Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Princess Morgan!!

My beautiful little niece Morgan is 3 today :) she had a fandabbydosey birthday party at the park and I had an awesome time at Lyns place with Josh and Morgan doing my usual paparazzi trick as always LOL!! Plus in other big news I am a quitter..........the good kind not the bad slack kind LOL I went cold turkey and gave up smoking!!I havent had a "norty" for about 110 hours.......and I feel fab!!I have resisted the kids made a video on my mobile phone saying "we are proud of you auntie!" so how can I not continue to make my favourite little peeps proud :) I still havent been home......maybe tomorrow or sunday depending on how long Al's latest contract takes........when I get home I'll be having Paige and Brandan staying at ours for a few days :) More photo ops!I'll be going from littlies to teenagers :O am I mad or what LOL!!!Lots going on at the moment...........three bears to make when I get some DT stuff.........there will be a few class changes taking place soon so keep an eye on the forum for the latest at ALLCRAFTZ.Big thanks to everyone who bought my first class kit :) I hope you enjoy it :)

Spring has sprung cybercrop is happening right now at ALLCRAFTZ!!I have been given the opportunity to set 2 challenges a sketch (a Krissy original LOL) and an OTP!!You can check ot all the details HERE......Hannah has two fab challenges to inspire you too a card sketch and an ATC challenge......I so wish I had some scrapping goodies with me :( Oh well I'll have to wait until next time :)

I think thats about all for now.......massive birthday hugs for the precious Morgan :)

Krissy xx

Friday, September 19, 2008

Tonights the night...........

that I teach my very first class ever...........ok I'll be honest I am freaking out!!I have these major panics that I am going to do it wrong or get myself in a big tizz...............deep breaths........ok much better LOL I am super excited about it though!!!Im sure once I start it will be all good *thumbs up* There are still some of my class kits left at ALLCRAFTZ and you can do it after the class has taken place :) The shop isnt operational until the 22nd of September.....but you can add goodies to your cart like I have ;) ready for re-opening sooooooooo much nice new stuff!!Its all dribble worthy LOL

I did a major day of non stop yesterday.....walked to the post office to send off my LO's(happy danced actually LOL) visited Jody and Shelly on the way,grabbed some bits and pieces walked home again,cleaned the house and did 45 minutes on the wii fit :O!!!OMG I so love the wii BMI is going up woohoo!!Should probably add that my arms and legs are killing me!!Boxing and step classes will do that though PMSL!!

Im off to spend the day with the gorgeous Nic today :) Making a blog for her.....YAY!!Hopefully I wont stuff it up LOL

I think thats about it for now.......dont forget to check out the new stuff at ALLCRAFTZ!!!

Krissy xx

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Guess who got an email from scrapbooking memories????.........ME!!!Asking me to send in not one but 2 of my LO's :O :O :O!!!Im sooo excited....and shocked LOL I have had to removed them from my blog and the gallery :( but it will be worth it if any of my stuff ever manages to be published LOL So I'll be off to the post office tomorrow to send them........woohoo!!!I might just happy dance the whole way down LOL.....I had to rifle through the bin for the names of some of the products...oopsies my bad for not writing things down LOL!!

Krissy (the very happy bunny LOL) xx

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Whats new......

This is my LO for the gorgeous Jules blog challenge!No pink/blue :O,No big photos :O,NO FLOWERS :O (it feels a bit naked LOL) and No patterned paper :O but I managed it :O LOL I love a challenge :)
This is my recipe for this week at CIS!The gorgeous miss Morgan having some fun in the sun :) Cant believe we are up to recipe 3 already!!Its been so much fun and I loved making up a recipe with my CISters :)

I created this LO and memory card case for my fandabbydosey friend Nic who took me to Australia Zoo,lets me cluck all over her little boys and is just a gorgeous person :) Oh and she is the bestest Stampin Up demonstrator!!Nic will have a blog soon too.....Im off for a visit and help her create one on Friday so watch this space for Nics blog :)

Ok not much scrapping over the weekend :( I have been sick with the dreaded head cold and cough :( no mojo to scrap when Im sick :( Feeling much better today though so Im doing some washing and hitting the scrap room to scrap til I drop LOL

Im getting very excited (and nervous) about my first class!!Its this Friday night 8pm at ALLCRAFTZ you can check it all out HERE!It is going to be fun!!It would be a fab LO for a teen boy,hubby,BF,Dad or any special man in you life :) I am also busily coming up with ideas for the "spring had sprung" Cybercrop which will be running from the 25th of September til the 29th......lots of fab challenges and games to join in on!!It will be fandabbydosey!

