Sunday, December 21, 2008

new LO's and some pic's

These are a few of the towels I have done up as pressies :) The froggy ones are for the gorgeous Jakob and Sam my friend Nic's little boys....I love the bright frogs on the blue towels! The other two are for my peeps Morgan got frangi's (she loves them too) and JT picked the aqua for something different this year....hope they all like them!!
Ok so everyone who knows me knows that Frangipanis are one of my fave flowers and Mum and Dad have a few gorgeous trees in their yard.....wish I had one ;) (hint hint mum LOL) So after a little shower of rain last week I couldnt resist going down and trying to get some good closeups.....Im a wee bit proud of them to be honest !! I might even print them out to decorate my scrap room :)

This is a LO done using a sketch by the lovely Liz Weber :) Loved this sketch Liz!!

This is another LO done using a differnt sketch by Liz Weber :) I loved using it....and having an excuse to use 20 flowers ;)

And this is the true princess Morgan....awwwwwww isnt she precious :) I took this pic last week and then fiddled with it on picasa to get that gorgeous soft glow.Wait til Lyns sees this pic she is gonna love it!!

Allan and I are off to the shops today :O norty boy hasnt done his christmas shopping tisk tisk he only has to buy for little old me!!I cant be that hard to buy for surely!!Gorgeous boy Josh dropped a hint for me the other day about a pink DS ;) Love ya little man thanks for that *mwah* Who knows what I'll things for sure Allan always spoils me rotten and makes me feel special so he must be a good shopper :)

Yay!!Ive finished all my handmade pressies !!!Woohoo!!! Now Im working on an OTP that I rescued from Lyns trailer for the dump earlier this year......I can see how its going to look in my head so fingers crossed it turns out looking something like that LOL
Have a fandabbydosey day everyone!!
TFL and take care
Krissy xx


kate said...

lovely photos and layouts krissy! i love liz's sketches too theyre gorgeous and fun to work with :) hope al buys you some great pressies!! i like getting pressies hehe

A Passion For Craft said...

Love those layouts! well done and those pressies look fantastic!

Liz Weber said...

Gorgeous layouts Krissy you always make my sketches look good.

I just love those towels you did for the kids - excellent idea.

Those photos of the frangipanis are devine - they are one of my favs as well.

Hope Allan spoilt you rotten Krissy. Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas with your gorgeous family!!