Sunday, December 28, 2008

oops I forgot.......

to do the whole Merry Christmas post on my blog :( oopsies LOL here it is better late than never PMSL this is me (red frog addict #1) photo taken by the lovely Linda at the scrapboutique bribane babes crop :)

Hope everyone had a fabbo christmas??Mine was fandabbydosey got totally spoilt rotten (again!!) I got so much cool stuff!!A DS and hair straightner from my gorgeous man,dressing gown,clothes,make up,frames and a heap of other stuff from mum and dad,a shrek the third game and DS case from Horsey (thanks buds) and a portmans voucher,scrapbook drawers and DVD's from Lyns,Matt and the kids......yep totally spoilt!!Love it all too :) We had a gorgeous day with the family christmas day (didnt take many pics though I was sick and I sliced my finger open eeeewwwwww it wasnt good :( Josh said not to show him in case he yakked LOL) but we are going to have a 2nd christmas (minus pressies LOL) when Granny comes :D YAY!!!Cant wait to see her!!Then boxing day Mum and I hit the shops (yes we are mad LOL) and came home to a seafood feast provided by Al :) Crabs,moreton bay bugs and prawns YUMMO!!We got home late yesterday and vegied out on the couch while devouring the leftovers Mum sent us home with :)
Today it is panic stations for me getting my butt into gear and getting organised for our little adventure........better go and do something.....just dont know where to start LOL!!

Take care and if my Uncle Gary is reading this Hiya and *mwah*!!!

Krissy xx

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I am spoilt rotten!!

This is my LO for the comp at scrapbookingtop 50 using a page maps sketch :) Im lovin these Bella papers!!
This is my LO with no photo which is a part of the challenges at a passion for craft :) Our bits and bobs from melbourne :) This is my first LO with no photos :)

The gorgeous Nic's birthday card :)

OMG Nic totally spoiled me rotten and gave me the fandabbydosey Princess stamp set ( I am so LOVING being a Princess LOL) and some gorgeous inks and a groovy tin to hold my odds and ends :) Thanks so much lovey *mwah*

This is my supercool prize from scrapbookingtop50 for coming as a runner up in the 8 weeks to christmas comp........Love it all!!
Ok so I have recovered from my horrid migraine I had earlier in the week it was horrible and I nearly yacked....oops too much information LOL Anywhoo I just remembered that I still have a towel,a card and some doll house pillows sheets and blankets to make ........and Miss Tracy and Jody are coming to visit.......gotta go LOL!!!
I'll update again tomorrow hopefully with a finished OTP to show and some other bits ;)
TFL and take care!!
Krissy xx

Sunday, December 21, 2008

new LO's and some pic's

These are a few of the towels I have done up as pressies :) The froggy ones are for the gorgeous Jakob and Sam my friend Nic's little boys....I love the bright frogs on the blue towels! The other two are for my peeps Morgan got frangi's (she loves them too) and JT picked the aqua for something different this year....hope they all like them!!
Ok so everyone who knows me knows that Frangipanis are one of my fave flowers and Mum and Dad have a few gorgeous trees in their yard.....wish I had one ;) (hint hint mum LOL) So after a little shower of rain last week I couldnt resist going down and trying to get some good closeups.....Im a wee bit proud of them to be honest !! I might even print them out to decorate my scrap room :)

This is a LO done using a sketch by the lovely Liz Weber :) Loved this sketch Liz!!

This is another LO done using a differnt sketch by Liz Weber :) I loved using it....and having an excuse to use 20 flowers ;)

And this is the true princess Morgan....awwwwwww isnt she precious :) I took this pic last week and then fiddled with it on picasa to get that gorgeous soft glow.Wait til Lyns sees this pic she is gonna love it!!

Allan and I are off to the shops today :O norty boy hasnt done his christmas shopping tisk tisk he only has to buy for little old me!!I cant be that hard to buy for surely!!Gorgeous boy Josh dropped a hint for me the other day about a pink DS ;) Love ya little man thanks for that *mwah* Who knows what I'll things for sure Allan always spoils me rotten and makes me feel special so he must be a good shopper :)

Yay!!Ive finished all my handmade pressies !!!Woohoo!!! Now Im working on an OTP that I rescued from Lyns trailer for the dump earlier this year......I can see how its going to look in my head so fingers crossed it turns out looking something like that LOL
Have a fandabbydosey day everyone!!
TFL and take care
Krissy xx

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Im feelin the love peoples :)

This award was given to me by Kirsti!!Thanks so much Kirsti and LOL I know your not a crazy stalker LOL its nice to have comments from new friends :)

for the award:

1.You have to pass it on to 5 other fabulous blogs

2.You have to list 5 of your fabulous addictions.

