Friday, September 5, 2008

More new stuff!!

Beach day fun- using some of Sandies flowers which are available exclusively at ALLCRAFTZ!!They are just gorgeous!I love you all know LOL I have also used some of the pages from the Bella Corktopia album (painted blue) as frames for my smaller pics :) I am in love with paint (again) and it seems to be an addition to nearly all my pages LOL!!Seriously though head on over to AC4U and buy some of these lovely hand made flowers.....I'd buy more for sure!Big thumbs up from me :)
Splish splash inspired by Liz's recipe scrap :) Im experimenting with some new things (like not being so fussy about straight lines......I am lovin it!!)

The very spunky JT.......using a sketch by the lovely Liz :)
Im mixing crafts today.....scrapping and a spot of bear making!JT's teacher had a little baby girl on Monday so I said I would make a bear for Joshy to give her......awwwww pink baby bear!Although Im all out of pink fur so its white (oops) but everything else is pink LOL!!Im scrapping some DT projects for Allcraftz as well as taking part in the cybercrop at CIS I'd love to show my OTP but it will have to wait.....just in case Dad visits my blog ;) LOL I'll upload it after Sunday though! Still no washing machine *insert rolling eyes here* hopefully tomorrow we will get a chance to go shopping for a new one......we where going to go yesterday but Al wasnt feeling well and it ws raining like crazy!!I thought it was never going to stop! :O! Well I'd best be off and sew the rest of the bear.....I'll upload a pic when Im done :) Have a fandabbydosey day people......:)
Krissy xx


kate said...

cant wait to see the bear krissy. bummer about the washing machine i reckon its not very good washing weather so you will be fine for a few days. i seen your jar! it looks fantastic. ;) love your take on lizzies sketch too, great job!!! xo

Manon Keir said...

I'm loving your experimenting krissy!! So funky and fresh, gorgeous!! Good luck with the washing :)

jules said...

lovin those layouts honey!! :)

love the flowers by sandie too...really cute!!