Thursday, May 22, 2008

My poor little fur kid :(

I've been a bad blogger and haven't updated my blog all week :O alot has been going on though......Monday night Allan and I where woken up by a big commotion downstairs and raced down to see what was going on,Kloe and Jack had had a big fight (the lights where off) then Allans brother called out again so we came out to find that Kloe had a big gash under her eye and we had to race her to the vets because it was bleeding so much :( (I couldn't look at it even though she was sitting on my lap) this all happened at about 12:30 and the nearest 24 hour vet was about 30 minutes drive.So we get to the vets Kloe gets sedated (for obvious reasons LOL) and it cost us $270 for two staples,antibiotics,a tetanus and this time its 3:30 am and we go out to the car Kloe can't even walk (its like she was drunk LOL) and the car won't start......yep we broke down.The wee hours of the morning ....its freezing cold....and we are stuck there with a dog thats on another planet.....luckily we got a cabbie who would pick us up :) Kloe farted the whole way home in the cab LMAO (poor cabbie) and then we walk in the door,I get Kloe settled and Jack is turns out that Kloe must've bitten him back and he had a sore paw :O!!!!Does it never end???Seriously hope that was the three things......Kloe has to wear the bucket for a week and take medication everyday for a week.....the joys LOL!!!Since Tuesday I've been sick too so it hasn't been much fun for me :(My poor baby......I nearly didn't put the pic up because she was still off with the fairy's in this photo......its probably a good indication of how strong the sedation was...she never sits still for a photo LOL!!!I'll do a seperate post for my LO's
Krissy xx


jules said...

oh poor kloe! i hope she is better real soon....and i hope your run of bad luck is all finished to honey!!!

give kloe a hug for me
jules xxxx

Sandra said...

oh poor babe... :(
I remember my babywho has since left us having to have one of those elizabethan collars on. He was so misserable the entire time and hated it.. He didnt like having his collar on either and knowing that it was not because it was about to be attached to a lead for a walk. I hope that Kloe is feeling better soon and serves him right for having a sore poor.. seems as though he deserved it. Poor Kloe~ sends puppy huggles out~

Kate said...

PMSL @ the farting dog!! hope Kloe is recovered soon xxx