Sunday, June 26, 2011

I {heart} messages

.....from followers and lovely emails saying hi and asking about how I do things :) Its a massive compliment to me and I always appreciate it :)

I recently had an email from a lovely reader called Kellie Daley asking me about the rolled roses Ive been using on my work alot lately-they are a wee bit addictive hehehe Kellie asked if I could tell her how I make mine more dimensional than other rolled roses so I quickly volunteered to do a quick tutorial to share how I make them so here you go lovely I hope you like it :)

I must add these where not my original idea I was shown how to make them at creative block 2 years ago and have just remembered how much fun they are :D

Heres a quick tutorial on how I made mine.....

Heres a quick list of what you need and how to do it

You will need:

Thick patterned paper or cardstock (I used bo bunny pp's)
glue (450 is good it dries nice and quick)

The main steps are as follows:

Cut out some squares of patterned paper ( the smaller the square the smaller the rose-Ive done 3 roses to display this ;-))

Cut into the squares a snail shape (like the ones we used to make in kindy or those spirally things we used to hang off the ceiling) Snip off the excess from the square. Dont snip off the little curly tail in the middle we need that later ;-)

Use your fingernail to gently turn over the outer edge so it has a little lip- do this for the whole snail shape.

You can now ink the edges if you like.

Starting at the end fold a small piece to your left as shown in the picture and start rolling it around tightly until you get to the end of the snail. If you get a long bit sticking out of the middle you can snip a little bit off with your scissors.

Keep holding the snail tightly and add a blob of glue to the little curly tail bit and press it to the bottom of the roll. Gently let it loosen slightly to make a rose shape you desire-if you want a tight rose just let it loosen a little bit ,if you want a big loose rose let it loosen more....hope this makes sense :$

Hold the rose with your finger and thumb until it is firm enough to hold, then you can ink,paint or sand the edges.

The final step I do in once it has dried I place the rose on the table and with the palm of my hand I gently press on it to smoosh it down a bit (hehehe im good at the technical terms hey LOL) this makes it more rose-ish I think ;-)

Anywhoo they are a great way to make matching embellies or to use up scraps :D

If you have a go make sure you leave me a link so I can have a lookie :)

Heres a sneaky of  a LO I did using the roses I made in this tutorial

Hope you all liked the tutorial :)

Who wants a tutorial on how I do my vintagey backgrounds?

Thanks for visiting and please take the time to say hi and let me know you popped by :)

Krissy xx

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cybercrop this weekend @ Wicked & a Massive sale!!

Ive been shopping again and am running out of space in Princessland so a sale is in order to help me make room for all the new goodies!!

50% off selected kits!!

20% off all other kits!!

15% off MVB's,alphas,masks,mists and more!!

Happy shopping! Sale is for one week only starting today

*no further discounts or vouchers are valid during the sale*

FREE post on all orders over $70!
Happy shopping and see you at the cybercrop!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Want to win a prize from Wicked Princesses?

The gorgeous Tanya and Nikki from Get Picky asked little ole me to be guest DT this month woot wooot!! So chuffed!! Im sponsoring too and have put a lovely gift worth $50 up for grabs so why not have a go at the challenge! :D I had done another LO for the challenge example but it was accepted for publication by Scrapbooking Memories so I whipped this one up quick as a flash :) If you like the papers you will love on of the new kits for the shop next month ;-) Love these photos of my gorgeous little niece at the park :) It was something different for me to do a little miss layout with vintagey papers and bits was fun!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lots to share.....

I just realised I havent shared some of my retreat layouts yet *oopsies* and I have some from before and some since so prepare for a biggish photo fest :D I have long been a mist-o-phobe but have recently fallen in lurve in the hugest way possible with now finding myself wishing I had every colour available to that I could mist every LO hehehe I got some of the Maya Road mists into the shop last week and oh my I am SO lovin the charcol....check out how cool it is on this Josh shimmer so its almost teenage boy friendly ;-) Very grungey and cool :D

*removed for publication :D *
More misting hehe and stamping and goodness I loved this much that I ordered the goodies twice so it will be a WP kit next month ;-) with a few extras the one at the retreat didnt have ;-) My gorgeous friend Nic I {heart} her she is always there for me and I truely am lucky to have her as a friend :)
close up.............
My other gorgeous friend Missus -AKA Tam :D Challenged me at the retreat with "Do a Morgan layout...." my reply was "too easy!" then she finished her challenge with "Do a Morgan layout with NO flowers" I sat rocking back and forth in the corner for a while trying to get my head around the no flowers on a Mo LO then I was up for the challenge....this LO took me twice as long as normal but I like it! Im proud to say too that I didnt put any on when I got home missus ;-) I used the Vicki B kit from the shop at WIcked :D
More Morgan and :O I just noticed no flowers What the!! 2 in a row :O now im going to have to do one covered in flowers to get back to normal hehehe this is the "School days" kit in the shop...only one left girls!

