Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mother nature..........

doing her thing after yesterdays heatwave :D Oh my lord it was hot people!!My fan in the lounge room has a temp reading on it and it was 43 degrees........43!I had lots more colourful words to describe it lol then the storm came and I couldnt resist trying to get e few shots of it and out of the 20 or so I took I got 2 I like lol not bad odds hey! Plus it was nice getting splattered by the rain after the yucky sweaty day lol I think these photos look eery and beautiful all at the same time :)

Shame about the rain drops on this one but oh well it was a storm afterall lol
I took these photos on my little samsung ES15 for some reason my SLR wouldnt take pics of the lightning :$ does anyone know what setting to have your SLR on for storms/fireworks?

Okies better go there is half a bear waiting to be put together lol

Have a fab day everyone!



Trudi said...

Hey There Krissy,
So sweet of you to drop by my blog - I just have to say how much I love your work and your DEVINE flowers - Wowee totally GORGEOUS!!
Congrats on the STG spotlight and making the SM Shortlist - best of luck with the final 10

Tamara said...

I love those photos of the storm, they look great.
I bet it would have been scary being out there in it, but hey we're scrappers - you do what you gotta do :)


Joyce said...

great shots Krissy! We had the heat for a week or so down here, its still not cold, but we didnt get a good storm out of it!

Jane said...

awesome photos Krissy :) and hope it starts to cool down for you!!!!!! Congrats on the SM shortlisting, mustn't be long before you find out now????

kate said...

I love storms!!!!