Monday, November 23, 2009

Scoobies blog candy and a furkid update

The lovely and talented Scoobie aka Hilde is having a fandabbydosey advent calendar style blog candy giveaway!Check out the goodies oh my yummo!!Pop on over and check out Hildes fab blog and join in the fun :) Such a fab idea Hilde!

Thanks for all your fab comments on my cards and your concern for my injured furkid Kloe *mwah* she is slowly getting better.The drain thing is a total nightmare and trying to keep the dogs seperate is like trying to eat soup with chopsticks lol Jack is totally confused about what the things sticking out of Kloes neck are and they are both fed up of all the fuss I think. We have to take her to have the drain removed on wednesday so im going to have a chat to the vet about solutions to help them live in harmony again......hopefully lol I had myself a mini meltdown this morning and just had to get out of the house and not think/see it for an hour :( Between me having gastro and Kloes injuries it hasnt been much fun for me the last couple of days and I missed out on both cybercrops I wanted to join in with :( ok whinge over lol

Better go and do my vet nurse duties again lol

Flowery hugs :)



Tanya said...

Oh no, this is where it went downhill on Saturday? Poor Kloe - all the best for a full recovery. Your week 3 cards are beautiful as always, the house card is so cute.

Scoobie said...

Thank you for joining my Avent Calendar :-)