Friday, November 20, 2009


This is this weeks sketch at CIS designed by me using digi elements from Jessica Sprague :D Love all her stuff :)

This is my example! I did it last weekend......shock horror Krissy was organised for a change lol I almost forgot to photograph it though LOL
Love these colours so fresh and gorgeous just like my peeps! :D
Some of my flowers (of course!) I have used a linen coloured fluffie and a poppie in yummy blue and green :) The lace was once a curtain in my kitchen .....may it be scrapped in peace LOL

Mumma bird is still sitting in her nest :) She just shifts herself around every now and again when I peek out through the curtains :) Hope the daddy bird is looking after her because the poor love hasnt left since I first noticed her :O Gee's fancy being a bird and having to just sit there all day and night.......cant wait to have a peek at her bubbas and hear their little chirps :) I warned noisy Al to stay away from that end of the verandah so she doesnt get scared lol

Whats everyone up to this weekend?

Im doing a spot of tidying and organising today because my mum is coming to stay the night!So excited!We are having #29 for dinner and ive got a bottle of wine in the fridge so all set ;-) Mum and I are off on a bus shopping trip with the fabulous and gorgeous Nic tomorrow morning YAY one more sleeps!!! Ive bought some big stripey bags to hold our purchases and have stocked my bag with bandaids and panadol to cover for any instances of headache or blisters lol both of which are totally possible after 8 hours of shopping lol Then ill be home to check out my new cooktop and oven that are being installed while Im out yippeee!! Cant wait to bake and cook 2 things at the same time in the same spot in the kitchen PMSL Ive been using the steamer,electric frypan,camping ring and mini oven for the last few months and have shorted the power more than once as a result LOL

Have a fandabbydosey day everyone and a great weekend :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! *mwah*

Flowery hugs!



kate said...

love those colours krissy!!!

have a fantastic time on your shopping trip, i am so envious. lol @ the stripey bags they have been around for generations havent they!!! love ya xo

Kerryn said...

ooooh pretty.

have fun shopping :).

Tanya said...

Your shopping trip sounds great! Have fun :D Love this sketch and your storm photos are amazing!! Oh oh and your bear is so CUTE!!