Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Im still alive and yes I have been scrapping :D

Its been sooooo long since my last scrappy post :O Im so slack :( I have at least been doing some scrapping :) Here are some of the things Ive created :)

This weeks sketch @ Wicked :D I pinched these photos from Josh's memory card ...I love them lol

Double lacey *swoon* I LOVE these My Vintage Blossoms :) ooh and a natural twister underneath ;-)

"celebrating us" was my LO inspired by Kates interior challenge last week :) Yummy colours in that bathroom Kate the great!
"one of a kind" is my example for Interior #3 my brother (who proved VERY popular with the princesses hehehe look out Horse you could have a fan club lol!) I love a grungey LO so fun and messy :D I used one of my new MVB buttons too :)
My beautiful friend Jules asked me to design some pages for her classes at home this month and I jumped at the chance :D Check out all those gorgeous colours I {{heart}} them :) Here are a few of the pages I did :)

Heres a quick rundown of the happenings in the Christie house of late....
STILL renovating downstairs
Celebrated Morgans birthday early with her last weekend -she is so super cute that little princess :)
Went and stayed with mum and dad last weekend and the dogs had another (insert rolling eyes here) fight and when Al was trying to break it up he copped a bite to his finger which has since nearly resulted in him having to go to hospital :O It turns out that the bite went to the bone between his knuckles and he had a massive infection in his hand that was starting to spread :O Scary stuff :( The Dr said things like that can end up in loss of limb or even death :O :O:O:O so lucky he went straight away when it started looking dodgy.So poor guy got a tetanus and a penicillin shot to kick start the healing process and he has a dose of antibiotics to get through.Norty dogs :(
Kloe dog has something weird going on of late too she seems to be off her food alot :$ and I discovered yesterday she has a few bumps in her chest ....off to the vets for her , Id hate to think she was in pain and needs medicine for something......im really hoping its nothing nasty :(
Sale is on now at wicked! Bargains storewide :) Shop til you drop lol Click the Wicked Princesses banner to take you to the shop :)
OKies better go....im seriously hankering some lollies but we have none so a bowl of cheerios might have to do *sigh* lol
Thanks for visiting!
Krissy xx

Monday, September 20, 2010

SALE @ Wicked Princesses!!

15% off @ Wicked Princesses!!
1 week only!!
Heaps of bargains including all kits,cardstock,alphas,MVB's (including the new bundles and buttons!!) plus much much more!
excludes retreat payments
*no vouchers or other discount codes to be used during the sale
Happy Shopping!!
Krissy xx

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1st of the month means.....

New challenges,kits and more @ Wicked Princesses!

Today is the 1st day of the "Inspiring interiors" competition :D Have you signed up to join in? This is my example for the first room.....oooh lala the photo I was inspired by is sooooo gorgeous, you an check it out and sign up to join in on the forum.

I so so love this photo of my niece :) I made myself a "fancy" MVB :D The perks of being the person that makes them is I can tweak them to suit whatever im doing lol

quick close up :)

My mum and I :) This LO was my example for the Dt challenge last month @ Wicked

This is my example for the 1st of the September sketches LO I used some of the "Now and Forever" kit :)
This was my challenge example during the cybercrop :D Im so into paint at the moment....can you tell? lol

Okies better go...Im making something special for my dad for fathers day and need to get it started :)
If you want to visit Wicked Princesses you can click on the WP banner under the title and it'll take you straight there :)
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Krissy xx