I will be MIA as of Saturday......Im off to spend some quality time with the gorgeous Morgan and the spunky Josh and my fab sister Lyns too.......I wont be back online until the 26th which just happens to be Princess Morgans 3rd birthday :) Its going to be fun spending a whole week with my favourite little peeps :) Lots of photo ops too ;)

I think thats about it for me.......take care and thanks for stopping by :)

Krissy xx

Friday, September 12, 2008

two new LO's from yesterday :)

This LO was made for the "sandies daisies" challenge at ALLCRAFTZ I have also used some kaiser "cafe" pp's,Tim Holtz grungeboard and a heap of distressing!!There are still some of Sandies Daisies left for sale....she makes them by hand and they are just gorgeous!!!Head on over to ALLCRAFTZ and check them out!
This LO is for the title comp at CIS.......this month it is kids books titles........"A is for Auntie" was one of the titles on the list and wasnt that just made for me LOL!!This pic was taken on Fathers Day and as you can see Joshy was being his normal self when it comes to photos.....that tongue!!Cheeky boy!!He had us all laughing so hard LOL He is such a character!!

I had a fandabbydosey day at Nic's today!Shelly came and picked me up and we spent the day chatting,drooling over the new SU stuff,drinking coffee and pigging out on Nic's homemade chochip cookies......yummmo!!Of course I was clucking all over little Sam and Jakob LOL Cutie boys that they are :)

Im off to play :) I have a surprise to sort out for Nic before tomorrow night as a thankyou for taking me to Australia Zoo the other week :)

Krissy xx

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A couple of LO's and a drawing :)

Sorry had to remove the photo for publishing!!! :) "Luv u" is inspired by another of the lovely Liz's sketches!This one brought back my mojo when it went walkies for a week :O!!The journalling is something that I say to both Morgan and reads "Hey Morgan guess what?Yes DD.....I love you! I know" Only difference between the kids and my little "I love you game" is that Josh is too quick and answers "I love you too"before I can finish it LOL but I also say to the moon and back which is a line from a book I have bought for each of the kids for their first birthdays called "Guess how much I love you?" its is a gorgeous story about a mummy hare and a baby hare :)
This is my LO for Recipe 2 using the fabulous Manons recipe :) Had lots of fun with it!

This is a drawing that I was telling the lovely Jules about on msn last night :) Its a dodgy photo....I was trying to balance myself on the edge of the couch to take it LOL!!!
Whats been happening since the last update......let me think.......OH!I went from little miss cranky pants yesterday (dont ask) to happy little bunny!!It was my lucky day people!!I got an email from the lovely E at ALLCRAFTZ saying that they had a big sale 30% off Kaiser......I was jumping for joy my fave scrap brand on sale wooohoooo!!Then while I was filling my cart LOL I had another email saying that the sale had been changed to storewide :O all I needed to do was buy some Kaiser stuff (not hard for me at all!) so off I went happily doing some retail therapy....bought HEAPS of Kaiser and some more carolees (love them too LOL) and I spoiled myself with a Tim Holtz stamp excited about that!!Then I hit the forum to see whats new and I notice posts saying order numbers.....I was thinking "what the?" so I went and had another look at the shop and E was offering a special bonus to particular order I excitedly race to my email inbox to find my order number and guess what?????.........I was a lucky winner!!!!!Woohooo!!!So very excited!!Big smile on my dial!!I have scrapped another LO today using some of Sandies funky daisies....I scrapped my elephant encounter LOL I left out the bit about the elephant snot though LOL!!!
Well its 11:30 and just about time for me to hit the hay.......I'll update again tomorrow....because I have TMST and because I have another couple of LO's to share :)
Take care and thanks for visiting!
Krissy xx

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Theres a bear in there.......

and a chair as well.....OMG Ive gone all playschool!!LOL I was trying to think of a good title for the post LOL........As per requested by the lovely Miss Kate T :) here is the photo of the latest bear for Josh's teacher who had a baby girl the other week :) The photo isnt was a last minute thought before Lyns left with it LOL but you get the idea :) I had a phone call from Josh's Kindy teacher.......yes I still rememebered her name she is a lovely lady :) asking for a quote for 3 bears....:O......3 bears!!How cool is that!!I havent heard back yet whether the board agreed but we'll wait and see......could make me one step closer to a wii fit LOL!!
Who wants to do my first class????Its going to be fun!!(I hope LOL) No seriously it is up for sale at ALLCRAFTZ now!!!Check out a pic of the LO HERE Allan roused when he saw I did it about him LOL....oh well too bad LOL :D I have also been busily working on a few kits or classes......with some different templates added and some new techniques........its going to be fun :)
We had a fandabbydosey time with the family on Fathers Day!Dad loved his pressies and I am still aching from the wi fit LOL that hoola hooping really works out the tummy muscles!!Loved the ski jumping too.....I hold the high scores on both LOL little non sporty Krissy can do it on the computer but not in real life PMSL!!!It was heaps of fun though :) The kids loved it too...Morgan had a go at Yoga with me.....sooooo cute!!Apparently I have a bad BMI reading so Im on a mission to fix it......:) It'll be sweet :)
I got my new washing machine delivered yesterday.....OMG I love it!!Never thought Id say that about a washing machine LOL but this thing is like a space ship!!its all digital....and it plays me a happy little song when its finished LOL Love it!!Im working on a little album for Morgan for her 3rd birthday at the end of the month....she loves photos and Im hoping to create a little scrapper in the making LOL Trust me to give myself 2 weeks to do it in though LOL
I think thats about all for now.....exciting stuff hey LOL
Dont forget to check out my class girls!!!
Krissy xx

