Friday, November 6, 2009

Sketch day, cards and a sneak ;-)

Hullo :) Far out I never know how to start a blog post.....should I say hi?Should I just jump right in to the jibbering? Should I not say anything? I dunno lol Ok so I read on Felicitys blog that she is doing a class on blogging for scrapbookers and as much as Id love to do the class too Im stingey PMSL so instead im going to make a conscious effort to make it more interesting lol I figure I read alot of blogs so im sure ill be able to add a bit of what I love from heaps of different blogs into mine :D Its worth a try hey! Ok so ill share the scrappiness then Ill get right into the jibbering lol

Ooooooh a sneaky peeky.........Im so excited about this LO and love how its turned out!Watch this space to find out more ;-)

The Scrapbook Establishment is having a 12 cards til christmas competition and I needed an excuse to get more cards done so I signed up to join in :) The first 2 challenges are....from Jaimee to create a mini scene (love doing these!) and the second was to find inspiration from a picture the fandabbydosey Tanya had shown us :) ... so much fun!You can still join in they arent due til monday mornings :)

The piccie Tanya inspired us with had some yummo pink,browns,red and cream......mmmmm makes me think of black forest cake!
Its sketch day at CIS sketchfans!I made this one using digi kits from Jessica Sprague :) Love her stuff so much!
This is my LO using it :) These photos are from Josh's 2nd birthday (he is 10 in December :O ) I love how Al is playing along with his little game....awwww so cute :) My super stars was a fitting title I think :)
a quick close up :)
Ok trying to think of something exciting to chat about.........ummmm.........ok after Kates award the other day Im inspired to share a bit more about me....maybe not exciting but different hey lol

I am a hoarder!!Much to Allans annoyance (even though he is just as bad!) I have real issues with things holding sentimental value.....I use them to remind me of people,places and times in my life.....I find things and think "what did I keep that for?" but then it brings back memories and I cant get rid of it!I think that it might stem from when we moved to Australia......leaving things behind (theres only so much you can bring across the world hey!) and it must have left a lasting impression on my way of being.....same as how close I am to my family other people dont seem to understand why we are so close but when we came to Australia we went from having a big family,cousins,Aunties and Uncles and our beloved Granny and Granda to it just being the 5 of country ,new home,new friends and we formed this unbreakable bond between us.I was thinking the other day maybe I should take photos of these "things"I cant seem to throw out or maybe I should scrap about the story behind them then maybe I can get over my hoarding? What do you think?

OK so not exciting but its something....hopefully my blog jibberish will improve with practice lol

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Thanks for stopping by!!

Flowery hugs :)


Tanya said...

awww I think your blog is always exciting to read Krissy! I am a bit of a hoarder too and if it has sentimental value I just can't throw it away, so you're not alone there matey ;) I think it's sweet you are so close with your family (wish I had that).

Just love your cards and sketch and layout. Oooh and that sneaky looks fabbo - can't wait for the full reveal.

jules said...

hey there you gorgeous girl!! your blog is ALWAYS wonderful to check out and i LOVE your jibberish as you call it!! hehehehehehe

the bond you have with your family is special honey and something to be cherished

i am lovin your cards honey just gorgeous and i am dying to see all that layout!!!

xoxAlyssaxox said...

i love your blog hun.. Dont be down on yourself. I find it hard to start them off too and even more annoying to think of titles LOL. I am so loving your gorgeous cards and what a great thing to join up to. The layout is awesome! So much beautiful colour :) I think you should defintaly scrap the things you cant let go of. I dont think hording stuff around it all that bad.. only if it gets in they way LOL as you can tell im a definatly a horder too hehe. take care hun and keep up the great blog post xox

Felicity said...

I love reading your blog too and all about your 'peeps' too!!
My DH is a hoarder too, but am not. haha
Love all those creations.
:) x

kate said...

hey krissy i love that sketch! might give it a go!!
what happened to all your stuff you had to leave behind in belfast? xo

Cherie said...

I think your Blog is Fab too! :)

Very inspirational!

I'm a bit of a hoarder - there is just some things i can't bear to give a way.

Kirsty said...

I love reading your blog:)
Love those cards! I feel inspired to create some of my own!

Sarah Lou said...

I so love your christmas scene card. Its so darling