Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I can laugh now.....

Just got back from a leisurely run.......leisurely....pigs bum!!!Not my choice....went out onto the verandah for some fresh air ;) and spotted a dog loose in the street and thought to myself....hang on that dog looks was Houdini aka Kloe (so should've called her Houdini or Chaos like I wanted to!!LOL) So off I go out the front she spots me and runs (if she was better behaved we could race her LOL) I run.....FOR THREE BLOCKS......yes I can't believe I'm still alive picture this I'm thongs...and thinking thank god theres no cars around when around the corner comes a ute ....and she's running right for it...he slows down and I'm thinking thats nice he doesn't want to run over my dog!But noooooo he slows down to give me a wink, old mate drives on and she is still running (I swear if dogs could laugh she would've laughed at me!) finally managed to corner her in someones backyard and she rolls over and looks at me like.....what?What'd I do wrong?

AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!Then I had to carry her the whole way the midday is stinkin hot....why can't she just chew things like other dogs....or bury bones...that'd be sooooo much simpler!So the moral of my story is though I do love her and she is my baby......NEVER OWN A JACK RUSSELL!!!!!!!!Unless your yard is set up like a prison with no chance of escape LOL! I'm off to catch my breath and recover

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Much better today!!! :)

Back to steam coming out of my ears anymore!!!Allan thought the cake debarcle was funny and being the sweetie that he is said he would've eaten it anyway!!He thought it was cute that I'd tried!LOL!Had myself a bit of scrapping therapy last night to calm myself down and used the papers that Al bought me for christmas,I have been hanging out to use them and just lurve the colours!!That man has good taste!!OMG I just counted how many LO's I've done since I got back from Mum and Dad's and holey dooley I've finished 12 !!!Surprised I don't have a RSI (repetitive scrapbooking injury!!!LOL!)Its no wonder I've used up the last of my empty spots in my album!I'll have to buy some more on wednesday (hope you have a big supply Jody!!)I'm off to clean my scrappin room.....I have stuff everywhere......but when those ideas are flowing you don't want to stop!!! Shelly I'm looking forward to Bianca's birthday......definately need to consume lots of Jimmy before I'll have a go at singstar though LMAO!!!TFL!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008


This is a LO I've done for the weekend workout at scrapapple.I have had the crappiest day ever...woke up with a stinkin headache...burn't Allans birthday cake ( I sooooo need a new oven)had some people drop in hence the post title......I'm just not happy Jan!!!!!I hope tomorrow will be better.Still can't believe I burn't his peaved right now!!!!!I'm off before I bore everyone beyond recognition.....that or make you laugh even harder LOL!!! ;)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Oooops!!!Just realised i have put the same pic up twice DUH!!!

Gee's what a tool I can't believe I did that .....oh well.....I've still been scrappin surprises there!LOL !Managed to wrap all Allans birthday pressies today without him catching a peek!Can't wait to give them to him tomorrow!!

I'm about to get lock jaw from yawning so I'm off................. TFL Krissy xx

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I've scrapped to my hearts content!!!

I've been a busy little bee scrapping for the last two days and these are what I've come up with! I'm taking part in a CC this weekend and was told to step out of my comfort zone hence the two pages that stand out from the rest!LOL!Love the end results though!:) Mental note don't have a loaded paint brush in your hand when you're about to sneeze.....hence the extra wide border of paint on my "You" LO! I'm off to have a cuppa.....thanks for having a lookie :)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Todays accomplishments....

Just finished Morgans birthday page last night and the other is for a sketch challenge lovin those greens and blues at the moment! YAY!!!I'm going to cyber crop the night away tonight!Can't wait....especially after printing over 200 photo's at Bigw at the weekend......who can resist when they are only 10 cents each!!! Jody I have recovered from my wii induced injury LOL Allan said I was talking about the wii in my sleep last night.....nothing surprises me about the wierd and wonderful things that go through my head when I'm in the land of nod!!!I'll upload my creations from tonights cyber crop tomorrow .......:)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New LO for today

Just finished this LO on Josh's need for speed!He loves anything that goes fast.....even though it gives me heart pulpitations just watching him!I try not to hang around when he is on it because I tend to squeal and that puts him off...can't help it Aunties are supposed to worry when their nephew is hoofin it all over the place doing jumps and skids!!!Its all too much for worry wart me!!!

Hi5 pics....

These are some (I took heaps!!) of the pic's from the hi5 concert
Sooo cute as a Hi5 fairy!
Me and Morgan before the show
Charli is Morgans favourite!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Back from visiting.......

These are a couple of my new LO's! The forever one with me and Al is for the 123challenge and the one with the frangipani's is just because they are my fav's!!!I took this photo of the frnagipani's in Mum and Dads yard (I tried to grow my own but they just didn't survive my lack of green thumb LOL!!)
Just got back from visiting with Mum and Dad last night and had a fabbo time!I shopped til I dropped for Allan's birthday and had a ball spending time with everyone.Also got my wii fix while I was there,had a ball playing the golf with Dad!I still hold the current high-score of 575 on the target practice!Shock horror because I hate sports but am totally addicted to the wii!!!LOL!!
We went to see the Hi5 concert yesterday and it was great although I did come home with .....go,go,go,go...stop playing over and over in my head!Which did get pretty annoying when they are the only words I could remember from the song!!!Morgan and her little friend Emily loved it and I got some super cute pic's of them both which (watch this space and I will upload soon!) Well I'm off to class with Shelly at Jody's shop Created By You tonight and can't wait because I'm having major withdrawals after no scrapping for a week!! Take care
Krissy xx

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Can't believe I have finally created a blog!

Well I thought I would kill some time while I'm sitting here all dressed up waiting for Allan to come home constructively and put something on here!LOL First attempt so it could all go horribly wrong but fingers crossed!

These are some of my new LO's I have done this week,all of a sudden I seem to be favouring bright colours!Shock horror to anyone that knows me and I am usually hopeless with brights!Best be off and see where that husband of mine is........thanks for stopping by!