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Weekend creations :)

This is a card for someone.....cant say who in case they read this LOL but anyway its for Karens challenge to make a card that is predominantly yellow.....which I would normally avoid but I had fun and Im really pleased with how the card came together! Anyway I hope that when it gets there it is liked :)

Sorry had to remove "Forever Love" for publishing!!:)

"Forever Love" is for the technique challenge by Ally.....we had to create a frame using stamps and also use some cut out stamp hearts and flowers for me of course ;) This photo is of Al and I on our anniversary last month.he wasnt pleased about me demanding another photo but he gave in LOL

"Angel" was inspired by a sketch from Liz :) Loved this one Liz! I adore this photo of Morgan at gymnastics....her teacher took it on dress-up day and gave Lyns a copy which of course I copied for myself LOL!!!
Ok thats the new scrappin stuff now onto me gibbering as usual LOL......Hey Jody Stinky is updating AGAIN!!!!LOL Oh and thanks again for letting me borrow your cricut lovey you are a star and a lifesaver *mwah* We went shopping today and bought a new washing machine wooooohooooooo!!It arrives on Monday.....guess what I'll be doing all week LOL I never thought I'd say this but "Im looking forward to doing some decent washing!!LOL"It has been seriously piling up.....Ive been hand washing what I can but it takes soooooo long to dry!Bought some goodies for Dad today while I was down visiting Jody ......its gonna be good Dad! ;) I think thats about it........have a fab saturday night people :)
Thanks for stopping by!
Krissy xx

Friday, September 5, 2008

More new stuff!!

Beach day fun- using some of Sandies flowers which are available exclusively at ALLCRAFTZ!!They are just gorgeous!I love you all know LOL I have also used some of the pages from the Bella Corktopia album (painted blue) as frames for my smaller pics :) I am in love with paint (again) and it seems to be an addition to nearly all my pages LOL!!Seriously though head on over to AC4U and buy some of these lovely hand made flowers.....I'd buy more for sure!Big thumbs up from me :)
Splish splash inspired by Liz's recipe scrap :) Im experimenting with some new things (like not being so fussy about straight lines......I am lovin it!!)

The very spunky JT.......using a sketch by the lovely Liz :)
Im mixing crafts today.....scrapping and a spot of bear making!JT's teacher had a little baby girl on Monday so I said I would make a bear for Joshy to give her......awwwww pink baby bear!Although Im all out of pink fur so its white (oops) but everything else is pink LOL!!Im scrapping some DT projects for Allcraftz as well as taking part in the cybercrop at CIS I'd love to show my OTP but it will have to wait.....just in case Dad visits my blog ;) LOL I'll upload it after Sunday though! Still no washing machine *insert rolling eyes here* hopefully tomorrow we will get a chance to go shopping for a new one......we where going to go yesterday but Al wasnt feeling well and it ws raining like crazy!!I thought it was never going to stop! :O! Well I'd best be off and sew the rest of the bear.....I'll upload a pic when Im done :) Have a fandabbydosey day people......:)
Krissy xx

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New stuff and some exciting news :)

These are some of last weeks creations :) made for the cc at SB by Liz,Nat,Char and Manon.....had a ball ladies :) Thank goodness the mojo is back!!I swear it was no where to be found for a few days last week :O but its back phew!!Ok so thats the new stuff now for the exciting news!!!

My first class has been listed for sale at ALLCRAFTZ!!!!Click HERE to see the sneak peek and class info ........this LO would be perfect for the man in your life, a Dad LO,tweeny or teenaged boy......its up to you!I did mine using a pic of Allan and our boy fur kid Jack :) Sssssh dont tell Allan .....he'll rouse if he knows I used a pic of him LOL!!There are limited numbers of the kits for classes so if you would like to do my first class you will have to be quick :) To view class dates please check it out HERE :)

Well on the home front it looks like we are up for a new washing machine *insert rolling eyes here* so thats on the agenda for tomorrow.....I swear if that pile of washing falls on me I could be lost for weeks LOL!!Happy, happy, joy, joy.....the Tarzan has left the building (those that know me know what I mean LOL) woohoo!!!Very happy bunny!!Kloe's collar is still working a treat....she has the occassional blonde moment and barks once......then she remembers about the smell when she does it LOL Thats about all thats happening here at the moment....exciting stuff I know LOL

Take care and thanks for stopping by :)

Krissy xx

P.S.Thanks for using my chat box lovely ladies! :)