Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This weeks new stuff :)

This was for Jules pink,ribbon and a sketch challenge we had to use a pre-digital photo.......LOL this one is definately pre digi....its me on my 7th birthday PMSL check out the cheeky grin LOL I so loved that cake that Mum made it was a fairy princess castle........this was around the time that my lifes ambition was to be either a princess or a ballerina......shame Im not related to any royals and I have two left feet LOL
This is another one for Jules comp using pre digi pics and just scraps....these where scraps left over from the recipe scrap I did ages ago and the pics are from when we spent a weekend at Byron for our 1st year together anniversary awwwwwww LOL
This one was done using a pagemaps sketch that Jules had and these are pics of Josh and Dad when Josh was just a wee baby......awwwww he's a big boy now but it only feels like yesterday that he was that little :)So cute look how chuffed my Dad is :D

Ive got some other bits and bobs to share but I havent had a chance to re-size them yet oops but I'll share them soon :)

On other homefront news I am getting super excited about my Granny coming!!Yippeeee!Mum spoke to her on the phone at the weekend and Granny is very happy that I have quit smoking :) (its over a month now *high five*) and she is really looking forward to coming.....I so cant wait!!Allan has been busy getting the house into shape for our much loved visitor he started rendering the brickwork at the front and cleared all the weeds from the looks fandabbydosey!So now all we have to do is finish the bathroom,get the floors downstairs done and a quick lick of paint in the kitchen and it will be fandabbydosey!!

Allcraftz news.....check out the gorgeous new arrivals HERE OMG I am so going shopping!!My package of purchases from WCMD arrived last week and I am still ooohing and ahhhing over the bargains I scored!!Plus I am super excited to be stalking the postie for my prizes woohoo!!We have a cybercrop coming up too its all food themed .....mmmmm foooood *said in my best Homer Simpson impression LOL* It will be fabbo ;) Hope you can join us for some fun :)~E~ has some fabby comps running as always and the "how low can you go" this month is supercallifreakinawesome!!!Prima,proma,prima people!!!A HUGE stash if you have the lowest unique bid......check it all out at ALLCRAFTZ!!!!!

OK I think thats about all for me for today.....Ive got heaps to do before I head off to see my family tomorrow YIPPPPPEEEEE feels like forever since I saw them all so I cant wait :)

Take care and thanks for stopping by {{HUGS}}

Krissy xx


Manon Keir said...

Gorgeous work again Krissy!!
Yay for your month anniversarie heh and woohoo for your Nan coming!! Lucky ducky!!

kate said...

gorgeous layouts krissy i laughed about the 2 left feet and lack of royals in your family haha. exciting about your granny visiting!! i bet lots of photos will be taken :) mwah

Wendy Smith said...

lovely Los...particularly love the BYRON one...nice work