Saturday, September 26, 2009

Look who is 4 today :D

Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece Morgan - I love you to the moon and back baby :)

These are a few of the photos from today (havent photoshopped them yet because Im at mums but you get the idea :D)
She loved her " Happy birthday air balloon" I love how she calls them that LOL
Check out the cool cake mum made her :)

Check out mum and dads awesome bouganvilleas (sp?) I tried to get her to pose but she wasnt in it awwww lol

Okies after my night sleeping next to a very fidgetty princess (who kicked my back all night lol) Im off for a nana nap on the couch LOL

Thanks for stopping by!! *mwah*


Kat said...

Happy Birthday Morgan :)

Stacey Young said...

Aww, cute pics, Happy Birthday Morgan!!! Hope you enjoyed your Nana nap:)

kate said...

happy birthday morgan!! LOL @ being kicked in the back... i dont know how something so small (a child) needs so much room to sleep!! hehe xox

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Morgan! Such a little cutie!

Kate said...

how cute is she.....happy birthday to little morgan :)

Anonymous said...

Yes Happy Birthday Morgan! Thanks for your wonderful words Krissy, you are ever so thoughtful and it's a true pleasure knowing you. Just the thought that you wanted to do that for me is enough, you are such a sweetie, thanks once again, Tiff xx.

Scoobie said...

Hppy Birthday Morgan! Great pics, Krissy.

wow, that bougainvillea is HUGE! Mine didn't even get flowers this year, may be because the summer was too cold. Could you ask him for some tips, please *lol*

Felicity said...

happy birthday morgan.
looks like she had heaps of fun.