3.On your post of receiving this award, make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link back to their blog.


Ok my five addictions are in no particular order LOL I have heaps more but this will do for now :)

chocolate (or lollies as long as its sweet I like it LOL)
flowers ;) no surprises there LOL
My gorgeous man Allan.....he's sweet too LOL
my cameras I use them every day :D

The spreader of love award was given to me by the lovely Sharon!!Thanks so much Sharon!You are fandabbydosey too :) So now I have to send this one on to 6 love spreading bloggers.........these lovely's always leave me some much appreciated love

Kate T






This one is from Vicki and OMG this lady is talented so for her to give me an award is a very cool thing indeed!!Thanks Vicki!

Ok so now I have to pick 10 blogs that I think are cool but Im going to have to do a few less because I have 3 awards to dish out LOL





Kate M

OK thats about it for me Im off to scrap :) Ive got 2 more LO's to share but I'll do that later :)

TFL!! Krissy xx

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Caution this will be a long post.......if you need a cuppa get one now LOL

Happy 9th birthday to my spunky man nephew Josh :) he had a fab day :)

Boutique babes crop day!!I had a ball with these lovely ladies!I got to meet some new people and catch up with other I havent seen for ages and it was fandabbydosey :)

LOL this was when my camera almost blew off the bubbler I was using as a tripod PMSL look at everyone expressions.....I can just imagine what my face would've looked like LOL

Look at Josh's super cool christmas decoration he made for Jules cybercrop challenge!!OMG he is clever (I know Im biased Auntie but far out isnt that awesome for a 9 year old!!)

This is mine.......I thought it was alright until Josh showed me his LOL

This is the gorgeous princess Morgans (age 3 and a bit) she did some "writing" I asked her what it says and she said "I love my daddy" awwwww how cute is that!! She used a flower too (yay!!! just like her Auntie!! LOL)

This is my Lo using this weeks sketch at CIS :) Created by the fabulous boss lady Ally :)

My LO using a page maps sketch :)

This is the LO I started at the Brisbane boutique babes crop day :) I had sooooo much fun using Jans H2O's!!

My Lo for the stylist challenge at Scrapboutique.....I love this quote and have decided to make it my new years resolution :)

A christmas card :)

Another one LOL

Josh's birthday card I made.......He said" Whoa Auntie that is way cool" you cant get better than that can you??I love that boy and his expressions :)

A card I made for the lovely Liz couldnt resist using her fave shape on it :) Thanks again for my fabby christmas pressie Liz!!!
Ok latest updates
Josh has turned 9 Awwwwww
I won a prize in the 8 weeks to christmas comp at scrapbooking top 50 woohoo
Ive been promaoted to sketch blog co-ordinator at CIS woohoo yay!!Even learning how to digi up some sketches :O
Im a wee bit freaking out about christmas.......and a tad over excited about new years and Granny coming.......constant butterflies to be honest I am SO excited!!!!
I have been feelin the love and was awarded 3 blog awards!!Thanks so much!I'll send them out in my next post :)
Thats all I can think of for now.....theres bound to be more.....I'll probably update agin later LOL

Thursday, December 11, 2008

What a week.........

This is this weeks sketch at CIS (oopsies I uploaded it last week too LOL)

This is my first DT sketch LO for the fabulous new sketch blog A page from my sketch book by the fandabbydosey Liz Weber :) Check it out its a very cool blog indeed :)

This was a LO I did for a challenge but had no internet to upload it ....thanks Telstra!!Oh well I like it and I had fun using the gorgeous pink paislee papers :D

Another challenge LO that I missed the deadline for :(

A pre digi pic of me and Lyns with little bubba Josh awwwww

A christmas ATC using those awesome super dooper Darkroom door stamps :)

A card using the stamps and plain shapes :)

