Friday, September 19, 2008

Tonights the night...........

that I teach my very first class ever...........ok I'll be honest I am freaking out!!I have these major panics that I am going to do it wrong or get myself in a big tizz...............deep breaths........ok much better LOL I am super excited about it though!!!Im sure once I start it will be all good *thumbs up* There are still some of my class kits left at ALLCRAFTZ and you can do it after the class has taken place :) The shop isnt operational until the 22nd of September.....but you can add goodies to your cart like I have ;) ready for re-opening sooooooooo much nice new stuff!!Its all dribble worthy LOL

I did a major day of non stop yesterday.....walked to the post office to send off my LO's(happy danced actually LOL) visited Jody and Shelly on the way,grabbed some bits and pieces walked home again,cleaned the house and did 45 minutes on the wii fit :O!!!OMG I so love the wii BMI is going up woohoo!!Should probably add that my arms and legs are killing me!!Boxing and step classes will do that though PMSL!!

Im off to spend the day with the gorgeous Nic today :) Making a blog for her.....YAY!!Hopefully I wont stuff it up LOL

I think thats about it for now.......dont forget to check out the new stuff at ALLCRAFTZ!!!

Krissy xx

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kate said...

you are going to have a great time doing your class tonight krissy cant wait to see you doing some classes at cis ;) hint hint