Thursday, October 23, 2008

Should I......or shouldnt I????

Change my blog???What do you think??Im just not sure......I like it but I dont love it anymore......I will of course have to do some mucking around if I decide to change it....widgets what the??I dont get it LOL.....I am totally computer challenged oops LOL Ok so Im going to have a go at doing a may go horribly wrong...if it does please just leave a comment with your opinion to change or not to change...that is the question LOL

Krissy xx

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This weeks new stuff :)

This was for Jules pink,ribbon and a sketch challenge we had to use a pre-digital photo.......LOL this one is definately pre digi....its me on my 7th birthday PMSL check out the cheeky grin LOL I so loved that cake that Mum made it was a fairy princess castle........this was around the time that my lifes ambition was to be either a princess or a ballerina......shame Im not related to any royals and I have two left feet LOL
This is another one for Jules comp using pre digi pics and just scraps....these where scraps left over from the recipe scrap I did ages ago and the pics are from when we spent a weekend at Byron for our 1st year together anniversary awwwwwww LOL
This one was done using a pagemaps sketch that Jules had and these are pics of Josh and Dad when Josh was just a wee baby......awwwww he's a big boy now but it only feels like yesterday that he was that little :)So cute look how chuffed my Dad is :D

Ive got some other bits and bobs to share but I havent had a chance to re-size them yet oops but I'll share them soon :)

On other homefront news I am getting super excited about my Granny coming!!Yippeeee!Mum spoke to her on the phone at the weekend and Granny is very happy that I have quit smoking :) (its over a month now *high five*) and she is really looking forward to coming.....I so cant wait!!Allan has been busy getting the house into shape for our much loved visitor he started rendering the brickwork at the front and cleared all the weeds from the looks fandabbydosey!So now all we have to do is finish the bathroom,get the floors downstairs done and a quick lick of paint in the kitchen and it will be fandabbydosey!!

Allcraftz news.....check out the gorgeous new arrivals HERE OMG I am so going shopping!!My package of purchases from WCMD arrived last week and I am still ooohing and ahhhing over the bargains I scored!!Plus I am super excited to be stalking the postie for my prizes woohoo!!We have a cybercrop coming up too its all food themed .....mmmmm foooood *said in my best Homer Simpson impression LOL* It will be fabbo ;) Hope you can join us for some fun :)~E~ has some fabby comps running as always and the "how low can you go" this month is supercallifreakinawesome!!!Prima,proma,prima people!!!A HUGE stash if you have the lowest unique bid......check it all out at ALLCRAFTZ!!!!!

OK I think thats about all for me for today.....Ive got heaps to do before I head off to see my family tomorrow YIPPPPPEEEEE feels like forever since I saw them all so I cant wait :)

Take care and thanks for stopping by {{HUGS}}

Krissy xx

Saturday, October 18, 2008

2 LO's and a card

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A card and some LO's :)

I had a go at making a trifold was fun!I made it while I was talking to my sister on the phone LOL Lyns this is the card I was talking about LOL :)
This LO was for Liz's technique challenge using core CS a chippie and some sandpaper....loved it and will be using it again!
Sweet dreams is the gorgeous Miss Morgan all tuckered out after her birthday party.......awwwww she is so gorgeous........and yes I am so biased!!Aunties are supposed to be LOL!!
This is my spunky man Josh the title was an easy choice I do adore him :) always have since the first time I saw him........he's getting so grown up fast I think!!Im really pleased with how this one has turned out!I thought it was going to be a disaster when I dropped the ink pad on my white CS but I went with it and layered different colours of ink and I LOVE it!Heaps of distressing and some messy stitching and its done!

I was sick all day yesterday :)Not well at all.....slept most of it :( I was supposed to go over to Nic's last night but I just couldnt get off the couch my head was like a balloon about to pop.....not good at all.But feeling much better today (as always after my headaches I feel hung over no alcohol required LOL) Its still raining here woohoo but boohoo for the pile of washing LOL oh well the rain is a good thing *thumbs up* Im off to clean and have a play in the scrap room :)

TFL and have a fab Sunday people :)

Krissy xx

Friday, October 10, 2008

New stuff......