Two of my favourite ladies in the whole wide mum and my Granny I {heart} this photo so so much.....they where having a good ole giggle and I managed to catch it at the right time :) I used the "Happy go lucky" kit and made the vine and big rose myself :D

It seems that all my photos of my nephew Josh he is doing something with his tongue -I secretly think he might be trying to put me off taking his photo and scrapping will take more than that to put me off mate! Hehehehe
I think I used the "up and away" kit from the shop for this one.....yummy colours I love it :D

and another one with the "School days" kit :D Its such a versatile kit I love it :)

I was going to share the other layout I did the sneaks for the other day but it has been picked up for publication so sorry peeps :(

Thanks for coming to visit my little ole blog ....please leave a message and say hi so I know im not waffling to myself lol

Krissy xx

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just a peek.....

at a special LO for a very cool challenge blog I created a Lo for ;-) IM so excited about it :D

OK so thats 2 sneaks but it doesnt give anything away so I think im safe hehehe

Thanks for visiting *mwah*

Krissy xx

PS like the mushroom,cloud and ladybug? Check out the new MVB combos at Wicked ;-)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sweet and sad.....

Its not often that I scrap about my pets I do take lots of piccies but never seemed to get around to scrapping them...since Kloe died Ive decided to make a conscious effort to though. They are an important part of my life too and deserve to be scrapped along with the rest of the family :)

My sweet Jack -the title describes my boy to a tee :) Since Kloe died he has become my dog follows me everywhere and wont listen to a word Al says lol much to Al's dismay lol Kloe was always the one who ignored him and it drove him nuts lol I based this LO on a blind scrap from the fabulous Karen Grose and I love how it turned out :D I used the budget boy kit from Wicked Princesses and its on sale now for just $12.00 :D

and this one was sad and hard to scrap......I got every single photo I ever took of my girl printed the other week and at first I couldnt even look at them without bursting into tears,then I loved looking at them and remembering when they where taken and the things she did and didnt cry anymore. I was showing my friend Ali (fellow JR owner and very spunky lady) and we where sharing our Jack Russell stories and photos at the retreat and it made me think I was ready to start scrapping some of Kloes photos so I decided on Sunday night to use some for this weeks sketch at first I was ok then the inevitable happened, I sooked like a baby and wanted to pack it up and go to bed I was such a mess but thought "nope she cant be forgotten and I wont allow her to ever be" so through teary eyes,half a box of tissues and a very heavy heart I scrapped this layout about my beloved girl..........

I wanted to journal about her but that was pushing it I time I will :)

I better go before I start sooking again......hug your furry friends tonight and give them an extra one from me :)

Krissy xx

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Exciting times @ Wicked Princesses :)

This week I am having a Princess SALE-A-BRATION to celebrate the 3 new Designer Princesses :) Barb Turner,Hannah Butcher and Holly Connors :D Ive got

20% off ALL KITS!! Even the brand new ones :O

*no vouchers or further discounts are valid during the sale*

Check out the bargains here

Last weekend we had the very 1st Wicked Retreat! Id spent a year planning,stressing and organising everything for the fun filled weekend and it was all worth it because it was the best weekend EVER! All the ladies that attended had a fabulous time and where lovely, Ive made so many new friends and got to catch up with my lovelies it was  fandabbydosey :D It was all these lovely ladies that made it such a great success and I thank you all for that *mwah*

Here are a few photos from the weekend, I havent collaged all of the photos in case anyone doesnt want them on show but if you are on my FB friends list you can see more of them :) I have to thank my fabulous husband for playing bus driver -you rock Sir Otto! My gorgeous Ma (aka checkout chick extraordinaire) for helping me all weekend and my sister for helping on saturday and Morgan for being the entertainment during the photos LOL *mwah* im so very lucky to have such a supportive family and husband :) Anywhoo heres a few of the piccies........

Loving all that pink and black hey :D

We had such a fab time that Ive booked again for next year and within 48 hours it was booked out! :O Im now putting the word out for anyone that missed out this time if they'd be interested in another retreat later in the year.....maybe September or if anyone is interested please email me or pm me at Wicked :)

I did manage to scrap 4 LO's and a canvas at the retreat but havent photographed them yet so as soon as I do I will share them here :)

Thanks for stopping by :)