Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I think I may have scrapped myself out!!!

I have been busily getting my entries in for DT tryouts!!Far out I have since sunday made 6 LO's,one sketch (hand drawn of course LOL) one OTP album (its a crown Kaiser one that the lovely Liz sent me :) )and a card!!!Thats more than I normally do in two weeks never mind 3 days!!!No wonder I'm exhausted and ideas are keeping me up at night LOL!!!I've started meaving my handy dandy sketch book beside my bed so I can write ideas down instead of getting up or forgetting them LOL!!I was a good girl and went for my walk today with Tracy down to the train station and back....its probably a good half hour walk so now I'm even more flogged LOL but it gave me a break from the scrapping LOL!!I'm packing my joggers in my bag for when I go back down to Mum and Dads on Friday so dad and I can go for a dander of an afternoon :) WOOHOO craft show with Mum on Saturday Yippee!!I so love going to the craft show with mum every year!I'm trying to talk Lyns into coming too but she said "we'll see" thats what Mum used to always say when she couldn't make up her mind LOL!!I'm off to watch some telly and veg out for a bit LOL TFL Krissy xx

Monday, April 28, 2008

What a weekend!!

What a weekend!I went to Mum and Dads on Wednesday last week and had a great time as always......I took over the kitchen table with all my scrap stuff LOL!!I had an absolutle ball helping out with the cybercrop at scrapboutique with Liz and Terri!"Some say I'm strong" is my LO for Terri's challenge "Happy Girls" is my LO for Liz's sketch challenge and "Smile" is my LO for my challenge!!I had heaps of fun with all of them! "Close-up "was my LO for last weeks sketch at CIS.....I love those Kaiser boy pp's! Kloe the naughty dog kept me up all of wednesday night at Mum and Dads barking at everything that moved......full moon gave her a clear view of everything *rolling my eyes* but after that she wasn't too bad I just had to do stealth to go out without her seeing me leave LOL! Saturday I went shopping with ma and got some photo's printed from my new SLR and they turned out really well....only a couple of blurry ones I can probably fix with my software.Then Saturday night we went and looked after the kids while Matt and Lyns went out for a bit and Josh helped me do the bingo calling for scrapboutique......he loved it.....and so did I!I've handed the crown back to the lovely Kate though she is the bingo calling queen at scrapboutique ;) Then Sunday I went to the brisbane CISters crop and met Liz,Jolene,Leone,Linda,Vicki and Karen for the first time they are all so lovely and had a great time playing with my cuttlebug!!!It was really lovely to meet them IRL and I'm a little bit proud of myself for going considering the old me wouldn't even talk on a forum never mind meet up in real life LOL!!!!I had a fab day and an awesome is nice to be home with my honey though I always miss him when we are apart.......I know soppy isn't it LOL!!Thats about it for now......I haven't heard anything about my DT tryout yet but I'm working on a few more at the moment so fingers crossed!!!TFL Krissy xx

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Scrapboutique is back.......

up and running again!!!Yay!happy dance!!Pop over to Scrapboutique on Thursday for some fandabbydosey cybercrop fun!This time the cybercrop challenges are being set by these lovely girls Liz, Terri.......and me!I'm not that lovely but Liz and Terri are!Thanks Chels for letting us loose on your site :) I know that we have lots of fun planned so be sure to join us :)

"See" you then

Krissy xx

Woohoo for me!!!

I found out last night that I won an Autumn Leaves book from scraplounge !!How cool is that!!Scraplounge is a great resource of sites,competitions and more.....check it out !!On a sadder note Scrapboutique is still recovering from those nasty horrible hackers......I could use more descriptive words but I won't......stay tuned for updates though because Chelsea is planning on having a celebration cyber crop when all the glitches are fixed!!No news on the DT tryout yet but no news is good news LOL!!This LO is one that I created for Kates blog challenge....attempt #2 I only used one pic on the first one.....oopsie!!I'm really pleased with it though!Thats all for now but I will upload the photo of the LO I created using a sketch by the always talented Liz at CIS tomorrow :) TFL Krissy xx

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Birthday.......

To my brother Richard!!!Big 25 today!Its all good buds getting older doesn't mean you have to grow up......just look at your big sister......I'm still a child LOL!!!We are all set to go to Mum and Dads today for a family BBQ for Richards birthday can't wait!!I have his pressies on the kitchen table waiting to be wrapped :) I'm getting a new toy today SLR!!!YAY happy dance!!Can't wait to have a play with it!I had a fabulous girly night last night with the always lovely Kirsten :) we sat on the front verandah and caught up on all the latest, lots of giggles it was so lovely to catch up with her!We have promised not to let it go as long as 4 months between catch ups next time :)! Okey dokey I'm off to get myself organised to go and see the birthday boy :) <3

