low on my krissy christie flower stash!

gorgeous bear krissy, im sure the teacher will love it and maybe you can make clothes for it further down the track for josh to take in and dress it :)

Scoobie said...

This teddybear is sooo cute - I'm sure the teacher will love it!