Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A pressie from my peeps and new flower colours!

How gorgeous is this!My peeps (Aka Josh and Morgan) made me this fandabbydosey picture together as a surprise when I got to their place:D Josh is loving publisher at the moment so he and Morgan printed out their fave ones (love that Mo picked santa lol) and coloured them in for me Josh on one side and Morgan on the other :D But wait theres more!!

This is the note on the back........
Awwwww cant beat that hey!Gorgeous little peeps I love you more :D
Im going to scrap the piccies of me and the peeps I took at the weekend and these piccies will be on the LO too ;-)
And oooooooh look pretty!!These are the new colours Ive been waffling on about we have ice blue,apricot and mocha......mmmmm yummo I could so go a mocha right now lol Check out the flowers blog for more info on how to order some if you think you'd like some to add to your stash :)
The fabulous Miss Jody my lovely friend and owner of Created By You Burpengary came over to pick up her flower order for the shop and ended up buying a "few"branches of blossoms at the same time lol If you live in the Burpengary area make sure you stop in and check them out and tell Jody and Lesley I sent ya ;-)

Its CYBERCROP time at Wicked Princesses!!WP is celebrating its 1st birthday and Karen,Tam,Kirsty,Kayla and I have been busily putting together some fandabbydosey challenges for you all so make sure you head over to the forum to register and check it all out!!

Have you registered for the CISters night in yet?Dont forget it is for a fab cause and there will be lots of awesome challenges and prizes on offer and Kerryn is doing her first class at CIS and Laura will have a class pack for sale its all going to be good lovelies!Mark it in your calendar 17th October :D

Okies best be off and get some lunch my tummy is grumbling lol

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CISters night in

Lana the fabulous boss lady of CIS has organised a night of scrapping,comps,prizes,chatting and fundraising for Breast Cancer research.$1 from each classkit/access purchased for Kerryns class will be donated and Laura has created a class kit and she is kindly donating $2 for each kit sold and I have donated some of may handmade flowers as a prize on the night too :D I think its something that all women and girls should be aware of and every little bit towards finding a cure helps us all. My gorgeous friend Kirsten is a breast cancer survivor and she is the most amazing person *mwah* you are awesome lovely :) If you are reading this you know I think you are fandabbydosey :) So come on girls come and join us on the night everyone is lovely and I know you will have a fab time!
Just a little sneak (you can see the full image on Friday when I show the full LO :D) I used my new branches of blossoms in pale blue,small roses in ice blue (NEW) and olive green I think they look devine with the awesome websters pages Lana sent me from the CIS store *mwah* thanks Lana!

My poor head is still pounding :( my sinuses are all messed up from the dust we've been having.......I can bend over because the pain in my head is awful :( Ok enough of me sooking lol

Im off to make some cards for a special Wicked Princess tutorial ;-)

Thanks for stopping by and for all your comments they make my day *mwah*

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Look who is 4 today :D

Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece Morgan - I love you to the moon and back baby :)

These are a few of the photos from today (havent photoshopped them yet because Im at mums but you get the idea :D)
She loved her " Happy birthday air balloon" I love how she calls them that LOL
Check out the cool cake mum made her :)

Check out mum and dads awesome bouganvilleas (sp?) I tried to get her to pose but she wasnt in it awwww lol

Okies after my night sleeping next to a very fidgetty princess (who kicked my back all night lol) Im off for a nana nap on the couch LOL

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wowee bumblebee!

LOL ok its a lame title but it made ya look didnt it? lol The wowee is because I just looked at all the gorgeous faces in my followers box and there is 49!!Oh my how super duper fandabbydosey is that!Thanks so much to you all *mwah* you rock lovelies :D

Im down visiting the family this weekend :) My gorgeous princess peep Morgan is 4 on saturday so its time for the traditional sleep over the night before :D I think the only year I didnt was on Josh's 1st birthday.....but have stayed over the night before for all their other birthdays :D It means Lyns and Matt dont have to sorry about getting those "just out of bed,hair everywhere, half asleep opening pressies photos" LOL thats Aunties job ;-) Morgan has requested bowling and the movies to see "up" for her birthday so whatever the princess wants on her special day she shall have :D Mum is playing party organiser and making the following that Morgan asked for - Butter sandwiches,Nans sausage rolls and a HUGE chocolate cake lol Ive got her a fab little pile of pressies and Im itchin to give them to her lol I got her a Dora scrapbook album and filled it with LO's of her family (she loves looking at mine) a diary,an outfit,a handbag with little puppies in it and a new outfit for "little one" her beloved baby doll :D All wrapped in gorgeous pink wrapping paper ;-) For Josh's "not birthday" yes we are all that mad about birthdays we have not birthdays too lol I got him this cool digital thing that you clip to your belt and it monitors how active you are then you plug it into the computer and the more active you have been to more games you get to play!How cool is that!He will love it :) and Auntie loved the bargain of reduced from $70 to $10 :D there is nothing better than a good bargain I reckon.

