Friday, March 9, 2012

whats saving my sanity right now.......

.......measures 5 x 8.5 inches and is my go-to guy for some relaxation and unwinding at the Allan hasnt shrunk LOL its my beloved art journal :) I {heart} it so so much......In the last few weeks alot has happened in our little world and the stress is getting to me in alot of ways. Many dont  know but I suffer terribly with anxiety as a result of stress.... there are days when I dont answer the phone and will go into panic mode if there is a knock at the door. This is all part of my anxiety and while most times I can control "it" there are many that I cant and Im trying to use my art journal to let it all out and use some positive affirmations in my text to try to encourage myself to -stop over thinking,stop worrying,stop wondering and just breathe.....I cant control everything and make everyone happy I have to just try to get on with things and let whatever happens happen.......My inner control freak is squealing "noooooooooo" but my heart says "yes it has to be this way".

I constantly over think what people say,what people think,how I should be and what I should be doing.....Ive always done it but am hoping to help myself and stop!

So anywhoo.....the "journal girls" I have been drawing and painting started out as just for fun but they seemed to reflect my feelings in their expression (totally unintentional) so they have become a bit of a selfie thing with me venting my feelings into the paint,chalks and crayons and for whatever reason it seems to help. Im noticing a transition in their expressions since I started and will share a flip through in my next blog post if anyone wants to have a lookie at the journal so far? Leave me a comment if you would like to see :)

Im starting to do little tutorials (photos and videos) on the forum in my shop here starting with a nice cruisey watercolour background :) Next will be stamping and paint yummmmm.....are you going to check it out and have a go?

Heres a little taster of whats in my journal so far -massive thanks to my Ma for buying it for me too *mwah* loveyalove xx

 "Today I choose positive nuturing thoughts that nourish me on all levels"
 The latest art journal girl and my fave so far I think....this one isnt finished yet ;-)
 This little lovely will be my art journaling video I will share once my hubby has edited the video for me too technically challenged lol

So dont forget leave me a comment if you want to see a flip through of my art journal ;-)

Have a fab weekend and thanks for visiting

Krissy xx