These LO's are both ased on sketches by the super talented CISTer Karen Brierley!!Karen these sketches are fandabbydosey and I loved using both of them!!The top LO 100% boy is the very spunky Josh.....who looks very grown up all of a sudden ....cant believe he is 9 at the end of the year :O and the other is the gorgeous Morgan (and me LOL) I am so lovin pink and black at the moment......thats the 2nd LO I have done in those colours in 2 days oops my bad LOL I havent uploaded the other one yet but it is for the monthly title challenge at CIS.....all of which are eighties song it!!I'll take a pic and upload soon......I have also been working on a few cards......I think they are addictive LOL I'll upload those soon too.........Im off to work on my CD cover which is the OTP challenge at CIS this weekend :) Lovin it!!Sweets and treats is the theme.......mmmmmmmm lollies LOL!!!

TFL and to all you know who you are ......please say hello....pretty please??I know you've been here LOL

Krissy xx

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gimme a B..........

gimme an E.......gimme an A........gimme an R!!!!!!Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cheer bears!!!LOL ok so I always wanted to be a cheerleader......but Im too unco so this is as close as I get PMSL!!These are cheer bears that I had an order for and they have been keeping me very busy over the last couple of weeks!!Let me tell you those outfits where a mission and a half!!The bears I could do in my sleep but the outfits are always a challenge.......good job I love fiddly stuff LOL!!I am very happy with how they have turned out :) Im now about to email the customer and get the verdict.......fingers crossed that they are ok :)
Woohoo!!I won a few prizes at ALLCRAFTZ!!I won a pop,jackpot prize,one for my ATC's :O and one for my froggy card :) Now I am all excited about the raffle which is taking place tonight :) It'll be fun!!Plus it will be fab stalking the postie for my well as the prize for my "Sandies Daisies" challenge :) woohoo love surprises!!
Well I think thats about all for now........Im off to scrap YAY!!!!!
Krissy xx

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cards crazy me.......

These are my very first ATC's :) They are probably wrong but I had fun anyway LOL

These cards where all inspired by Megans card sketches from WCMD on Saturday........Ebony had some fab challenges happening on the day as well as some give are announced tonight so be sure to check it all out at ALLCRAFTZ tonight :)

The cheer bears are almost finished!!They are all dressed in their cheer outfits (I love how the outfits have turned out.......especially when its my own pattern LOL) all they need now are their noses and their pom poms which should arrive any day now and then I can show you all what Ive been spending my time doing LOL I am hanging out to scrap but I cant turn down a great opportunity like this (or the spending money LOL) I have got some new goodies to play with for a couple of challenges that are happening this month so that'll be something to look forward to :)

Oh guess what?I won the monthly title comp with my "A is for Auntie" LO at CIS!!Im so excited!!Cant wait to tell the peeps :) Thanks heaps to everyone who voted for mine :) Ally has some awesome titles this month again.....all eighties themed....very cool indeed check it all out HERE!!!!Oh and this weeks special is 20% off acrylic stamps!!!Bargain!!!

I think thats about it for now......Im off to play in my scrap/sewing room and blast the fan on is soooooo blooomin hot today!!!