The plans for the scrap room redecoration are coming along fab (because im in charge LOL) Ive picked the corner desk I want,worked out a plan and a budget and am planning on getting crackin on ripping up carpet ,polishing the floors and painting ASAP :D I think a change is as good as a holiday lol Moving rooms is as close as Im going to get to a holiday for a while so im excited lol!

Okies better go because the peeps will be knocking on the door before I know it in the morning lol Im normally still in my jammies lol

Dont forget to check out the cybercrop at Crafting In Style!!The girls have a fab weekend of happy scrapping planned for you all!!

Friday 25th September
7:00pm Sign in and chatter
7:30pm Challenge 1: REDUCE with Karen
8:00pm Challenge 2: REUSE with Laura
8:30pm Challenge 3: RECYCLE with Kerryn

Saturday 26th September
8:00pm Live chat sign in
8:15pm Game: Scavenger Hunt with Lana
Note : All times are AEST

Sunday 27th September
Scrap and chat all day!!!

Upload by Wednesday 30th September midnight AEST

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Im branching out.......

Check out my flowers blog to see what im up to ;-)


Monday, September 21, 2009

Big weekend.......

of shopping,scrapping,having and being a visitor and making flowers!!LOL! I went and spent the day with Nic on saturday and beofre we got stuck into scrapping we went to pillowtalk and man oh man I got some awesome bargains!I wont say how much because some are for peoples christmas pressies lol but lets just say there is nothing quite as satisfying as getting something at 70% off :D Al's mum and her hubby spent the weekend at our place too and it was fab to catch up with them :) I went to spotlight yesterday with Rose and we got some groovy bargains there too!Including new colours for my flowers ;-) but Im not going to show them yet mwahahahaha evil arent I!!Wont be long til they are on show I just wanted to do some examples with them first :) While I was at Nics we watched a SU dvd lol it was awesome!!I sat there enthralled in techniques doing the "I wanna try that!"thing and Nic just nodded saying "told ya it was cool!"lol so anyway one of the things on the dvd was making a diarama card (probably spelt diarama wrong oops lol) so we where super keen to have a go and I decided to christen my jungle stamps :) Liz had a challenge this weekend in the scrapboutique cybercrop to change the cardstock or patterned paper in some way so I changed mine by colouring,stamping and doing some cool ink techniques on the back piece..........It was fiddly but you all know I LOVE fiddly stuff hehehe

I are probably shocked and it isnt often that this colour sees the light of day on my blog but yes it is purple :O Chels had a changeover challenge on the cybercrop and mine was swapped with Sharon who challenged me to use purple,distressing and lace :) I like how it turned out ......even with the purple LOL
Two gorgeous ladies in my life my Ma and my Granny *mwah* loveyaloves :)

I did another of my vines on this one......oh and before I forget a few girls have asked me if I am selling them .....what do you think? Should I? I think I might make a couple and see how they go :)
This is for the final challenge at enchanted scrapbookings indulgence challenge.It was to scrap about your scrap space or you scrapping omg thank heavens for the soft focus in picasa to hide my mess behind me PMSL I love these colours and have made an executive decision to make them the colour scheme in my scrap room :DThis year Im going to ask my santas for either vouchers or items in these colours (storage boxes etc) so I can get my room done up purty :D Im going to rip up the carpets too yay bye bye carpet lol
This is for the final challenge in the scraptwist challenge at 123 scrapbook :) To scrap a LO without patterned paper......all just cardstock. I gave my cuttlebug a workout and used some inking to scrap this photo of Al and I from our wedding day :)
Phew this has been a long post!Sorry lovelies if you are still reading this *mwah* thanks lol

Im off to post some flowers orders :D Have a fandabbydosey day everyone!Thanks for visiting :)


Friday, September 18, 2009

Lots to share :)

Gee I wonder who designed this invite for enchanted scrapbooking..............ME!!I won the birthday comp to design an invite ( OK I was the only entry so it was a win by default but I like it anyway :D) So make sure you come over and check it all out!

I forgot to upload these cards ages ago oopsies but forgot lol

A close up of my flowers on my sketch LO for this week :D This is an orange one inspired by an order from the gorgeous Sara :)
My LO using this weeks sketch :) I love these cricket photos of the boys....check out Josh's victory lap when he bowled out Uncle lol
Cant show this LO yet (Its for scrapping whispers) but here is a close up of a couple of my flowers on it :)

Im sorry to say that I have resigned from my DT position at A passion for craft but wanted to thank Lyn for the opportunity and all the girls from the forum for all your lovely comments and for coming to my classes :)

Im off to scrap at Nic's tomorrow yay woohoo havent had a scrappy catchup for ages :D Im packing my beachy pages lovey ;-)

Hope you all have a good day and dont forget to check out the cybercrop at scrapboutique tonight!!

Thanks for visiting!*mwah*

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just a sneak peek today...

