Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A fandabbydosey weekend and some new stuff

These are some new flowers I made last night "Tres Jolies" which I think means pretty in french :) These where inspired by an idea the fabulous Kate the great shared with me *mwah* thanks for the inspiration hunny!

Rainbow trims :D Love,love,love these and used them heaps over the weekend,they sold like hot cakes too! The have 5 pieces of trim in each pack in the shown colours. Both the trims and the flowers are listed now for anyone thats interested :) Check them out at Wicked Princesses
I had the most awesome weekend at Jules retreat!!!I got to meet all these gorgeous girls I have been chatting to for a long time now and it was fandabbydosey to get to scrap,chat,laugh and hug them all :D You all rock girls I will be back next year ;-)

Heres a few things I learned over the weekend :
* People watching at the airport is both fun and entertaining lol
* Sandys linen cupboard is not a toilet PMSL
* Jules peeps are super cute :D
* I can doodle straight onto a LO without practising first (thanks Peta *mwah* :D)
* Kate the great is a super fast scrapper!
* Making an angry face with Kate for a piccie could result in cats bum photos LOL You are a crack up Kate *mwah*
* being late to the airport and having the check in woman tell you off isnt fun and I will now watch airline in a whole new light lol
* I can scrap 15 pages in a day and a half :O
It was an absolutely awesome weekend and I have to say a massive thanks to Jules for inviting me and Sandy for her entertainment and giggles all weekend :D You are both fab chickies :) *mwah*
*mwah* to Peta,Kate and Kat for coming over to lunch on Friday it was so good to finally meet you gorgeous girls :)
*mwah* to Kate,Be,Michelle,Sandy and Jules and the other retreaters for an awesome scrapping time :)
Im itching to see the piccies Sandy took too .......pretty please lovely I'll swap you for flowers ;-)
Okies better go but thanks so very much to everyone for your congratulations message on me being voted the Peoples Choice winner I am truely flabbergasted at all the gorgeous messages *mwah* thanks everyone :D
Happy scrapping
Flowery hugs
Krissy xx


Ali said...

Your new flowers are gorgeous! Their name means very pretty - which is very true ;) Those trims are yummo too :) Had a good giggle over your list of things you learnt! Axx

Kate said...

lol yes your trip to nsw would never be a dull one! make sure you share your lo's with us all!!! xox

Felicity said...

hahah at the list of things you learnt!! sounds like a blast of a time.
yummy trims you have :)