Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm excited........

but I can't tell you why ......yet!Its a bit of a scrapping secret....but please keep your fingers and toes and eyes and anything else you can cross crossed for me!!!!I'm really excited to the point I can't sit still LOL!!!On other scrapping news I had a great time at the cybercrop at CIS!!I'm nearly caught up on my almanac LO's for scrapboutique :O I'm shocked LOL!!!I've even managed to finish this weeks sketch LO.....and its only Monday!!!LOL!!!I love,love,love the photos I used on it too!They are pic's from yesterday of Dad and cute!But you have to wait until thursday to see it LOL!!Okey dokey I'm off to scrap so it will make me tired enough to go to sleep LOL!!Oh and my LO for A.S.M is on their blog!!!Woohoo!!!And I was the first entry!!!!!Super cool!!

TFL Krissy xx

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Liz said...

Geez Louise Krissy are we there yet? LOL can't believe the decision is this hard - vote for Krissy, Krissy is #1....

Hope you enjoyed seeing your Mum today and glad you are finally back with your Allan.

Good Luck :-)

PS: Keep those beautiful layouts coming!!!!