This is a sneaky peekie of one of the LO's Ive been working on for Jules classes this month :) Gorgeous Loire Valley,Heidi swapp and some other bits and bobs :D I'll show the full LO's once Jules has announced them on the shut up and scrap blog :)

Ive been making soooooo many flowers for orders too :D Im a flower making machine lol Today I had an attack of the black singlet ( Family joke- mum always used to wear a black singlet when she was going to do a massive clean so we would all run for the hills at the first sign of the black singlet lol) the "black singlet" mode resulted in an empty wash barrel,spotless house,swept verandahs and the dogs blankie got a wash too.....I even emptied the pantry so I could clean it all down.See told ya it was a black singlet day lol Now Im all set to catch up on my scrapping jobs and a scrapping whispers Im doing with the CISters :)

Okies im off......................oh before I go girls who left comments-it was just a bug no exciting news for me :(
I wish!You wouldnt hear me whinging if that was the case.

Thanks for visiting :) *mwah*


Saturday, September 12, 2009

No scrapping.........

for a whole week :O Not by choice I just didnt have my stash with me LOL so Ive scrapped to my hearts content today :D and am happy with what ive done :) Both about me :O far out whats goin on?!?

This is for this weeks indulgence challenge at enchanted scrapbooking :) We had to scrap about what we do for some time out or me time .......I didnt have piccies of me doing any of it so I just used this one and listed my ways to chill out :)

Of course I used some of my flowers on it!I couldnt not!!I have used a chocolate brownie small poppie and a large cream rose :) Very pretty I think :)

More of my flowers and just a wee bit bright....I think the settings on the auto colour thingy bob are a bit skew whiff.......anywhoo I used an electric blue flower ( new) and a small black rose :)
Oh and because I wasnt scrapping I was doing this ...........look at all that prettiness!See thats why I was hanging out to scrap lol

Had a fab time with the family and the dogs behaved (shock horror for once they where good guests lol) but was glad to get home yesterday to be with Al and my scrap stash :) I havent been feeling too flash the last couple of days ....been having nana naps and all which isnt like me at all :( not fun at all so im off to visit the dr hopefully on monday to see what the go is.

Okies im off ......ive got a date with a stack of Loire valley goodies to play with :)

Have a fab weekend and thanks for visiting!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Email issues

Hiya everyone just a quick message to let you all know Ive been having probs with my internet the last few days and any email sent to me havent come through :( The problem seems to be fixed now (YAY) so you are able to contact me on the normal addy now :) or the new one (in case this ever happens again)

Sorry lovelies!

Take care *mwah*


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Flowers update!

Hiya everyone just a mega quick update ( I'll do a father day one tonight) to let you all know I have set up a blog for the flowers :D Its a work in progress so be kind lol I havent got it the way I want it but after trying about 10 different backgrounds Im semihappy LOL

If you'd like to have a look and check out the new colours here is the address

Hope you like them!

Have a great fathers day everyone!

Thanks for stopping by *mwah*

Oh and in other exciting news I have just had a very cool email about a GDT spot for a Uk site :O!!How awesome is that!I'll tell you all about it when I know more details :)


Friday, September 4, 2009

Sketch day :D

Hello lovelies :D Hope you are all good :) Today is my turn to update the CIS sketchblog and this is the first of my sketches for September (OMG cant believe its September already :O) I made this sketch using the free digi kit from Kaiser (thanks kaisercraft!) This week is the debut for Ali and Hilde who are going to be on my team so be sure to pop over to the sketchblog and leave them some love :)

This is my example using the sketch :D I love this photo of Al from our weekend away ( I wont tell you what I said to him in order to snap this very natural grin lol but it did the trick ;-) ) He just looks so relaxed and I this he is a spunk hence the title ....which he will probably not like he hates being the centre of attention......sorry babe but you are the centre of my universe so you get lots of time in the spotlight LOL
Before I say anything I have to say a MASSIVE THANKS to everyone who ordered some of my flowers!!*mwah* Im thrilled to have that stack of orders from all you lovelies :) Plus mega excited that the fabulous Karen and Tam from Wicked Princesses ( who also have a bit of a sale happening at the moment check it out bargains everywhere!!) want to have my flowers featured in their kits and for something a bit special coming soon too ;-) Thanks so much for all your support everyone I appreciate it {{hugs}} I have a flower update for tomorrow........oooh new colours boys and girls!!Im excited!!Stay tuned for that tomorrow :)

Til then Ive gotta to make lol :)

Have a fabulous Friday everyone :)

Thanks for visiting :D*mwah*

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wicked Princesses knights tale kit

Hiya everyone :) Im on sketch challenge duty this month at Wicked princesses and so I made this sketch using digi elements from Jessica Sprague and shabby princesses.Hope you all like it! This is my example using supplies from this months knights tale kit :D

My LO examples :D The dad one will have instructions available :)

It such a fab kit!I made these 3 LO's and 2 cards with it :O How cool is that!Great value for money :D

Ive just updated the previous post with my handmade flowers for sale with 2 new colour lots! An earthy pack that has cream,light brown,chocolate and black and a pack with black,sparkly black,pale pink and hot pink :D All packs are large roses and are priced at $6.50 (excluding postage and handling) I only have a few of the vintage roses packs left so if you would like one you will have to be quick they have been selling like hotcakes!Thanks so much to all that have ordered and advertised my flowers on your blogs *mwah* you are awesome :)

Oh and very very exciting news Wicked Princesses will be featuring my flowers in their kits soon!Woohoo yay!How cool is that :D