I cant remember if I already uploaded this one oops oh well LOL
OK here is the last five days as a quick blurb LOL
Sunday had a storm in the afternoon....turned off the computer just in case of the worst iykwim went to turn the internet back on to upload my challenge entries and had no internet :O I of couurse blamed Al (LOL) and pounded him about paying the bill (oops he had paid it 3 months in advance oops my bad LOL)
called Telstra Monday and they had no answers (typical) went and watched Brandan graduate from Primary school monday night awwwww it was funny when he and the other kids where singing the school song and Allan danced and poor Brandan was just about wetting himself with laughter on stage LOL
Tuesday ...what did I do Tuesday..........oh thats right I cleaned the house and did a heap of washing how exciting LOL called Telstra again and found out it was them having probs not us
Wednesday didnt do much during the day just some washing as it was too bloomin hot to do anything :P called Telstra again...getting really cranky now after finding out its an exchange problem and we just have to wait for it to be repaired
Today sweltered in the heat OMG its been bad!Made a vegie bake which went horribly wrong but we wont go there LOL Allan called Telstra again and we found out the internet is all good but have a huge massive virus from Facebook......THANKS MICK!He is now banned.....Ive had enough....aaaarrrggghhhh!!So since then I haev been sitting on my toosh checking out all that I have missed LOL
I did however get spoiled rotten while I was MIA :) I got something nice in the mail everyday!How awesome is that!!I got 2 prize packs from scrapbookingtop50,a pressie from SNS care of Santa :D thanks santa! I got my sketchie pack from Ally and a CIS RAK of some super cute brads and I got a set of rusty pickle alpha stamps I won from hArtymoments!!!How spoiled am I!!!
I spent last night with the gorgeous Nic,Jody and Sandra :) we had cuppas,ate waaaaaaaay too many lollies and made some cards (I'll upload the other cards tomorrow Jody ;) ) I also gave Nic and Jody their chrissy pressies and they loved them!Yay!!Im so glad they liked them :) It was a fab night thanks girls :)
Ive got more to upload but it'll have to wait til tomorrow because Im too tired and I need a cuppa LOL
massive thanks to the gorgeous ladies at ALLCRAFTZ who where worried about me *mwah* it is nice to be missed :)
TFL and take care
Krissy xx

Friday, December 5, 2008


I have been tagged by the fandabbydosey Karen!!Thanks Karen!!

The 'rules' say:

1. The winner may put the logo on their blog.

2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.

3. Nominate five blogs.

4. Put links to their blogs.

5. Leave a message for your nominees

OK here goes........

I nominate

Jules because she is fandabbydosey and her blog is super cool :)

Kate T because she is "Kate the great" LOL

Nic because she makes me make cards and lets me raid all her stampin up stuff and its fun LOL

Jody because she started me on my 3D and flowers addiction

Kate M because her blog is always cool and she is very CLEVER (private joke lol :) )
Now off you go and visit these super ladies!!
Krissy xx

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New LO's and christmas photos

Some super yummy pink paislee goodies.....OMG I am totally hooked on their stuff :) I had heaps of fun with this LO :)
My LO for the 8 weeks to christmas comp for last week......I won a prize!!Woohoo!!!

Morgan and her little frined Emmy at the hi5 concert last month :) I didnt get to go but Lyns printed me pic's :) I am soooo lovin doodling at the moment :) It was fun to use heaps of bright colours for this fun LO :)

My LO for this weeks comp at scrapbookingtop50.....awwwww look how little the peeps are!!Lovin that kaisercraft christmas paper :)

Me and the peeps :)

Mum and the kids :)

Morgan had had enough LOL :)

Dad and Morgan :)

Awwww perfect one!!!Love it :)

Watch out for lots of LO's with these photos :)

TFL Krissy xx

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Blog candy!!

Check out this link to Whiff of joy for some fantabulous blog candy!!Oh my I love pink :)

and this super cool blog candy at Crafty C's ....very nice indeed!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

I like Mondays :)

Well I like today anyway LOL I am having a lucky day today :) I found out this morning that I won this fandabbydosey stamp set for my card in the comp at inkurablestampers !!!!How awesome is that!!Massive thanks to Sarah and to Rachel at Darkroom Door (OMG their stuff is awesome!!) I am so excited thankyou!I also won Sarah's blog RAK of some super cool scenic route stamps that I am stalking the postie for :)
I must be having one of those lucky streaks because I also won a voucher from the cc at Scrapboutique!!Woohoo!!!
I had the best time with my family :) I stayed with my sister,BIL and the kids for the most part and then went and stayed with Mum and Dad for a few days.....I got some gorgeous pics of the kids being their perfect little selves :) I'll have to re-size the pics so i'll upload them tomorrow......Ive got a couple of LO's to share too so I'll upload them tomorrow too :)
Thanks to everyone who has been leaving comments *mwah I love nice comments :)
Krissy xx