Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cards and a GDT spot!

Happy sunday everyone :) Hows your weekend been? Mine has been quiet but good :) Ive been busily making a stack of flowers,embellie kits and branches of blossoms for the crop next weekend :D Yay im so looking forward to it!It'll be fab to have a day to scrap with lots of lovely people :)

Now for my guest DT announcement!Ive gone global.....makes me sound like a virus doesnt it!!PMSL I was approached by Jo from and offered a guest DT spot and I said yes of course! is a UK based company that sells printables for cardmaking and I must say they are fab to work with! Ive made 2 cards so far using the kits I was supplied with "floral train"and "glam bags and heels"omg I love that handbag!Guess who is getting that card? My favourite handbag aholic my mum lol You get a free kit to play with just for signing up for the newsletter :D Thanks so much for the opportunity Jo and Claire!

This months card challenge by Liz at Scrapboutique is to make an easel card :) Ive never done one of these and oh my they are heaps of fun!I love cards that are outside the norm so this is right up my alley :) I made this card for my gorgeous Granny who is having a birthday this month :) She loves green so green it had to be!With a bit of pink of course....wouldnt be a Krissy card without some pink hey! The green rose is handmade by me and I made it into a brooch so she can take it off the card later and pin it to her apron/cardigan or wherever she likes :) I really hope she likes the card :)
A different view
Im chilling out on the couch today :D The house is tidy,cleaned our room and the dishes are washed (not put away but oh well lol) im watching Jaws for the gazillionth time on TV1 and watching the boy on the floatie (or a Lilo depending on where you grew up ;-) )it was a full old school one and it reminded me (the lilo reminded me not the shark PMSL) of when we used to go to Port Muck (aka Island it its so pretty!) on our school holidays and we walked to the beach all the was our favourite place to be.....*sigh* Mum and Dad are going on a massive holiday next year and they'll be visiting some of the places we used to go to all the time.....I'll have to ask them to take piccies so I can scrap my little memories I dont have piccies to match :)

Kate asked where all our stuff went that we left in Belfast- we sold alot of it lovey,gave the toys and excess clothes to family and friends. In fact when I went back in 1999 my cousin still had one of my rag dolls :) She had shrunk a bit.....or maybe I'd grown lol but it was nice to see a familiar thing from when I was small :)

Okies im offskies lovelies :)

Flowery hugs ....and dont forget you are fandabbydosey!



Kirsty said...

These cards are just gorgeous Krissy!!! I am off to check out your new play place :)

kate said...

aw thats sweet about the ragdoll krissy :) do you think you and al will get over to ireland any time soon for a holiday? gorgeous card, i like the brooch ideas especially with the racing season lately!! and congrats on the dt spot!

♥Liz Weber♥ said...

Wonderful cards Krissy - so glad you enjoyed the Easel Card - they are so fun and yours is just lovely.

Congrats on that GDT - have fun!

jules said...

wow honey they are gorgeous!! granny will love that card and i love how you made your flower a brooch so she can wear it...awesome idea..she'll just love it!!

ok off to check out handmade crads now...hehehehehe

Felicity said...

Great cards!! congrats on the GDT spot too!!

Hope you enjoyed your chill out day :) x

Stacey Young said...

Hi Krissy,
Just been catching up on your last couple of posts!! JUst love all of your cute cards and layout!!

Congrats on your GDT spot, that's great news.

Take care:)

Tanya said...

All these cards are amazing. Damn blogger wasn't showing your latest post...grrr. Congrats on GDT spot - fabulous!!