Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The 15....

LO's I did at the retreat :D Sorry its a bit of a LO overload so get comfy or grab a cuppa to keep you entertained lol

Josh when he was in year one :D I think this LO was for the fussy cutting challenge....
Together :) I still love this piccie of mum and Granny :) Check out the green rainbow trim....looks nice hey!

Swing :) I love these photos of Morgan :D This challenge was to use a little shaker box on the LO, I put mine as the flower centre :)

Spunky Monkey was the 1st LO I did all weekend ....far out I loved those animals!I ended up cutting some out all weekend lol

So Proud was for Peta's blind scrap :D I was so cool to scrap it in person with her!Thanks Peta *mwah*

Almost done girls.......

She loves little one......how chuffed was I when I noticed there was a sticker that said "little one!"

Cheeky Monkeys lol I love these photos I pinched off Josh's memory card :D

Little Miss Sunshine :D Was for the stitching challenge I pen stitched for mine

I love you was based on a sketch and I made the flowers to match on the spot.....used a green trim too!

OMG......yes you are seeing correctly.......no need to adjust your screen......I scrapped a double :O and I enjoyed it :O But ssssssshhhh dont tell anyone or they'll start expecting them all the time lol I love how this one turned out :D

Who could resist this photo? I love her smile so it was fitting to do a LO about her and use a pink polka puffy :D

Happy with you .....I used the branch I made for my class example when I showed the girls how to make them :D Im getting very brave in my old age PMSL I added a puffy and some doileys too :)

Did you know I love you is another done with the Brook papers oh man I love this range!!SO gorgeous and mega easy to use :)

Ok thats it all done :D Im thrilled with doing 15 pages and all "Just because" felt fab to scrap the days away :)

Okies better go the scrap table is calling :D

Happy Scrapping


Flowery hugs

Krissy xx

A fandabbydosey weekend and some new stuff

These are some new flowers I made last night "Tres Jolies" which I think means pretty in french :) These where inspired by an idea the fabulous Kate the great shared with me *mwah* thanks for the inspiration hunny!

Rainbow trims :D Love,love,love these and used them heaps over the weekend,they sold like hot cakes too! The have 5 pieces of trim in each pack in the shown colours. Both the trims and the flowers are listed now for anyone thats interested :) Check them out at Wicked Princesses
I had the most awesome weekend at Jules retreat!!!I got to meet all these gorgeous girls I have been chatting to for a long time now and it was fandabbydosey to get to scrap,chat,laugh and hug them all :D You all rock girls I will be back next year ;-)

Heres a few things I learned over the weekend :
* People watching at the airport is both fun and entertaining lol
* Sandys linen cupboard is not a toilet PMSL
* Jules peeps are super cute :D
* I can doodle straight onto a LO without practising first (thanks Peta *mwah* :D)
* Kate the great is a super fast scrapper!
* Making an angry face with Kate for a piccie could result in cats bum photos LOL You are a crack up Kate *mwah*
* being late to the airport and having the check in woman tell you off isnt fun and I will now watch airline in a whole new light lol
* I can scrap 15 pages in a day and a half :O
It was an absolutely awesome weekend and I have to say a massive thanks to Jules for inviting me and Sandy for her entertainment and giggles all weekend :D You are both fab chickies :) *mwah*
*mwah* to Peta,Kate and Kat for coming over to lunch on Friday it was so good to finally meet you gorgeous girls :)
*mwah* to Kate,Be,Michelle,Sandy and Jules and the other retreaters for an awesome scrapping time :)
Im itching to see the piccies Sandy took too .......pretty please lovely I'll swap you for flowers ;-)
Okies better go but thanks so very much to everyone for your congratulations message on me being voted the Peoples Choice winner I am truely flabbergasted at all the gorgeous messages *mwah* thanks everyone :D
Happy scrapping
Flowery hugs
Krissy xx

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

OMG I won the peoples choice!

For this LO .........

This is the prize :O!!
The 1st email I read this morning was from Cassie @ Scrapbooking Memories telling me that little ole me had won the Peoples Choice Award for 2009! :O Holy dooley!!Me!!?!! I am totally flabbergasted and totally chuffed :D I still cant believe it :) Guess who is going to be stalking the postie next week lol

The LO that was chosen was "Joy" from SBM Vol 11 #4 and was also my 2nd time published and the 1st time Morgan was in a magazine (hence the piccie of her pointing it out lol) Im so so thankful for everyone who voted *mwah* thanks heaps!

what an awesome start to the day :)

Flowery hugs
Krissy xx

Monday, March 22, 2010

Jules retreat :D

Is this weekend!!wooohooooo im going to be a little jetsetter for the weekend and fly down to spend the weekend with some fandabbydosey chickies scrapping :D Im making a list of things I need to bring so I dont forget anything lol

Ive been making a little stash of flowers to bring along to see if any of the girls are interested :D Its all very cute and im not finished yet still more to add :) If you are coming to Jules retreat and would like to order some let me know and i'll bring your order along so you'll get free postage.....or delivery via Krissy Post lol

Okies better go and do some work :)

Thanks for visiting and for all your cyber hugs in my last post {{hugs}} except the 2 wackos that left me not very nice ones :(

Flowery hugs!

