Friday, September 4, 2009

Sketch day :D

Hello lovelies :D Hope you are all good :) Today is my turn to update the CIS sketchblog and this is the first of my sketches for September (OMG cant believe its September already :O) I made this sketch using the free digi kit from Kaiser (thanks kaisercraft!) This week is the debut for Ali and Hilde who are going to be on my team so be sure to pop over to the sketchblog and leave them some love :)

This is my example using the sketch :D I love this photo of Al from our weekend away ( I wont tell you what I said to him in order to snap this very natural grin lol but it did the trick ;-) ) He just looks so relaxed and I this he is a spunk hence the title ....which he will probably not like he hates being the centre of attention......sorry babe but you are the centre of my universe so you get lots of time in the spotlight LOL
Before I say anything I have to say a MASSIVE THANKS to everyone who ordered some of my flowers!!*mwah* Im thrilled to have that stack of orders from all you lovelies :) Plus mega excited that the fabulous Karen and Tam from Wicked Princesses ( who also have a bit of a sale happening at the moment check it out bargains everywhere!!) want to have my flowers featured in their kits and for something a bit special coming soon too ;-) Thanks so much for all your support everyone I appreciate it {{hugs}} I have a flower update for tomorrow........oooh new colours boys and girls!!Im excited!!Stay tuned for that tomorrow :)

Til then Ive gotta to make lol :)

Have a fabulous Friday everyone :)

Thanks for visiting :D*mwah*


kate said...

lol @ what you said to al to take the photo of his cheeky grin. love the flowers krissy, have you thought of selling the wine ones too? xox

Shelly said...

Yay for you selling lots of flowers- they llok fantastic- you are so clever at stuff like that!!Love your layouts too,btw;)

kate said...

der i meant VINE ones LOL. you know the paper bags ones? xox

jules said...

gorgeous sketch honey..i am going to do it tonight.....printing it off now....

love your layout and can't wait to check out your next lot of flowers...miht get to buy some this time..hahahaha...payday monday afterall!!! woohoo!!!
luvs ya
jules xx

Felicity said...

love that sketch, off to look at CIS.
great about your flowers, cant wait to get mine!!
have a TOP wkend.

Scoobie said...

This sketch is so versitile: I loved working with it.

And your flowers are devine. If you ever should consider sending me a RAK for my birthday in April, guess what I would really like to see in my mailbox *lol*

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi sweet cheeks, did I miss a meeting on the flowers LOL? Didn't know you were selling them, where do I go???? Great idea about the kits so that everyone will have a bit of your love on their pages that is way coooooool, Tiff :):):):):):):)

Kerryn said...

Gorgeous sketch Krissy. Love the layout :).

Liz Weber said...

Wonderful sketch Krissy. Love that layout of Allan - lol he is a spunk for sure!

Your flowers are beautiful - you are so creative and I am so glad you are doing so very well!

Congrats Krissy and keep up the wonderful creative work!

Anonymous said...

Great LO! Lol at your comment to make Al grin ;-) Great to hear you're doing well with your flowers too!

Amity Knight said...

I have just read through most of your blog and drooled over your LOs. I really love this one. I really like the colours you've used. I even think my DH would like it as a male page (he's really picky and likes pages about him so simple so it makes it even harde for me to do mae pages).

Your flowers are to die for. Your tute makes it look so easy that I'm actually going to give it a go. Thanks so much for making the tut. It is fab. I will let you know how I went. Thanks again.