Sunday, September 6, 2009

Flowers update!

Hiya everyone just a mega quick update ( I'll do a father day one tonight) to let you all know I have set up a blog for the flowers :D Its a work in progress so be kind lol I havent got it the way I want it but after trying about 10 different backgrounds Im semihappy LOL

If you'd like to have a look and check out the new colours here is the address

Hope you like them!

Have a great fathers day everyone!

Thanks for stopping by *mwah*

Oh and in other exciting news I have just had a very cool email about a GDT spot for a Uk site :O!!How awesome is that!I'll tell you all about it when I know more details :)



Anonymous said...

Love Love your flowers Might have to put in an order hey !! Oh and congrats on the GDT spot wohoo thats very exiting !! xoxo Tina

jules said...

i love your flowers honey..just gorgeous! and the blog looks great ..adding it to my blog list now!

jules xx

Ali said...

Woo hoo so, now you're an international sensation - wtg Krissy! Ax

Tanya said...

Your flowers are beautiful - good on you for creating a blog for them and selling them! Congrats on the GDT spot too - oooh ooh international!! Can't wait to hear more :D