Thursday, April 17, 2008

This weeks sketch at CIS

This is my example of Liz's sketch this week at CIS.....loved it!This is Morgan playing with Lucy on Christmas Day last year she loves throwing the ball for Lucy hence the title "1,2,3 catch!" usually Morgan bursts into fits of giggles because Lucy never misses and always catches the ball......Morgan finds this very entertaining LOL!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Problem solved :)

I went for a walk today to put up posters about the puppy I found yesterday and on my way back noticed a sign saying "Lost puppy....answers to Willy" and a phone number so I figured I'd give it a go and it was his owners!!!Yay!!!So happy to be able to give him back safe and sound :)Apparently the little girl the lady has cried herself to sleep last night thinking he'd never come back :( She is going to be soooo happy!!Good deed for the day done!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My new layouts for this week :)

Now that I have recovered from the excitement of finding a puppy I will share my newest LO's LOL! "Sunshine" was created for a RAK challenge set by Jules,"So in Love" is my entry for the April challenge at scrapboutique and "Happy" is for Jules blog challenge.......I know what your thinking I scrapped alot last night LOL......good isn't it!!I took the plunge and sent off my DT application yesterday (fingers crossed for me please) I was really pleased with the end results so hopefully a bit of Irish luck is on my side!!Can't wait to be able to share them :) Anyway I'm off to start this weeks sketch LO for the CIS blog .......oh I forgot to mention I went for a walk with Tracy this afternoon we are planning on going everyday (except weekends LOL) lets see how long it lasts LMAO!!! TFL Krissy xx

Look what I found .......

I came home from shopping today,walked in the door.....checked Kloe was still here.......check.....Jack......check.......puppy.....hang on a minute!!!I don't have a puppy!!!This cutie pie little man must have found his way into our yard and was happily running around with my dogs for god knows how long LOL!!!I have since brought him inside (and fallen in love with him LOL) and will be on a mission to put up some found puppy signs tomorrow :) Awwwww he just fell asleep in my lap while I'm typing.........*slapping myself* no more than 2 dogs allowed :( No seriously though I want to find his owners I keep picturing some little kid who has lost their pet :(

Krissy xx

Monday, April 14, 2008

Stealth mission completed :D

Tatum at CIS set a mini challenge for the CC at CIS this weekend which was to take some photo's that represent Autumn to you.....and I was totally stumped.....probably because we seem to skip autumn completely here is Brisbane!!!But then I remembered my next door neighbours Japanese Maple (I think thats what sort of tree it is.....if not I stand corrected LOL) It is a beautiful tree that looks like it is on fire in Autumn the reds and oranges are fabbo!!Anyhoo I went on a stealth mission to take some pics of her tree......I was going to knock and ask but she never answers her door........I would probably think it was wierd if someone knocked on my door and asked to photograoh one of my trees LOL.......Kloe got into her yard one day and by the time I had stood there for 10 minutes knocking Kloe was at my feet I snuck onto the nature strip and got as close as I could to the tree with out trespassing LOL and these are the pic's I got!!I couldn't choose between the two so I have entered them both LOL!!Hope everyone enjoy's their Monday :) Thanks for stopping by! Krissy xx

Sunday, April 13, 2008

LO's for the CIS cybercrop

These are my LO's for challenges 2 and 3 for the CIS CC which has an Autumn theme (hence all the leaves LOL) I still have challenge 1 to do which is my plan for today ........well that and finishing the other DT tryout requirements.I have done the hardest ones first so fingers crossed its plain sailing on the mojo front from here LOL!!Can't wait to be able to share them I am really happy with how they have turned far.......LOL!!I have 2 challenges to finish for scrapboutique too, one is a black and white challenge (which was my suggestion during forum frenzy :) )and the other is a RAK challenge set up by the lovely Jules using glimmermist.....I was sent blue which is my favourite colour (Very happy!!) I was fiddling with it the other night trying out a few things with it and ended up with what loked like a blue french manicure.......LOL......mental note wear gloves next time....LOL....but its all good it washed off when I washed my hair the next morning PHEW!!!!!Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Cybercrop @ CIS!!!

CIS is having a cybercrop on this weekend with an awesome Autumny theme!!!Check it out here!!I have been working on a few projects at the moment but I can't share because they are for a DT try out.....fingers crossed people!!I have never tried out for one before because I always talk myself out of it LOL!!Thats why I thought if I say it out loud (well on here anyway LOL) then I can't back out LOL!!So you can just imagine I'm fiddling and faffing with it all......taking things off.....adding things on.......*rolling eyes*.....LOL!!!I can't help myself I am my biggest critic :)Better get back to it......TFL Krissy xx

Thursday, April 10, 2008

This weeks sketch at CIS

This is my LO done using this weeks sketch by Ally at CIS......I love this photo that Lyns took of Josh and Morgan sharing a milk!!Its so cute!!TFL Krissy xx

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Finally have time to blog!!!

Well I have been slack on my blogging *nodding* but I'm back from spending a few days with my gorgeous sister Lyns and celebrating Mums birthday on Friday.I have a few happy snaps to share.I'll be back later for a bigger blog entry :) TFL Krissy xx