TFL and take care

Krissy xx

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A beautiful bunch and a couple of cards :)

Look at my gorgeous sister and her beautiful family all dressed up for a wedding.........just gorgeous!!Cant wait to scrap these pic's!!
I love this one of Josh and Morgan!It is so naturally them him being a clown and her laughing at him LOL!Love it!
Beautiful Princess.........she looked stunning :)
My gorgeous peeps......awwwwwwww
Oh and this is my Hannah inspired card for WCMD at ALLCRAFTZ :) we had to make a shaped card and it had to be Hannah (aka bubblefrog inspired) hence the happy frog,greens and my "hoppy day" theme :) I had heaps of fun with it :) I have done some ATC's too but blogger wouldnt let me upload for some reason.......maybe its a sign that my first ever ATC's are wrong LOL

Okey dokey im off to play then finish off some more bear bits :)

Thanks for stopping by.........oh before I forget

Happy Birthday to Karen for yesterday!!Hope you,Liz and the other CISters have a fandabbydosey day out today!!Sorry I couldnt be there :(

Krissy xx

Friday, October 3, 2008

T.F.I Friday!!!!

These where my samples for my challenges at the ALLCRAFTZ cybercrop last weekend which I had the great honour of setting 2 challenges for :) Everyone did a fantastic job and Hannah and I found it really hard to choose the winners........It was so much fin getting to set challenges!!It was also lovely to see so many entries!!Fabulous work ALLCRAFTZ girls!!E and Megan have planned lots of festivities this saturday for national card making day prizes,games,popping,challenges and a one off kit made by me!!E is also offering some very generous specials so be sure to check it all out at ALLCRAFTZ!!!There could be a few changes with regard to DT classes etc coming up so I would suggest jumping in and buying some now if you havent already.........Oh and dont forget the specials are only on from 9am -5pm on saturday :) Oh and I nearly forgot how chuffed am I???I won $50 worth of goodies from ALLCRAFTZ in the sandies daisies challenge!!!Woohooo!!I had the option of a voucher or a gift pack selected by E and I chose the gift pack because I LOVE surprises!!!Im in for some fun stalking my postie in the next couple of weeks :)

This is my LO for this weeks sketch at CIS created by our super talented Liz :) I love Liz's sketches they always get my mojo into gear :) This is one of the photos from Morgans birthday .....I love it in black and white.........I know Im a biased Auntie but is she not the cutest little girl ever??As you can see I am loving brights at the moment and I still love messy.....dont know if I can do neat anymore LOL

I am half way through doing the cheer bears I had a little production line happening yesterday and lots of bear bits everywhere LOL but they are coming along nicely :) I have also scrapped a bra......yep you read it right a bra LOL The lovely Marnie told us about the SM challenge for national breast cancer awareness month and I couldnt not do it :) Had lots of fun with it and I'll take a pic and share soon :)

There is heaps happening over at CIS at the moment so be sure to check it all out comps and awesome opportunities :)

Well we are officially teenager free as of this afternoon.......can I say woohoo? LOL It has definately been a culture shock for me who is used to the littlies LOL Plus I still cant get my head around the sleeping til midday,lying on the couch and doing nothing but eating :O I dont remember doing that everyday......I was too busy out and about LOL and up to no good LOL

Ok Im off to sort out the gang........dont forget to check out all the latest at ALLCRAFTZ and CIS it is seriously worth a lookie :)

Oh and before I forget......Jules I miss our chats too :( hope to catch you soon lovey :)

TFL and have a fandabbydosey weekend

Krissy xx

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Still no norty's LOL

This was the only LO I managed to get done for Jules blog challenge before I went away ......had heaps of fun with it though and I am still planning on doing the others even though the due date has passed :)
This is last weeks sketch LO lovin the pink as always LOL
This was a LO I created for the lovely Liz as a part of a birthday surprise that Karen organised :) I hope you had a fandabbydosey birthday Liz!!
OK today is day 10 with no norty's (cigarettes) and I am going pretty good :) I havent had the urge at all :O I think the whole cold turkey thing only works if you really really want to quit as I do .......Im glad I didnt have to rely on patches and pills top help me.I am really glad I did it last week instead of this week because I am house is feeling alot like a doss house *insert rolling eyes here* I have soooooo much to do and I am constantly being badgered.....but I wont go into it ......lets just say I am reaching the end of my tether :(
OK Im off to create some cheer bears and hopefully get 5 minutes to myself
TFL and Take care
Krissy xx