Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The 15....

LO's I did at the retreat :D Sorry its a bit of a LO overload so get comfy or grab a cuppa to keep you entertained lol

Josh when he was in year one :D I think this LO was for the fussy cutting challenge....
Together :) I still love this piccie of mum and Granny :) Check out the green rainbow trim....looks nice hey!

Swing :) I love these photos of Morgan :D This challenge was to use a little shaker box on the LO, I put mine as the flower centre :)

Spunky Monkey was the 1st LO I did all weekend ....far out I loved those animals!I ended up cutting some out all weekend lol

So Proud was for Peta's blind scrap :D I was so cool to scrap it in person with her!Thanks Peta *mwah*

Almost done girls.......

She loves little one......how chuffed was I when I noticed there was a sticker that said "little one!"

Cheeky Monkeys lol I love these photos I pinched off Josh's memory card :D

Little Miss Sunshine :D Was for the stitching challenge I pen stitched for mine

I love you was based on a sketch and I made the flowers to match on the spot.....used a green trim too!

OMG......yes you are seeing correctly.......no need to adjust your screen......I scrapped a double :O and I enjoyed it :O But ssssssshhhh dont tell anyone or they'll start expecting them all the time lol I love how this one turned out :D

Who could resist this photo? I love her smile so it was fitting to do a LO about her and use a pink polka puffy :D

Happy with you .....I used the branch I made for my class example when I showed the girls how to make them :D Im getting very brave in my old age PMSL I added a puffy and some doileys too :)

Did you know I love you is another done with the Brook papers oh man I love this range!!SO gorgeous and mega easy to use :)

Ok thats it all done :D Im thrilled with doing 15 pages and all "Just because" felt fab to scrap the days away :)

Okies better go the scrap table is calling :D

Happy Scrapping


Flowery hugs

Krissy xx


Marelize said...

Wow Krissy! You've been very busy! Your layouts are stunning! I've got so many favorites... too many to list! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Stacey Young said...

Oh wow!!! So so envious with how many layouts you scrapped in a weekend:) Awesome....I love Cheeky monkey and the double....those animals and trains are adorable:)

Kate said...

I love them all krissy!! hope you didnt mind me wandering over to you several times you check out your pages, it was a bit hard to see over the table!!

Kerryn said...

Holy cow Krissy, I thought I'd well with the 8 layouts I did at the retreat I went to. LOL. They look great!!

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