Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New stuff and some exciting news :)

These are some of last weeks creations :) made for the cc at SB by Liz,Nat,Char and Manon.....had a ball ladies :) Thank goodness the mojo is back!!I swear it was no where to be found for a few days last week :O but its back phew!!Ok so thats the new stuff now for the exciting news!!!

My first class has been listed for sale at ALLCRAFTZ!!!!Click HERE to see the sneak peek and class info ........this LO would be perfect for the man in your life, a Dad LO,tweeny or teenaged boy......its up to you!I did mine using a pic of Allan and our boy fur kid Jack :) Sssssh dont tell Allan .....he'll rouse if he knows I used a pic of him LOL!!There are limited numbers of the kits for classes so if you would like to do my first class you will have to be quick :) To view class dates please check it out HERE :)

Well on the home front it looks like we are up for a new washing machine *insert rolling eyes here* so thats on the agenda for tomorrow.....I swear if that pile of washing falls on me I could be lost for weeks LOL!!Happy, happy, joy, joy.....the Tarzan has left the building (those that know me know what I mean LOL) woohoo!!!Very happy bunny!!Kloe's collar is still working a treat....she has the occassional blonde moment and barks once......then she remembers about the smell when she does it LOL Thats about all thats happening here at the moment....exciting stuff I know LOL

Take care and thanks for stopping by :)

Krissy xx

P.S.Thanks for using my chat box lovely ladies! :)


kate said...

wow enjoy doing your class krissy cant wait to see you doing classes at cis hint hint nudge nudge. ;) love your chat box its good fun to use, looking forward to seeing you at cis cc this weekend darl! xo


Beautiful work Krissy!