Thursday, May 29, 2008

Check out my new blog!!!!

I love,love,love my new blog colours!!!!!Thankyou so much to the always lovely Liz for doing it for me!!!!Liz made my blog all pretty with a template from Pyzam.Its is so me.....I love pink!!!These are 2 cards I made to christen my new DT album at Allcraftz.Allcraftz has more greta specials on this week in the lead up to National Scrapbookoing Day and they have some super classes planned so be sure to check it out!!!The thanks card was made for Liz to say thankyou for everything she has done for me........Liz you are a star and I'm so glad you liked the card!!Now I owe you another one for beautifying my blog LOL!!!"Shall we dance is for this weeks cinema comp theme at CIS I use the rest of the May little scrappers pack on it......excellent pack considering I got 2 LO's and a card and I still have some left!!!Lyns rang me this morning to tell me that Morgan (Princess and mini me LOL) had locked her out of the house LOL and stood at the door in a fit of giggles while Lyns tried to figure out how to get in LOL!!!!!I spoke to Morgan (when she had let Lyns back in the house LOL) and asked her what she did and Morgan said "Mummy locked outside DD!!!" then I had a fit of the giggles myself and told her that she's a funny little girl and she said"You funnee too DD!!!" she cracks me up!!!I'm still giggling LOL!!Naughty fur kid #1 Kloe had her staples out yesterday and the wound doesn't look real pretty at all :( she has a nasty big scar now.....its gross so I won't take any photos LOL!!But her and Jack (fur kid #2) are back to normal best buds status :) We went and got a new mattress today YIPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!So I'm patiently waiting for tit to be delivered and am seriously looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight......and chucking the old mattress out!!!!!Thats about it for now...oh I just remembered its thursday so I can upload this weeks sketch at CIS!!!"Together" is a LO of the always gorgeous Josh and Morgan :D I love these photo's of them!!Thanks for letting me borrow your memory cards Lyns (*mwah* love ya) Thanks for having a lookie :) Krissy xx
P.S next months sketch challenge at CIS is my sketch so make sure you check it out the prize is fandabbydosey!!!;)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My cybercrop samples

These (fan card,"you" and 1st place")are my samples for the cybercrop that happening this weekend at Allcraftz!!Check it out here we are all having a ball !!I'm really enjoying my first ever cybercrop there :D I announced last night that I would like the forum to challenge me....I had lots of criteria to follow LOL buttons,paint,vellum (had to search my stash for this one LOL) beads,flowers,doodling,sewing,cutwork,bling,painted string,stars and grungeboard (but I didn't have any so I embossed some chipboard instead LOL) The LO "Cutie" is what I came up with....I like it!!!"Bright was a LO I did yesterday afternoon of Morgan wearing my sunnies LOL....."Predator"is my LO for the cinema comp at CIS this week......oh and "laugh" is my sketch LO this week for the sketch blog at CIS.TFL and have a great weekend! Krissy xx

Friday, May 23, 2008

Tonight is.........

My very first cybercrop at Allcraftz!!!I'm very excited and would love it if you would join us!!There are going to be some fantastic challenges and lots of fun in the forum!!!I can't wait!!The scrap space is clean....the mojo is on fire...the headcold is annoying LOL!!!No seriously though it would be fandabbydosey if some of you could pop over and check it out!!Everyone has been really lovely welcoming me to their forum!!Plus ~E~ has some super duper specials on at the moment......check it out here!!!OK I'm off to scrap LOL!! TFL Krissy xx

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My poor little fur kid :(

I've been a bad blogger and haven't updated my blog all week :O alot has been going on though......Monday night Allan and I where woken up by a big commotion downstairs and raced down to see what was going on,Kloe and Jack had had a big fight (the lights where off) then Allans brother called out again so we came out to find that Kloe had a big gash under her eye and we had to race her to the vets because it was bleeding so much :( (I couldn't look at it even though she was sitting on my lap) this all happened at about 12:30 and the nearest 24 hour vet was about 30 minutes drive.So we get to the vets Kloe gets sedated (for obvious reasons LOL) and it cost us $270 for two staples,antibiotics,a tetanus and this time its 3:30 am and we go out to the car Kloe can't even walk (its like she was drunk LOL) and the car won't start......yep we broke down.The wee hours of the morning ....its freezing cold....and we are stuck there with a dog thats on another planet.....luckily we got a cabbie who would pick us up :) Kloe farted the whole way home in the cab LMAO (poor cabbie) and then we walk in the door,I get Kloe settled and Jack is turns out that Kloe must've bitten him back and he had a sore paw :O!!!!Does it never end???Seriously hope that was the three things......Kloe has to wear the bucket for a week and take medication everyday for a week.....the joys LOL!!!Since Tuesday I've been sick too so it hasn't been much fun for me :(My poor baby......I nearly didn't put the pic up because she was still off with the fairy's in this photo......its probably a good indication of how strong the sedation was...she never sits still for a photo LOL!!!I'll do a seperate post for my LO's
Krissy xx

