Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cards and my poor dog Kloe :(

These are my cards for week 3 of the 12 cards of christmas comp :) Ngaire's challenge was to create a non traditional christmas card.I made mine in olive green,pink and cream and used flowers and butterflies as my non traditional embellies :)

Beths challenge was to make a shaped card and I felt like fiddling so I made a house shaped card :) Ive put "from our house to yours"inside :) I like it and am pleased with my tree :D

Now to the poor Kloe bit :( Last night we where about to head out to Kirsten and Jasons housewarming party and the dogs decided to have a scuffle :( Allan and Mick managed to seperate them and we where just about to head out the door when Al went and checked Kloe again.Turned out she had 2 very deep cuts in her throat so we jumped in the car and raced to the after hours vets (why do these things never happen during normal hours?!) the only one that opens 24 hours near us is about 40 minutes drive.So into the vets we go with a very stressed Kloe who would only settle when I held her (not easy with a very sore wrist but her pain was worse than mine at the time) We thought couple of stitches then home again but noooooooo she had to have a General anaesthetic and a massive and horribly ugly drain put in her neck and lots of skin removed to hopefully prevent skin loss eeeewwwwww.So long story short we got home from picking her up at about 2am and had to try and get her settled.She wasnt coping real well after the general so we kept a close eye on her.Im now nurse Krissy for the next week or so when it comes to bathing the wound around the drain sites (OMG it makes my tummy heave it looks so so sore :( ) keep her still and away from dirt (ummm she is a jack russell they are NEVER still and kloe loves dirt) and give her antibiotics twice a day ( she is terrible with pills!) so its going to be fun,fun,fun not! lol She is being a good girl and letting me bathe the wound without too much trouble so thats good. Im not going to take photos its not pretty people and trust me you dont wanna see my poor puppy girl like this. The vet seems to think that because the dogs are both 7 now they are getting older and have shorter fuses hence the fighting recently so we have to keep them seperate as much as possible from now on.

Im so exhausted after it all :( I wanted to scrap but the couch and telly is looking pretty appealing right now lol

Im offskies!

Thanks for all your comments on my LO's and my bear *mwah* I appreciate it lovelies

Flowery hugs



Stacey Young said...

Those Chrissy cards are just adorable!!

Your poor little Kloe, that's sounds terrible, hope she gets better quick for your sake and hers! I hate dog fights, they freak me out...... we have 2 BIG dogs and they rarely fight, thank god!

Hope you are getting ready and excited about Xmas! I can't wait, my fave time of year:)

Fiona said...

Krissy your cards are beautiful! I love the creativeness of the house, and the colours in your non-traditional card - just lovely!

p.s. sorry about your doggy :(

Kerryn said...

Love love love the house card and the colour combination of the other card is stunning.

:( about the dogs.

lyn said...

hey babe, those cards are awesome!! totally love the house shaped one, bloody wicked hun. Hope your dog is ok now hun xx

Danielle said...

I hope kloe will be ok. Poor bugger. (((Hugs)))

Anonymous said...

Your house card is so fantastic I just love it.

Scoobie said...

Both your cards are fab, Krissy, but I must admit the house is my fav: love the whimsical style.

Dog fights, we could really do without them, right?

kate said...

krissy's chrissy cards :) say that 5 times fast! LOL

love the house one!! you are so talented. hope those dogs start behaving themselves krissy!!!

Kirsty said...

Gorgeous cards...I hope that Kloe gets lots better really fast:(

Trudi said...

Gorgeous cards Krissy - Absolutely LOVE your house card - FABBO!!