Krissy xx

Saturday, March 20, 2010

New flowers and the full reveal :)

I sat up late last night and designed some new flowers :) Puffies and Pearlers :D One very funky and cute the other very elegant I love them both and cant wait to have a play with some :D

The puffies are available in all the colours the poppies and fluffies are in at the shop
Pearlers are in all the roses colours :)If you are interested they are in the shop now @ Wicked Princesses :)

Here is the full reveal of my LO I did using the sketch as inspiration :) I love this piccie of Al and I from my birthday :) Couldnt wait to scrap it :)

Very sad news this morning :( My cat Babe (Id had him since I was 15) was hit by a car and died :( Poor thing he was such a beautiful cat......I just hope he didnt suffer for too long before he went :(
Okies better go and get myself organised
Thanks for visiting and for leaving me comments it always brightens my day *mwah*
Happy Scrapping
Flowery hugs
Krissy xx

Friday, March 19, 2010

Finally I found it......

my mojo has been seriously lacking over the last week or so :( I didnt go near my room at all or even feel inspired to scrap :( I think sometimes if you are in a mood or not feeling very happy its hard to scrap :( Thankfully last night I made myself go and scrap.....after much paper shuffling and staring into space I started to scrap :D 2 LO's in a couple of hours yippee :) Feel so much better now :)

This is a sneak of my example for tonights challenge at Wicked Princesses :D Are you coming to the cybercrop? Hope so :)

I have been hanging out to use this title since christmas ....Dad and I took the peeps to the park on christmas day so Josh could try out his new razor spark and Mo decided to have a go on the helicopter .....She proudly announced to me "Look Aunt Im flying a hepilycopla!" hehehe so so cute bubba girl :) I used one of the new green doileys im selling too......had to save one for me ;-) they have all sold out again :O Ive got more in now though so they will be re-stocked tomorrow :)
Im still loving my Apple Jack kit :D

Okies better go lots to do and im running out of time :O
Thanks for visiting *mwah*
Oh before I forget Ive got a LO in this months Scrapbooking Memories :D And woot woot its a Josh LO!! Yaaaaaay finally got a boy page published :D
Happy Scrapping
Flowery hugs
Krissy xx

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cybercrop this weekend @ Wicked Princesses!!

Princess Kirsty and I have a fun filled cybercrop in store for everyone this coming weekend @ Wicked Princesses!!

The fun all starts 6:30pm (QLD time) on the 19th of March and all you have a whole week to get your entries for the challenges and games in!

Heaps of fab prizes up for grabs!!

Hope you can join us :D

Krissy xx

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My vintage blossoms :)

I finally pulled out my finger and made some proper labels for my handmade flowers :D I did a combo of stamps,stickers and some of my little doodling to make it :) It took me a few attempts to get it to where I was happy but I like the result :) Not perfect but handmade and thats the way I like things :D Do you like them?

Yay for 2 new roses colours :) Yummy Princess Pink :D and gorgeous soft green :) I can see myself using alot of these in the not too distant future ;-) I photographed the small with the large so you can see the sizing :)
New poppies! In some gawjuss pastels :) Omg these colours are devine I love them ....can I say that? lol New colours are pastel pink polka dots.pastel tan,pastel aqua and some combos of the 3 :D Thet have all been listed in the shop at Wicked Princesses so if you would like to find out more head on over and check it all out :)

Woohoo had a fab day today starting with scrapbook Creations accepting 2 of my cards for publication yippee! Then I moseyed on down the road and thought I was being clever by planning my trip only to mess it up and add an extra couple of km's to the walk oops Im feeling it now after being a lazy toosh lately lol
Have you signed up for the giveaway?
Okies best be off Al and I are going to the movies :D
Thanks for visiting and for taking the time to leave comments *mwah* it is always appreciated :)
Flowery hugs
Krissy xx

Monday, March 8, 2010

More Apple Jack and a giveaway!

Want to win these flowers? Click on the photo to find out how you can be in the draw :D

I had another play with the fabulous Apple Jack kit Im selling at Wicked Princesses :D Oh my its a cute kit!!Ive still got heaps left in my kit so im just going to keep going til theres none left lol

I had a go at making a banner.....its not perfect but I think I like it! Love this photo of Josh :D

A quick little close up :D

Okies thats it for me for today :)
Happy scrapping
flowery hugs :)
Krissy xx

Saturday, March 6, 2010

In year one....

Hehehe there you have it I scrapped that piccie of me in year one :) I used some of the "Nerdy Bird" kit I bought myself from my shop ;-) I think the bright colours look cute with the black and white piccie :) Can you see what I wanted to be when I grew up ? I remember wanting to be a Princess or a ballerina LOL At least one of them has come true lol as for the ballerina bit my 2 left feet beg to differ lol Im having so much fun coming up with these themes for the BOM challenges and its cool for me to remember these things too :)
Just a couple of quick close ups :)

I love that little nerdy bird! So cute :)
We had plans to go and visit Al's mum today but it has been put on hold til we find out what the weather is doing......apparently people are flooded in :O I said to Al its probably not a wise move .....it wouldnt be fun to drive the hour and a half only to have to turn around and come back....or worse be stuck in Nanango! Dont get me wrong its a nice little town but Ive got too much to do to be stuck away from home at the moment kwim?
What have you got planned this weekend?
Do you subscribe to the newsletters at Wicked Princesses? Did you see this months giveaway? If not i'll let you in on the goss here :)
This month as its the month of St.Paddys day :D I figured Id give all customers with orders over $25.00 a chance at something cool :D
For this month only ALL orders over $25.00 will go into the random draw for a kit of their choice from the shop @ Wicked Princesses!!! How cool is that!
Okies im going to go and scrap while I wait to hear what we are doing lol
Happy scrapping
Flowery hugs!
Krissy xx

Monday, March 1, 2010

Im scrapping this photo........

.......of me when I was in P1 aka year one I was only 4 but oh lordy go the helmet hair and can those dimples get any bigger? Obviously black and white piccies werent the rage in 1985 but the scanner wasnt playing nice so I made it black and white lol

Anywhoo stand by for seeing it on a LO :D

Thanks for stopping by and for all your lovely comments on my previous post *mwah*

Flowery hugs

Krissy xx