Sunday, May 18, 2008

These where my entries.......

for the DT tryouts at Allcraftz! I had heaps of fun with them all!Actually I've been hanging out to show someone LOL!!!Morgan loved the Princess album -thankyou again Liz for the RAK I loved creating this album!The engagement card went straight to my friend Tracy who recently got engaged and she loved it and my sooooo mine!!!It is very me isn't it LOL!!I'm still ecstatic that I won the spot!!!I have been given such a lovely warm welcome from everyone at nice!! Thanks for stopping by and sharing my excitement LOL TFL Krissy xx

The news you've been waiting for.........

Do you want to know??Are you ready for it??LOL!!I am the new Design Team member at Allcraftz!!!!Yippeeeeee!!!I'm so excited!!This is my first DT role and I plan to work really hard to make it the best!!!Thankyou to Liz,Kate and Manon who have known about me trying out and have been very supportive *mwah*!!!Here is the story.........after completing the final round this week I recieved an email from E at Allcraftz last night saying that I had been unsuccessful :( and I was a bit bummed about it but thought as I always do that it obviously wasn't meant to be,had a good nights sleep after my saddy LOL and then got up this morning to another email from E saying that more votes had come in that needed to be counted as they had been delayed and I was the new DT member afterall!!!!I feel really sorry for whoever was told she had the spot and then told she didn't.....that would be tough.....I am so very excited!!!Can you tell LOL!!!My first job as DT is to do some samples for the cybercrop at Allcraftz this weekend coming so I would love it if you could join us!!It would be nice to have a few familiar faces over there :)OK I'm off to find out if I can upload my challenge entries to my blog now.......can't wait to show you all!!!have a fandabbydosey day!!! Krissy xx

Saturday, May 17, 2008

New LO's

Well there is still no news (yet) on my possibly exciting news LOL so I'll let you know when I know LOL!!"Grandads girl" is my LO for this weeks sketch at CIS and I adore these photos of Morgan and Dad :) they love each other to bits!! "Ever after" is for this weeks cinema comp at CIS and I hand stitched part of the title because I couldn't find any good chippies in my stash LOL!!The other 2 LO's are for Jules blog challenges "Little Star" was for the challenge to make a purple and yellow two scary colours when it comes to scrapping LOL but I managed it.....just!!"Mirror,mirrow on the wall I've turned into my mother after all" is for Jules other challenge to scrap about your Mum so I went with the fact that not only do I look like my Ma I'm starting to do things the way Mum does too!!!Which is not a bad thing at all because my Ma is tops!!Superstar mother of all time and one of my best friends Loveyalove!!!Oh how excited am I right now.......I won three of the challenges at CIS on the cybercrop!!!WOOHOO!!!Very chuffed indeed!!Thats never happened to me before!!Lots happening for me scrapping wise at the moment :) Okey dokey I'm off to start my LO's for the cybercrop at scraplounge this weekend *thumbs up* hope you all have a fab weekend :) TFL Krissy xx *mwah*

Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm excited........

but I can't tell you why ......yet!Its a bit of a scrapping secret....but please keep your fingers and toes and eyes and anything else you can cross crossed for me!!!!I'm really excited to the point I can't sit still LOL!!!On other scrapping news I had a great time at the cybercrop at CIS!!I'm nearly caught up on my almanac LO's for scrapboutique :O I'm shocked LOL!!!I've even managed to finish this weeks sketch LO.....and its only Monday!!!LOL!!!I love,love,love the photos I used on it too!They are pic's from yesterday of Dad and cute!But you have to wait until thursday to see it LOL!!Okey dokey I'm off to scrap so it will make me tired enough to go to sleep LOL!!Oh and my LO for A.S.M is on their blog!!!Woohoo!!!And I was the first entry!!!!!Super cool!!

TFL Krissy xx

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cybercrop entries

These are my LO's for the "Mums the word" cybercrop at CIS!"Biker chick" was done using the sketch Tatum provided."Big girls pants" was for challenge 2 set by Karen (Mum always tells me to put on my big girl pants and get over it LOL!!!and the other LO with the shocking photo of me LOL was for challenge 1.........good job I have no shame LMAO!!I am in love with the patterned paper I used on it though!Its the flutterby range from it,love it,love it!!!!Mind you anything pink with butterflies and I'm sold!!!I had a great day with Lyns and Morgan today!We checked out a scrap shop and I was very well behaved LOL Lyns got some groovy paper to scrap the photo's of the kids at Taronga zoo so hopefully she will get a chance to scrap!!!Then we went and had some retail therapy and got some pic's printed.......she let me borrow her memory cards and I copied the pic's I wanted to mine so the dude that works on the photo counter knows me pretty well this week LMAO!!!Morgan had me laughing the whole way around the shops always!!Dad and I had a few rounds of golf on the wii started off well but then I think we got worse the more we played LOL!!!Now I'm all set to start Liz's challenge she has set as the guest DT for this month at CIS I'm thinking of making a card for my nearest and dearest......I'm missing him so much :( Okey dokey I'm off to scrap the night away and I'm not allowed to stay up late tonight Lyns has said I have to be up and ready by 8:30 in the morning :O......I don't do mornings LMAO!!!!!Thanks for looking :) Krissy xx

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cybercrop at Crafting In Style tonight!!!!

Come on over and join us for a fandabbydosey mothers day themed CC at CIS tonight!!Its going to be heaps of fun!!!I made mum pose for some photo's before she left for Perth so I'm all set :) Wowsers I've been doing heaps of scrapping!

These LO's are just from this week so far :O "He is the king of her heart" was another LO for the CC at mystical last weekend,"Hotshots" is for the cinema comp at CIS, "Us" was an ongoing challenge set to me at mystical (different from my norm but I like it!) and the others are for my almanac and Kates sketch challenge at scrapboutique..........Phew anyone would think I'm a challenge junkie LMAO!!! I am!!!

Dad says I'm spoiling him rotten :) we had ravioli in spaghetti sauce for tea last night and jam roll with home-made custard for was yummo!Tonight I'm making him marinated pork chops with vegies and mashed spuds.....mmmmmmm its going to be good!I'm making all the things Mum doesn't cook LOL poor Allan is missing out :( I miss my honey big time......6 days to go :(.

The lovely Liz is this months Guest DT at CIS and has a cool challenge using shaped cards!Check it out her sample is divine!I'm off to make something to eat....all that yummy talk has made my tummy rumble LOL!!! TFL Krissy xx

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Today's layouts

These are my LO's for this week (so far LOL) "Happy" is my LO for this weeks challenge at mystical scrapbooks for the mystical masters.The technique I used was tea bag folding....loved the way it turned out on striped paper!!"Freckles" is for this weeks sketch at CIS ooopsie its a couple of days early (I'm a shocker LOL)I've put my thinking cap on for the cinema challenge at CIS and after much debate have finally picked the title and photos so thats on the agenda for tonight after we take mum to the airport.She is off to Perth for a week so I've decided to stay here and keep Dad company :) TFL Krissy xx

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Winner,winner chicken dinner!!!

Yippee I just found out that I won a prize from Jules and Kate on their blog challenges!!!happy dance!!I love both these blogs by these two lovely ladies and they have fandabbydosey challenges every month!!Check them out!!!Okey dokey I've not heard anything about the DT entries I've sent (yet)so my fingers are still firmly crossed LOL......but I have uploaded my entries at mystical scrapbooks so anyone who is interested can pop over there and have a lookie at my LO's and the other gorgeous LO's that are trying out in the mystical masters.Holey dooley there are alot of names on the tryout list :O and the ones I know Terri and Manon are both exceptional scrappers so its gonna be a tough one for sure!!!But its all good fun :) No walkies for me today I've cleaned my house,offered a shoulder to cry on to my friend,done some washing and now feel a head cold coming on......:( its been threatening for days so it'd be right that I get it the day before I go to mum and dads *rolling my eyes at myself* This is my LO for this weeks sketch at CIS I created the LO at the brisbane CISters crop day :) Love this photo of Mum and Morgan.....I didn't notice the big piece of focaccia Morgan was holding until after LOL!!!
have a great Thursday :)
TFL Krissy xx :)